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rolls royce

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New Honda CBR 250 RR Launched

New Honda CBR 250 RR

Madrid - If PT Astra Honda Motor (AHM) is still a lot of thinking to get a full fairing sport bike for throwing ninja 250 the domination of this class, is not the case with Honda in Spain.

For Honda plans to spend CBR 250 RR to compete with the might of Ninja 250 and Hyosung GT 250 R at the scene of the matador's country.

As quoted from the site detikOto Spain Solomoto, Saturday (31/10/2009), Honda reportedly is preparing the birth of motor sport anyarnya platform built over the CRF 250 R to hit the Ninja and hooks young children Spain.

Honda CBR 250 RR that it was also carrying 249.4 cc engine belongs to the CRF 250 R 32kw/11000min belching power with 29.3Nm/8500min torque.

There's more fun that their principals in Japan in the coming 2011 will also bring CBR 250 RR is the 'mother country' that is in Thailand and India country where Honda has factories with a large capacity with a plan to modernize all of their product models for later exported to various countries

Low Rider dan Chopper MIO MODIFIKASI

Junaidi Saputra from Medan, North Sumatra, try to develop more low flow rider modifications. Indeed, judging from the look of his Yamaha Mio Sporty, a strong impression that only lengthen modifikator axle which is characteristic of low-rider. But, if the scrutiny right, there is an experiment that looked at it skutik garputala logo.

"As shown on the front and rear wheels, a long follow-up," said Junaidi, builder Admair Thula (AT) which is based in Medan. Total length of the motor to be 3.5 meters. That is, dimensions Mio delay of about 1 meter.

Long retreat, retreat, said Junaidi, to 32 cm. This does not include the end of the outer tire. However, there are unique on the retreat, withdraw it. When the construction is typically shaped letters "H", here he made a model "J".

"To be strong due to rim and engine load, the material is taken from galvanized," he explained. This effort shall thumbs up. Imagine, with the rear wheel of a super-wide, the device remains in the middle. If viewed from the tire and rim application, then surely this Mio into Bobber style.

To adjust the back of the already overly stretch, re-house CVT reformed. Way, that part was cut and added to plates 8 cm to match the back, though not quite fit the position because it was too out of place.

Front wheel chopper-like models in the Harley-proved difficult to maneuver. Turning radius is very small like a chopper-style motorcycle HD. Changes made by sliding out and replace komstir triangular shaped enggak again straight, but it resembles a "V".

When asked to roads with berziga-zagging in between rows of cones, the motor was trouble. In fact, the driver must be off the foot many times. However, testing his courage Junaidi to take the road more than 5 km.

Honda PCX 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Honda PCX 125cc Cruiser Scooter

Honda will be introducing a new scooter archetypal for the ASEAN and all-around bazaar soon, alpha with Thailand area it will be produced. The new Honda PCX is powered by a 4-stroke water-cooled 125cc distinct butt agent that can do 50km per liter on the ECE 40 MODE cycle. It’s not activity to be cheap, as the PCX will be positioned as a high-end but high-value model. The Honda PCX appearance an “idling stop system” area the agent can shut off automatically back the scooter comes to a complete stop. This can advice save ammunition burning while you delay for a cartage ablaze or for whatever acumen you’re chock-full – cartage jams don’t assume to affectation that abundant of a botheration for these bikes.

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subaru legacy

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2010 mustang

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Powerchip - Chip Tuning Software Features

Same Day Tuning - no removal of the ECU.
Powerchip's Performance Chip Tuning Software Upgrades result in a very noticeable increase in performance and acceleration, as well as better fuel economy and smoother throttle transitions.

Modifications Made to the Software Include:

Ignition Timing
In the old days the ignition coil(s) and distributor controlled engine ignition spark timing.  Changes to the position of the distributor would result in changed ignition settings, and often was a good method of vehicle ‘tune-up’.   The modern engine ignition is controlled through the ECU Software within a series of tables or maps. These maps give the engine any instructions required to operate, under all load and rev per minute points.

Similar to the older systems, advancing the point of ignition within a cylinder will result in increased horsepower and toque. It is important not to advance the timing beyond the capabilities of the fuel used, or else detonation can occur. Peak horsepower is achieved when ignition timing is set as close to the point of detonation as possible. This is the primary purpose for tuning the octane rating of each client, so that the software is set to the correct level of ignition advance for the gasoline used.

The end result of ignition advance changes is increased horsepower and torque, resulting in better acceleration.  Some vehicles also result in a slight change in engine note, giving a more aggressive sound.

Fuel Mixtures
Most fuel injected vehicles also look to a set of tables or maps for information on fuel delivery.  Often, the vehicle will access fuel and timing information simultaneously.  Fuel settings are an area that Powerchip achieves excellent improvements in power and torque.

Since the introduction of strict emission laws in North America, vehicles are required to trim fuel in 2 different modes, known as Closed-loop and Open-loop. Closed-loop is designed for when the car is under constant part throttle openings or cruising.  The fuel mixture setting for this mode is generally 14.7:1, or 14.7 parts of air to every 1 part of fuel.

When the throttle reaches certain positions (generally above 70% throttle opening), the vehicle switches to Open-loop operation. Most standard vehicles run overly rich in this mode, and correcting these mixtures can enhance performance.  Generally, when in Open-loop, a vehicle will run between 9:1 and 11:1, with the optimal performance setting between 11:1 and 13:1.

As a side benefit, most Powerchip equipped vehicles will use less gasoline after install.

Part Throttle Tuning
Besides the gains achieved when under hard acceleration, with Wide Open Throttle, Powerchip spends a lot of time developing the part throttle fuel and timing curves.  The result of this attention to detail is a smoother and easier to drive vehicle.  The Powerchip equipped vehicle will respond instantly and effortlessly at any point in the rev range and at any throttle position.

Throttle Response
Since the introduction of drive-by-wire technology, vehicles look to a third series of tables or maps for information on throttle responsiveness.  By changing the values contained in these tables, the vehicle becomes far livelier.  The vehicle becomes easier to drive and responds to throttle inputs immediately.  Rather than the vehicle having a slightly ‘flat’ feeling, the throttle response changes give the driver excellent feedback through the throttle pedal.

Raised Rev Limit
All engines are limited to the number of engine revolutions predetermined by the engine designer.  This ‘rev limit’ is preset within the engine software code, and can be adjusted (up or down) to achieve higher maximum engine revolutions.  Powerchip will raise the rev-limit to approximately 200-500rpm above standard.  A raised rev limit is only available on certain vehicles.

Fuel economy and drivability
Powerchip will not increase fuel consumption dramatically – only when peak performance is demanded.  Under normal conditions, fuel economy can actually improve.  Powerchip retunes the engine management under all throttle positions, and will improve the power wherever available (rather than at full-throttle only).  Smoothness and drivability are maintained and even enhanced. 

Removed Top Speed Limit
Similar to the rev limit, the engine management system on certain vehicles is preset to not exceed certain speeds.  Powerchip is able to modify the parameters relating to vehicle top speed, and raises the setting to come in above the natural top speed of the vehicle (according to power Vs drag co-efficient).  By raising this value in the code, the vehicle is able to achieve its natural top speed.

Modified Turbo Boost Pressure
Boost pressure on late model vehicles is controlled within the engine management program on a set of tables, similarly to the ignition and fuel tables as discussed above.  By changing the values inside these maps, the vehicle is instructed to run a higher level of boost pressure.

When a turbocharged vehicle runs higher levels of boost, performance is improved.  It is important that when boost is raised, other programming for fuel and ignition is adjusted to suit.

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All About Mclaren F1 cars

The McLaren F1 cars are sports cars designed and manufactured by Gordon Murray and McLaren Automotive. These cars feature numerous proprietary designs and technologies.
The engine for this car is naturally aspirated to increase reliability and driver control.

The fast Mclaren formula1 (f1) cars
The F1 mclaren car in display in a car showroom

Racing Mclaren f1cars
Image of The Mclaren F1 Car

Mclaren kit cars
Mclarens new concept cars

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Some Of The Mclaren cars

Mclaren cars is manufactured by McLaren Automotive,a British automotive manufacturer which produces high performance vehicles. In 1989, The company was established as McLaren Cars as a producer of road cars based on Formula One technology.

pics of Mclaren cars exotic
wallpaper of really cool Mclaren car

Mclaren cars, which deliver high performance every time
All new Mclaren concept car image

Mclaren cars, parts and showroom dealers are very famous
wallpaper of Mclaren cars

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Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 JB-R from JB Car Design

The German tuning-studio JB Car Design for several years, specializes in the manufacture of exclusive cars that meet every customer's whim, regardless of how demanding it. JB Car Design Specialists say that according to the customer, they can completely alter the car, but fortunately, it did not happen with a new, custom-made, Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 JB-R.

Finalization been literally every centimeter of the Murcielago. In fact, the Serial Lamborghini leaving only the door, changes were even cover the roof. The car is equipped with an expressive, more aggressive front bumper, striking thresholds, dynamic rear end, and a specially designed titanium sports exhaust system.

This exclusive exterior had to be reflected in the interior, and, fortunately, tuning studio has experience in this field. Expensive leather cover and presented in a large number of hand-made aluminum trim elements, as well as small details, such as specially designed vents show a high level in the company's approach to setting up their cars.

Engine power Lamborghini Murcielago LP-640 JB-R was increased to values in the range of 710-750 hp, with the engineers of the German supercar, the new factory equipped with a steering wheel with F1-style push-button switch speeds. Other modifications include a set of 20-inch aluminum wheels Schmidt Revolution and the above-mentioned titanium sports exhaust system.

The initial price of all versions of more than 500 000 euros (approximately $ 738 348), plus, of course, himself Lamborghini Murcielago.

Tuning kit for the Chevrolet Camaro from the Fessler-Moss

When it comes to Chevrolet Camaro, then the memory comes to a lot of big and not very tuning-studio, ready to take up the finalization of this powerful muscle car. However, there is one company mechanics, which is much stronger than its competitors - an alliance of Faessler, Chris (Chris Fessler) and Jon Moss (Jon Moss). They currently offer three different tuning kit for the beloved in the United States Camaro.

The first, in our opinion the most interesting, complete, which is called the Fessler-Moss 2010 Camaro Enhancement Package, and its value together with the car is $ 55 000 or U.S. $ 15 000 if you wish to purchase it separately. The set consists of adjustable suspension, high-efficiency air filter kit 22-inch wheels, the holders of carbon fiber and components for the tinting the taillights. Add to this a new turbocharger, an improved exhaust system and a specially tuned braking system and you get this "devourer" of the American Highway.

Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R from Hoely

Marco Melandri suggested that the German manufacturer Hoely create this set of MotoGP for the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, because the racer is absolutely sure that the original motorcycle can be easily turned into a replica of the MotoGP, it is only to add graphic design.

We can not agree with the Italian racer MotoGP, and the Germans did very wisely followed his advice, because a motorcycle is like a machine: you buy it from the ground up, ride it a couple of months, and then you start to think about how to improve it. But even better than the Kawasaki Ninja ZX-10R, but to add him to design a racing bike?

New Volkswagen Beetle will be available in 2012

The American unit group Volkswagen Stefan Jacoby, the machine will be slightly larger than the current Beetle and, most importantly, in the cabin Beetle will be noticeably more space. This will be possible primarily by increasing the wheelbase (by the way, the basis of the new Beetle will be the platform from the seventh-generation Golf, which is currently under development). Furthermore, it became known that the appearance of the third generation Volkswagen Beetle will respond personally Walter de Silva, who had a hand in many automobiles group Volkswagen.
First, the market should see a regular 3-door hatchback. then comes the turn of a cabriolet. But will it make Beetle-based crossover is not yet known. It is possible that such a model has emerged and, for small crossovers is now extremely popular.

Fastest Ariel Atom has received the 500-hp V8

The British Ariel Motor Company has distributed information about the world's fastest sports car modification Atom, which has received the title of the prefix "500", meaning the engine power. As the Piston Heads website with reference to the statement of the head company of Simon Saunders, the movement of the machine will be activated liter atmospheric "Eight" with the angle of the collapse of the cylinder 75 degrees, works in tandem with a sequential six-speed gearbox.

According to Saunders, due to extremely light body structure made of pipes and several carboxylic panels, a new engine weighing just 90 kilograms and wheels made of magnesium alloy, the ratio of power to mass at the fastest Ariel Atom is about 1000 horsepower per ton, which is almost two times more than Bugatti Veyron supercar and the Caparo T1. According to the company's Ariel Motor, from zero to 96 miles per hour Atom 500 will be dispersed in 2.5 seconds, and up to 160 kilometers per hour - for six seconds.

In addition, the most powerful "Atom" will receive upgraded suspension, improved aerodynamics and more powerful brakes. As the automaker's head, all buyers of this model before getting his car will be special refresher driving skills that will enable owners to cope with the extremely light and powerful machine.

Total scheduled for release only 25 copies of the Ariel Atom 500, all cars will be assembled by hand for about four to six weeks "around" the engine, the construction of which took a month. Production of new items will begin in mid-2010. The cost of the car in the UK will be, according to Saunders, "more than 100 but less than 135 thousand pounds.