Thursday, December 31, 2009

Something About Concept Cars in Detail

A Concept car is a car prototype from car manufacturers which is made to introduce a concept or new technology or different styling and more. These concept cars are normally introduced at motor shows or car shows to examine customers reaction to a particular new model and its design. No details are available about the car insurance quotes for these as there is no guarantee that these concept cars will produced and introduced into the market.

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Thursday, December 24, 2009

New Concept Cars in the Making

Almost all the top most automobile manufacturers produce different models as concept cars before the introduction of these new models cars into the market. In future there might be many different types of concept cars from companies which produced cars like ford cars, chevvy cars, dodge cars, concept electric cars and many more. The Online auto insurance prices of these cars not known or available.

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Thursday, December 17, 2009

Brabus GLK - the fastest SUV in the world

When the light appeared Mercedes GLK, no one doubted that sooner or later, this car will draw attention to tuning-studio Brabus. How could it be otherwise, Brabus «is pumping" virtually the entire range of Mercedes? However, what is done with the machine craftsmen from the town of Bottrop, did not expect, it seems, nobody.
As you know, the fastest SUV in the world until recently was a Brabus ML63 Biturbo. The car could accelerate to 310 km / h, thus becoming the "king of speed" among mass-produced sport utility vehicles. Even popular in Russia in a certain category of citizens Gemballa GT750 Aero 3 is not able to withstand the pressure of brabusovskogo monster, stumbling on a mark in the 306 km / h. It would seem, to overthrow 63 Biturbo Brabus ML from the throne in the near future by anyone.

But the trouble came from there, where nobody was waiting. At the time, until Brabus ML 63 Biturbo suit their record "races" and otherwise humiliated by rivals in the model range Mercedes appeared beginner - a compact SUV GLK. It is such a harmless teenager, four and a half feet from nose to tail, and all sort of awkwardly-square-faceted. Such a fit mud puddle, as his famous grandfather "Gelendvagenu" and not to rush to racetracks. But everything happened exactly the opposite.

Well, who could imagine that in the hood space that nedomerka Brabus engineers will be able to stuff his famous 6.3-liter, twelve-bi-turbo engine of 750 hp and torque of a shock in 1350 "Newton"? And it packed! In order five-step "automatic" is not shattered into pieces, trying to digest all these newton-meters, the box has been reinforced, and torque limited at 1100 N • m Of course, remaking the same cooling system and subjected to the exhaust system.
Machine for Brabus traditionally painted a black color, under the thresholds established LED backlight and deprived of all unmarked Mercedes and even a name. And instead given a new - Brabus GLK V12. In addition, the car got a new bumper, grille, hood, dodger, spoiler and got the original 22-inch Brabus Monoblock wheels and low-profile tires Pirelli dimension 285/25 R22. Beauty is trimmed with leather with carbon inserts, installed a new speedometer scale up to 330 km / h, and the thresholds decorated plates of stainless steel with neon lights. Then Brabus GLK V12 went to Italy at the famous track Nardo, where he was able to overclock to 322.3 km / h. First hundred machine wins for 4,2 s and the second with a 12.8. But the main thing - it is the title of king of speed.

Go is to say that to stand in line for the Brabus GLK V12 mere mortals do not make sense, because the price of the machine is 397 000 euros ($ 580 000). And it is in Germany. Of course, Brabus GLK V12 can be bought in Russia, but, in view of customs clearance and dealer markups, the price will generally beyond the clouds. However, rich people like "stuff" are unlikely to care about.

Ferrari began to make cars to order

Ferrari unveiled the first pictures of yet another of his unique car, which was built in a single copy. At this time his client was Uolson Edward, son of John Uolsona, which the U.S. considered the inventor of the cable television.

The new car was named Ferrari P540 Superfast Aperta - it is based on the explanation of the machine from the movie "Three steps in the delirium of 1968 (the painting consists of three novellas, which stripped Roger Vadim, Federico Fellini and Louis Malle). It is based on the platform of the modern supercar 599 GTB Fiorano (and under the hood is a standard 12-cylinder unit volume of 6.0 liters, which delivers 620 hp). But the appearance of the model is made from scratch. It is the development of the body and demanded the most effort. But in general, to build this unique vehicle went not so much time - 14 months. And that given the fact that every step designers were forced to negotiate with the customer.

The new BMW 1-series. She gets three cylinder Auto

BMW began testing a new generation 1-series, which premieres at approximately 2011. This car continues to maintain the drive to the rear axle (thus, child will be the only model in the segment "C" with rear wheel drive). As for the design it seems to be not too different from the current 1-Series.

However, we can expect a surprise under the hood. According to foreign media, BMW 1-Series new generation can get not only the 4 - and 6-cylinder units, but a small 3-cylinder motor. However, the latter will have a turbocharging system that will provide him a power of around 120-140 hp
Why the Bavarian company to put on their cars 3-cylinder units? The answer is simple - the environment. 3-cylinder "kopek" will be the most economical BMW, besides also the cheapest. And it can provide a good model of the demand. In addition, it may be noted that previously appeared rumors that the 3-cylinder engines will and under the hood Audi A3.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Aprilia RSV4 Factory vs. BMW’s S1000RR vs. KTM RC8R

With BMW’s S1000RR and KTM’s updated and new-to-the-U.S. RC8R as an all-new model, the field of liter-ish superbikes expands considerably for 2010.
Apologies to MV Agusta for not counting the 2010 F4, but no one’s yet signed up to race it in a large-scale series – the KTM was the runner-up in the 2009 IDM (International German Superbike Championship). We sure wouldn’t mind a spin on the MV, though. (Hint, hint, MV Agusta.)
Like the race grid, we’ll now expand the roster of contestants in our annual liter test.
No longer limiting the battle to the Big Four from Japan, we’ll eventually include the BMW S1000RR on the list of participants powered by the popular inline-Four configuration.
But for now, to start off what has become a literbike mêlée, we’re first evaluating all the Vee configuration contenders.

Sunday, December 6, 2009

Motorcycle Models

Here is just a taste of what we’ve got coming for you from Jack McIntyre, Den, Biker Pics and The Death Riders! Prepare to be impressed. Today, we have six lovely ladies to tantalize your tactile “tensions”… mmm, and I do mean dynamic tensions…

Motorcycle Models