Friday, November 27, 2009

Vespa Unique Modification Photo Galleries

Vespa Scooter Modification Update 2009. View the best and choice Vespa scooter Modify here.

Vespa often seen as a vehicle for romantic. Curvature body the best and good character who was relaxed way, make this bike suitable for a pair used. Vespa because it is trying to build more romantic back on the new model GTV250 Sidecar. However, this time romantic of this future.
Original Italian manufacturer has released alias type sidecar sidecar available in 1948 Vespa 125 with the engine. Similarly through Piaggio in 1965, launched sidecar more nuanced forms of commercial, which aims to be more readily accepted the buyer.

Vespa motor designs inspire a lot of this sector. Starting from the selection of colors, using color White milk has been trusted with the paint manufacturers Sikkens classmates.

Minerva X-Road 125cc

Minerva X-Road 125cc Photo,Picture

Minerva X-Road 125cc Specificarion

* Engine type Air cooled DOHC 4 valve single;
* Capacity 124.5cc;
* Maximum Power 13bhp @ 10,500 rpm;
* Maximum Torque 11Nm @ 7200 rpm;
* Transmission Wet multiplate clutch, 6 speed, gearbox, final chain drive; Front suspension 1mm hydraulic fork;
* Rear suspension Monoshock with adjustable spring preload; Front brake 316mm disc with four-piston caliper;
* Rear brake 220mm disc with floating piston caliper;
* Tires Front:110/70-17 Rear:150/60-17
Wheelbase 54.7″ (1390mm);
* Seat Height 32″ (815mm)
Length/Width/Height 79″/33″/41″ (2016mm/838mm/1050mm);
* Rake/Trail 64 degrees/92mm;
* Dry Weight 267 lbs;
* Fuel tank capacity 2.91 gallons (inc 1.6ltr reserve)

Ducati motor Modification 2009

Ducati Motor Holding, worlds leading producer of racing-inspired motorcycles, announced the foray of its premium motorcycle segment into the Indian market on Wednesday.
Ducati has chosen Precision Motor India Private Limited as its Indian partner. On this occasion, Gabriele Del Torchio, CEO, Ducati announced the 2007 Moto GP World Champion manufacturer’s entry into the young and exponentially growing Indian market.
Over the next few months, a detailed launch strategy is to be developed by Ducati and Precision Motor India for India.
The vast opportunities prevalent in the Indian market have led Ducati to sign a long-term partnership agreement with Precision Motor India Private Limited as the exclusive importer of Ducati motorcycles in India.

New Mio 2009 modification

Yamaha is not likely to want to lag. It feels tread 2009 mio already approaching the age of 5 years, when the motor luxury cars such as Mercedes will be to revamp the total produkunya that reached the age of 5 years, or at least make Major Facelift. So no wonder All New Mio can be present in the not too lama.di wait presence in the exchange of the motorcycle industry.

Suzuki Sixteen 150 New Modification

Sixteen Suzuki motorcycle that you may be waiting, the motor is combine all the elements of the motor duck, and sports-matic. complete mix of characters Shogun, Spin until Satria FU.
Fender front of the motor is like a Suzuki Shogun, while the front lamp is similar to New Spin, the engine ... using 156 cc engine 4 not SOHC!
Suzuki Sixteen is the original issued in two versions of the machine, the 125cc and 150cc. but most are searchable version of its 150cc. sixsteen machine is still lying upright style duck yet, but guaranteed this machine can overcome the power that issued FU. because of the fuel injection system is equipped with ultra modern electronic Ignition and enjoy

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Uncompromising Veritas RS III

Terrifying, frightening, stunning ... I do not know how else to describe the exterior supercar Veritas RS III, which its creator - the German firm Vermot AG - decided to release a mini-edition of thirty pieces. Each of them is worth 345 thousand euros, but that's more than half a million dollars.

The first lucky owners will be able to get your exclusives instance in January next year. Collect these infernal roadsters from the landing equation 1 + 1 (passenger seat hidden) will manually - fifteen employees Vermot AG. Production of one such machine takes about eight weeks.

Construction Veritas RS III is traditional for these racing machines: a tubular frame, monocoque made of light carbon fiber, the uncompromising stiff suspension, clutching ceramic brakes, racing low profile Dunlop tires size 255/30 front and 325/25 rear. All this is crowned ... yes, yes, become a mother for motor Veritas BMW. And not just any but the most favorite tuners and drivers - 507-hp five-liter V10 from the M5. By default, it is aggregated with the seven-speed automatic transmission SMG, but for the gourmet as an option available six-speed "mechanics".

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

New Range Rover Sport

Range Rover Sport and Range Rover can be ordered with forced-air version of the new V8 volume of five liters. This 510-hp engine is used on "charged" Jaguar XFR and XKR, and develops a torque of 625 Nm and accelerates effortlessly any of vnedrozhnikov to "hundreds" of 6.2 seconds. True, the "Sport", thanks to nearly passenger preferences steering and stiff suspension, this power to control much easier.

Adaptive air suspension Adaptive Dynamics System is placed only on the Range Rover Sport and Range Rover. The main feature of this system is that the pressure in pnevmoelementah controlled and changed in real time, depending on road conditions and driving style of the driver. Moreover, sensors ADS produced by 500 pressure measurements per second in each of the four pneumatic automation.

System to adapt to road surface Terrain Response on cars Range Rover Sport has received additional program "Dynamic" - for a dynamic driving on asphalt. In this mode, the "clamped" adaptive air suspension, and electronics that controls the fuel supply, automatic transmission and stabilization system, goes into sports mode.

New Range Rover Sport

Monday, November 9, 2009

Renault will release a series of two electric cars - Twizy ZE and Zoe ZE

On Friday, the company Renault has confirmed its plans for mass production of two electric vehicles, built on the explanation of the concept cars ultra Twizy ZE and a small compartment Zoe ZE, tells the magazine Autocar. Production of the first one in 2011, will be established at the Spanish plant in the city of Valladolid, and the second - in France, a year later.

It is expected that the French Renault factory in the town of Flaine become a kind of center for the development programs of the company to produce to the market of compact electric - at this facility will meet the key models of electric vehicles, as well as to production and processing of batteries used in the propulsion machinery. In "Reno" suggest that the model Zoe will have two-thirds of the total European sales of electric vehicles.

As previously reported, the concept car Renault Zoe ZE equipped with 95-horsepower electric motor, receiving energy from lithium-ion batteries. These batteries provide a vehicle movement over 160 kilometers, and their charge from household electrical outlet will take from four to eight hours. Compact car Twizy ZE were equipped electric power of 20 horsepower and can travel without recharging about 100 kilometers. Maximum speed of the prototype was 75 kilometers per hour.

We note that on Friday, the alliance Renault-Nissan has also negotiated with the Atomic Energy Commission and the Strategic Investment Fund, the French agreement of intent to establish a joint venture that will investigate, the transfer of industrial production and recycling of batteries for electric vehicles. Renault plans to produce batteries at plants in France, Britain and Portugal.

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