Saturday, January 16, 2010

A glamorous white Mercedes G 55 AMG for the sheikhs

Diodes in the front (yes even in the form of horseshoes), and rear, front bumper with huge air intakes, slits in the faceted hood, four kruglyasha head optics, fog lamps, six, and just enough outlet - Mercedes G with such a dodger is the best meets the needs of the target audience. Beautiful or ugly? Main - noticeably.

And very quickly. SUV A.R.T. G Streetline manages to dial 260 km / h, whereas the G 55 AMG - only 210. The secret to optimize the "compressor" engine V8 5.4 (507 hp, 700 N • m). New soft, improved exhaust manifolds and cooling system helped to bring benefits to 601 "horses" and 800 newton-meters. At the very time for loosening the sand: its in the Arabian Peninsula in abundance.
Glamourous Gelandewagen staffed hard shortened springs, and in arches shine monoART1 wheels with tires Pirelli Scorpio Asimmetrico dimension 305/35 R22.
But Salon is uniquely good. Four fully electrified separate seats with heating and ventilation are covered in red leather, as well as door panels from a central console. Mini-bar in the kit.