Saturday, December 18, 2010


hot news from one of the participants ABT jogja 2010 yesterday on a car design that is unique and interesting to be seen with his KIA car in the change by replacing the two colors are orange and white.The car design looks like a life with a little graviti are in place in front. In addition, viewed from the exterior design, interior of this car also looks very clean and harmonious with the color of the paint. All interior replaced with colors that match exterior of this car.
Not to mention we see of the audio, which is installed in this car. Very comfortable and pleasant to hear when we listen to the songs we play. Many people who see and observe this car when ABT jogja yesterday. Viewed from a little distance the car design is very cute with tiny wheels. To all our readers to a little example of how our car with little variation can be unuik and very cool for us to drive or to join the race.