Wednesday, December 22, 2010

New Lexus LS 460 Features "Sound of Perfection"

TORRANCE, CA - July 29, 2006: Sound quality has always been a key consideration in the design of Lexus vehicles, from the solid, satisfying thunk of a closing door, to the refined note of the turning engine. It is the quality of the on-board sound system, however, that represents the pinnacle of the aural experience and in the new LS 460 this is taken to new heights.

Continuing a partnership with world-renowned hi-fi experts Mark Levinson that goes back to 1998, Lexus has commissioned a bespoke 19-speaker premium audio system for its new flagship limousine.

Mark Levinson’s engineers have always emphasised how the hallmark quietness inside Lexus vehicles enables their systems to deliver excellent sound reproduction. Where the new LS 460 is concerned, the degree of noise intrusion in the cabin has been reduced even further, opening the way for even better audio performance.