Saturday, December 18, 2010


When it comes to teens and cars, the fun accessories that you can find are virtually endless. There are many great items that can be given as gifts. It does not take much to impress your teen. As a new driver, there is so much for them to get used to. Ease them into it with a few exciting accessories for their first car. Teens love to make their things personalized and original. Doing this does not have to be extremely expensive. There are many great accessories for teens that come at a reasonable price.

Perhaps one of the first car accessories that parents should consider for their teens is something that allows them hands free use of their phone and iPod. A blue tooth setup for cell phones makes it easy to talk without having to take any hands off the wheel. Cell phones and driving is becoming a real epidemic so eliminate the chances of your teen becoming negligent behind the wheel. An iPod docking kit is also fantastic for teens. It allows them to play music and carry their favorite tunes in and out of the car with ease.

Personalized and custom accessories are always great for gifts. Keychains of all kinds can be engraved with names, initials or slogans. Custom key chains are just the beginning though. You can also get a customized license plate through your local registry office. It does require an application process and additional printing fee but it goes a long way in personalizing a vehicle. Seat covers are another low cost way to add some d├ęcor and personal style to your teen's car. The possibilities and choices have no limit.

Stereo and speaker equipment is always a hit among teens. They all seem to want the most impressive sound system. While high end systems can range into very large amounts of money, you can find many great quality systems for a fair and decent price. Upgrading speakers from the factory system does not have to be expensive. Shop carefully and you might be surprised at the great deals out there to be had.

Every teenage driver needs to be fully equipped with a car care kit. This includes such items as window wipes, Kleenex and a duster. Cars get dirty fast so toss in some garbage bags too. Cup holders should be wiped out regularly and taken right out for a cleaning every few months. Teens need to be aware of how important it is to show responsibility by maintaining their vehicle in every way.

A mini fridge or cooler is a great accessory for teenagers. They are very small and portable. They are perfect for carrying snacks, lunch or some cold drinks in your car. They come in many different versions and styles so shop around online. Stickers and decals are perfect for self expression, which we all know is important to teens. There are so many cool car accessories for teens that you should have no problem finding something perfect for the teen driver in your life.