Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New Daihatsu Sirion, Save Money and maneuver Lively

No exaggeration to Sirion by PT Astra Daihatsu Motor (ADM) is derived in the championship slalom in hatchback class some time ago. Sirion is known for nimble maneuvering, powered sarta economical fuel consumption.
Although the automatic transmission, power is removed Sirion quite large and spontaneous. Switching between running fine teeth, suitable for use in the city. K-3VE engine DOHC VVTi make this car did not take long to reach speeds 100km/jam, just 13 seconds only. And although the speed has reached 150 km / h, the car remains stable and no symptoms of dizziness.
All comfort can result from the use of suspension Mac Pherson Struts with a snail and stabilizer in front and torsion beamplus behind. In addition, Sirion ground clearance is also balanced with the length and width of the body.
About fuel consumption, Sirion quite economical. 1 liter of gasoline is enough to run as far as 12km in use in the city.
Leisure is not only presented via exterior. The interior is made for riders like being in the cabin is quite relieved. Leather wrapped seats, and dashboards are made without a lot of curves so impressed sporty. Audio sector also got a touch, though not berspesifikasi sound quality (SQ), the resulting sound audio system factory default sound pretty clean.