Wednesday, April 13, 2011

GT-R Updated Launch Control

Nissan had updated the software that governs the GT-R’s launch control and was instructing all of its dealers to reprogram every vehicle in dealer inventory that had yet to be sold with the new software in a bid to keep additional transmissions from grenading.
The changes to the new software including limit the maximum RPM that the car will sustain with the VDC switched off to around 3,500, a big reduction from the 4,500 limit of the old programming. Additionally, the software update adds a new, safer form of launch control that allows takeoffs at 3,000 RPM while the VDC remains active.
We have some good news to share with Godzilla owners that are contemplating whether or not to have their cars updated with the new software. A bone-stock GT-R with the reprogramming has been timed at 11.34 @ 194.5km/h with an excellent -1.69-second 0-100 time. That result compares rather favorably with quarter-mile runs recorded by cars with the initial launch control programming.