Thursday, April 21, 2011

Porsche 918 RSR, Hybrid Racing Car Tech

Detroit - German's car manufacturer, Porsche AG, opened a new chapter in the history of car racing. On the mat of North America International Auto Show (NAIAS), or it is known by the Detroit Motor Show 2011 by which it began last Monday (10 / 1), the manufacturer introduced the concept of hybrid-tech race car.

As reported by the Associated Press on Monday (10 / 1) Porsche 918 RSR race car that in addition to the conventional engine Arm also exploits electric motor. "conventional eight-cylinder engine is capable of spraying power up to 563 horsepower," it was pointed out by the manufacturer.

However, if the driver felt the need to add energy in the arena as the car raced in racing, he could press a button to activate the electric motor. "The electric motor will provide additional power of 204 horsepower to the front wheels," Porsche claims.

As a result, the combined power output of conventional engines and electric motors reached 767 horsepower. Was that sufficiently qualified manpower bring the car raced at race speed arena?.

Moreover, an additional burst of power from the electric motor would come within eight seconds when the driver pressed a button. It was support additional staff, even it was faster than the conventional racing car.