Sunday, June 5, 2011

2011 Alfa Romeo MiTo Review

Awarded the title "Auto Europa 2009" by UIGA and the prestigious Euro NCAP five-star rating, the Alfa Romeo MiTo proven to be a success thanks to its blend of design and performance of Italian style and the technical expertise for maximum driving satisfaction total security.

The Geneva Motor Show saw the global launch of the new range Alfa Romeo 2011 for sale in major European countries from April 2011 MiTo.

2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

Some new features include the introduction of new metallic color flakes (aluminum and mica together) "Metal Bronze (bronze, metal) with a tinge of red and bold, two-tone interior trim made with the brand new board filler panel and door.

A new high-tech fabrics developed for the seats, which consists of a smooth, compact, elastic net, but both thin and shiny as silk, which is manifested by electro-welded graphics with bronze two-tone black and double the effort and "breaked characters titanium Online has teamed up with the seams of the surrounds and the color of the dashboard. This content attractive to emphasize the spirit of the most elegant model.

The model exhibited at the Salon de l'Automobile will present this very elegant color combinations, in addition to the pleasant engine 1.4 hp 135 Turbo MultiAir, has teamed up with Alpha TST "transmission that delivers excellent performance (urban cycle 7, 1 l/100 km, CO2 126 g / km and 8.2 seconds to accelerate from 0 to 100 km / h), data is still better than the same engine with a manual transmission (where the values ​​are 7.4 l/100 km, 129 g / km and 8, 4 seconds respectively). Mention should also be made of the equipment on board, including "Blue & Me TomTom" portable navigation fully integrated into the dashboard.

2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

"Blue & Me, the TomTom is much more of a portable satellite navigation system. This is a real vehicle combines infotainment practices for the full integration of existing systems. It's because partnership Fiat Group Automobiles and TomTom, Europe's leading portable navigation systems, and exploits the versatility of the system Blue & Me

Thank you for practical to screen 4.3-inch color touch and a simple and intuitive graphical user interface, you can control the navigation, phone, media player, and the information usually appears only on-board computer, such as fuel consumption and range, as well as real-time information for more efficient driving style.

The full integration of TomTom Blue & Me is also a valid support for security: control functions via the steering wheel controls and voice command post in the middle of the dashboard that is easy to access and visibility, power supply integrated in the support. In addition, it can be transferred to other purposes than any other portable device.

2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

"Blue & Me TomTom on Alfa Romeo MiTo also offers the" road IQ "technology to find the best route taking into account the date and time of travel, calculated using a database that contains traffic information on a statistical basis.

With the TomTom Home application custom web for Alfa Romeo, other functions will be readily available. These include updated maps online and "MapShare", the large Internet community with more than 5 million registered users who can share information on the maps in real time.

2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

Compared to a standard system of portable satellite navigation, the Blue & Me-TomTom also includes a unique "Car Menu" so you can find information on the car and all connected devices

- "Energy efficiency, real-time information about your driving style and suggestions for reducing the environmental impact and optimize the use, changing speed and acceleration, as appropriate to the nature of the route;

- All travel information on one screen: distance, consumption and the beach;

- Low fuel and instructions to the nearest gas station;

- Points of interest, Alfa Romeo and service LPG filling stations;

- Management of the mobile phone is connected to the Blue & Me: calling the number on the touch screen, call management, information, contacts and recent call log;

- The navigation function media player connected to USB systems, the iPhone and the decision perfectly compatible with iPod.

The other car on the screen shows "dynamic" spirit of the Alfa Romeo MiTo to the general public: The site host for a Swiss model with the "Quadrifoglio Verde", a legendary symbol over the years has identified some of Alfa Romeo sports products. This trim level also features exclusive new features for 2011-region: first, the new front surround the emblem as "expansion" of the bottom of the front emphasizes the impression of a car along the ground.

2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

The original version stands out by new high quality "Quadrifoglio Verde logos brushed aluminum microphone with four-leaf clover in relief, positioned above the lamp for mirror housings, headlight and taillight frames and the handle is available with an exclusive satin chrome hardware, sporting a new seat with a central part of Alcantara ®, soft and velvety to the touch, teamed with a brand new drug that is highly resistant to abrasion, aggressive very athletic and "all black" interior, and information on the two-tone (green and white) sewing crafts on the seats, steering wheel, handbrake and shift knob, which is the perfect expression of the level of finish mind.

Moreover, few new accessories: 18 "alloy sport seats and special treatment Sabelt rear rim carbon fiber made from innovative RTM (Resin Transfer Moulding) technique, in which teams of high mechanical strength, small size and lightweight with a cloth Alcantara Central ® logo stands for Alfa Romeo, who played in a profoundly original.

2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

Last but not least, the MiTo MY 2011 also features a new USB and AUX-in jack that lets you connect your MP3 player directly to the Blue & Me

This exclusive version features the most powerful engine in the region, also awarded by an international jury as the "best new engine in 2010, the 170 HP Turbo 1.4 MultiAir. Alfa Romeo chose to equip it with innovative solutions which will accentuate the virtues grip, agility, security assistance and a feeling underscored by a driving engine that has one of the world's highest values ​​of specific power and a chassis worthy a higher category. best feature of this engine is its excellent power to weight ratio, which has always been a major success factors of Alfa Romeo on road and track. He is above its class of 6 , 7 kg / hp. A 124 hp / liter, this engine is also a world leader in specific energy.

This finding is particularly important because it demonstrates the effectiveness of downsizing, to produce high-tech engines for improved performance combined with strong reduction in fuel consumption and emissions. In fact, this last area, which provides the most striking evidence of the technical level achieved: 4.8 l/100 km and 139 g / km of CO2 (extra urban cycle) are closer to what we expect from a compact economy car Sports ranging from 0 to 100 km / h in just over 7 seconds.

The Quadrifoglio Verde MiTo also offers the innovative Dynamic Suspension, a system that allows continuous monitoring of electronic shock absorbers, developed by the team of developers and testers Alfa Romeo road with the latest engineering techniques Magneti Marelli. Therefore, the experience in using the system, the system allows the MiTo Quadrifoglio Verde to excel even more in terms of agility and handling, which gives exceptional driving pleasure and safety record. In addition to the dynamic suspension system integrates seamlessly with three different dynamic control parameters Alfa DNA system (Normal, El Tiempo and dynamic), which also controls the other systems that the car's features such as Dynamic Control VDC (Vehicle) address, the electronic differential and the 2T engine.

In short, the Alfa Romeo MiTo MY 2011, picture renovated cars of high technology, while maintaining its position as a sporty compact car that can win customers who care for detail and a maximum driving comfort. It is no coincidence that the high-performance engines in the 2011 is equipped with the new response variable dampers with a bypass valve, which improves comfort in the bump deformation due to the road while the control Vehicle Dynamics intact for driving satisfaction that beats the rest of his class.
2011-Alfa Romeo-MiTo-Image

The Alfa Romeo MiTo MY 2011 will be the compensation "Energy Machine", the length is only 4 feet, is full of style, agility and technical skills of driving. E "Energy Machine" is really the final solution for the recent campaign, which highlights the character model and fighting spirit, that breathtaking energy, which converts it becomes emotion. The same concept is also expressed in the final slogan - "giving rise to the question means that it becomes a thrill" - this new film that puts its central role, as well as the famous French composer and DJ Bob Sinclar.

Alfa Romeo MiTo MY 2011 collection offers two turbo diesel engines (95 bhp 1.3 JTDM 120 CV-2 and 1.6 JTDM service every 35000 km), 4 petrol engines: 1.4 and 78 HP engines 3 MultiAir: 105 hp 1.4 Turbo gasoline engines and two 135 (team speed manual gearbox or the "Alpha TCT" automatic transmission) hp and 170 hp.