Wednesday, June 8, 2011

2011 Renault Kangoo Maxi Z.E. Review

Kangoo ZE Maxi, the extended version of Kangoo ZE and is ready to join the Renault electric vehicle when it goes on sale in the fall of 2011.

Before tax prices from € 21,200 (before deducting grants available) and € 16 200 in France (less state subsidies).


The van will be available in two and a versatile five-seater.

- The two-seater will have a maximum load capacity of 4.6m3.

- The crew of Kangoo ZE Maxi van version with seating for five people.

Renault launched its electric car in 2008 with the announcement of its overall approach, future programming of four cars. The first is due to go on sale in the fall, and the brand is pleased to announce that the initial list will be expanded through the availability of a new version of Kangoo ZE This means that Renault will not just one but two electric vehicles in the minivan segment at the end of 2011, as business customers to choose the * zero-emission vehicles that best fit their specific needs.

A versatile two-or five-seater van

Kangoo ZE Maxi is an expanded version of Kangoo ZE, which was introduced in the last motor show in Hannover, Germany. The wheelbase has been lengthened by nearly 40 cm for a total length of 4.60 meters, which are modular and versatile, available in two and a five-seater.
The first of these two versions of the main objectives of transport use. His two front seats are separated from the cargo area carrying a partition as an option. This configuration optimizes load capacity Maxi Kangoo ZE and is unprecedented in the segment of small electric vans:

- Load capacity of up to 4.6m3 (1.1m3 which is more than Kangoo ZE).

- The maximum length is up to 2.90 meters.

- The height of 1.82 meters only allow access to underground parking.

- Equipment and options that can be ordered with internal combustion engines, the engine version will be available for Kangoo Maxi Maxi Kangoo ZE

The crew of the Maxi version van Kangoo ZE comes with a 60/40 split folding rear seats and can accommodate up to five people. This modular truck can be inserted into one of four different interiors based on the number of passengers. The rear seat folds into the floor to produce a completely flat tire and releasing almost 3.4m3 to make space.


Kangoo ZE Maxi will appeal to business customers (fleet owners, business people, government, etc.) who cares about the environment and are looking for the maximum load capacity or a minivan.

Maxi Kangoo ZE carries the same general internal and external design as the version of the internal combustion engine equipped. Choice of body materials nine standard colors are available, but customers can also specify the color of your company. Renault built a factory model (MCA Maubeuge Bodywork Automobile) in France, in the same way as those producing other Kangoo range, the promise of high quality and fast start-up.


All-electric car "ZEN-kart

Electric propulsion Maxi Kangoo ZE is recognizable to thank you first look at Chrome ZE emblem on the back and body, and the lack of an exhaust system and the participation of a front flap, which allow the battery to be charged at between six and eight hours.

Engine bonnet conceals a 44kW (equivalent to 60 hp), which is powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion 22kWh is located under the floor. combined cycle of the vehicle may vary from 170 km in a different direction or another depending on various factors such as road type, temperature, speed and driving style.


In order to optimize portfolio management, the dashboard has been revised to incorporate a new HMI (Human Machine Interface), which shows the battery level and remaining battery of the car (in kilometers). Eco-drive systems and the ability to heat the vehicle while it charges have also been developed. Last but not least, to further optimize its reach and reassure customers, Renault will sell a range of related services designed to meet the needs of individual drivers (League Pack) or fleet managers (Fleet Asset Management).

In addition, satisfaction with the movement for promotion of unity ** zero emissions (zero emissions of CO2 and particulate emissions), getting Kangoo ZE Maxi offers a completely new kind of driving pleasure. With the availability of maximum torque (226Nm) at the time the driver walked away, and react to acceleration at low speed, quiet ride, and that the rates of switching, Maxi Kangoo ZE combines unparalleled comfort and performance.

Maximum load capacity - mini prices

Renault has always said that the success of electric cars depends on the availability of truly affordable vehicles. To attract customers, ecology and the real economy must go hand in hand. When Kangoo ZE Maxi, Renault has managed to combine the power of veto emissions, * and a low price.


Kangoo ZE Maxi will be available in autumn 2011 in Europe for a pre-tax price of € 21,200 for two-seat version, or € 22,000 for the truck crew of five seats. The grant of € 5000 available in some countries like France that price to the equivalent of a diesel engine or Kangoo Maxi € 16,200,000 € and 17, respectively.

As is the case for the rest of its range of electric vehicles, Renault separates the ownership of a vehicle and a battery to ensure optimal use of it throughout the car. Customers can buy or lease their trucks and sign a monthly subscription for the battery, the prices excluding taxes € 72/month **.


Meanwhile, operating costs - including rental of the battery, the electricity needed to charge the battery (on average for a full charge: € 1.5) and maintenance are similar to those of a vehicle equivalent to the internal combustion engine when the annual mileage under 15,000 km. They will be competitive when the annual mileage exceeds this figure.