Tuesday, November 15, 2011

2012 Ford Explorer

"The all-new 2012 Ford Explorer offers exactly what buyers today are looking for SUV, combines the capacity, comfort, performance and technology they want with fuel economy these days require" a said Bill Gubing, chief engineer of the Ford program. "2012 Ford Explorer adds sophistication to redefine what a modern SUV can be."

2012 Ford Explorer
The new bottom-up, revealed last summer, the Ford Explorer, the 2012 model year with the expanded color palette, and is the first model of Ford in North America to offer a brand new Ford EcoBoost ™ four-cylinder engine produces a class-leading fuel economy and responsive.

New 2012 Ford Explorer, exterior colors for 2012 are Metallic Ginger Ale, Dark Blue Pearl Metallic, Black Metallic and Cinnamon.

In addition to its own modern exterior design, Ford Explorer 2012 is to please buyers with a serious SUV, flexible inner packaging is packed with clever storage solutions and generous head and shoulders, three rows of flexible seating and room for all families velocity Always take along their adventures.
2012 Ford Explorer
2012 Ford Explorer design - inside and out - has played with world-class craftsmanship. Narrow Margin holes reveal the meticulous attention to detail applied across the entire spectrum, from design to engineering and manufacturing.

Silence - another important step in the 2012 Ford Explorer reinvented - also indicates quality to customers. 2012 Ford Explorer is superior to competitors and SUV segments upscale rival for peace and global NVH control.

2012 Ford Explorer redefined customer expectations for driving dynamics and comfort - on any road, anytime, anywhere - while extending the scope of the capacity of the SUV.

2012 Ford Explorer
2012 Ford Explorer V6 models are also available with an intelligent 4WD, which increases the cross-country management. You can choose to respond to driving conditions, this progression will take the guesswork out of 4WD range selection.

A driver simply turn the console mounted an ideal setting for snow, sand, mud or normal mode. In addition, the system Hill descent mode. Simple and convenient for veterans SUV, the system will be a confidence builder for young drivers.

2012 Ford Explorer
Driven by the desire to provide customers with unprecedented energy efficiency with every new vehicle launch, Ford has sweated the details to further increase fuel economy Ford Explorer 2012:

Double variable camshaft independent distribution (Ti-VCT)

EcoBoost engine availability

Six-speed automatic optimized preparation

Electric Power Steering (EPAS) to eliminate the power of friction

Variable displacement air conditioning compressor to reduce drag

Slippery with aerodynamic front air dam and spoiler hatchback harmonized

For the buyer to give priority to fuel economy, Ford Explorer 2012 offers a new advanced EcoBoost 2.0-liter - delivering the power of a normally aspirated V6 without compromising fuel economy four-cylinder. This direct injection engine, turbocharger and intercooler offers 237 horsepower at 5500 rpm and develops advanced 250 lb.-ft of torque from 1700 through 4,000 rpm, which should provide better fuel economy in its class.

2012 Ford Explorer
2012 Ford Explorer V6 standard engine is a 3.5-liter Ti-VCT to deliver 290 horsepower and 255 lb-ft of torque. Ti-VCT allows individually optimized camshaft valve opening and closure to improve energy efficiency while providing more power and reduction of emissions. Coupled with Ford six-speed automatic transmission SelectShift ™, provides a powerful and efficient V6 to a flexible best in class EPA rating of 25 mpg on the highway.

Appointed superior security selection by the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, Ford Explorer provides a rigid unibody structure and a series of first class technology has active and passive safety, plus another Ford safety innovations - the first in the world in the rear seat air bags in the second row.

Rear seat passengers - often children or mature travelers - may be more susceptible to head injuries, chest and neck. Ford's unique inflatable rear seat belts spread the impact forces of more than five times the area of ​​traditional seat belts, thereby reducing the pressure in the chest and helps control the movement of the head and neck.

2012 Ford Explorer
Since the boron front bumper beam through a tube high strength steel side impact, rigid body structure for 2012 Ford Explorer is designed to provide strong protection for the occupants. In the case of a crash, these elements come together to protect the 2012 Ford Explorer driver and passengers inside the strength safety cage. 2012 Ford Explorer installed on the Ford assembly plant in Chicago.