Sunday, November 13, 2011

2012 Honda Odyssey Review

2012 Honda Odyssey is the best minivan for you if you think that fashion and function can happily coexist.

Honda Odyssey is expanding the availability of Bluetooth hands-free mobile phone connection and a USB interface for iPod, but it is a copy of the 2011 Honda Odyssey. Odyssey 2011 was the first completely new version of the popular mini-bus in 2005. 2012 Odyssey returns to a spacious eight-seater with a high level of fuel. It 'a pleasure to drive, set up to five safety seats, and shakes his mini-bus design mold, "Lightning Bolt" singularity line of the rear windows.

2012 Honda Odyssey
Should you buy a Honda Odyssey 2013 2012 or wait for Honda Odyssey? IIF you need a minivan now there is little reason to wait for the Odyssey 2013. It's nice to see that Honda is Bluetooth and USB connectivity for high prices 2012 Odyssey EX models with the more affordable version. But overall, the pace of change is glacial minivan and the automaker can not affect the Odyssey 2013 enough to make these purchases stage of life. It will, however, is likely to increase prices. The Odyssey 2012 style, powertrain and features will be present for several years. And no new rivals on the horizon.

In 2012, Honda Odyssey style sheet repeats the all-new, where the Odyssey in 2011 as part of its overhaul. Honda intends to look to appeal to image-conscious customers who recognize the utility of a minivan, but rejects her mother Soccer-stigma.

2012 Honda Odyssey
Odyssey designers gave this odyssey of the fourth generation of a windswept form is inspired by an airplane. And to distinguish it from other minivans, they interrupted the long horizontal line with a window sill harassment zigzag. This is just behind the sliding side doors. Some critics argue that it gives an appearance after the third Odyssey displaced. But the dip in the Bodyline functionally pays to third-row passengers by increasing their outside perspective and allow more light. Yes, the feeling of expansiveness is a theme of this welcoming interior.

Or drive into the garage, 2012 Odyssey does not consume more space than any other minivan. But do not beat the competitor, at the foot of available space in all three rows of seats. 2012 Odyssey of the basic economic model, while the two second row seats, seven passenger seats. All other 2012 Odysseys back to 10 inches wide central part of the second row, which will increase passenger capacity to eight. External parts of the second row can slide from side to side a few inches of what Honda dubs wide mode. This will create sufficient width for three child seats security settings, the two can be locked in the third row seat.

2012 Odyssey of Big comfortably accommodate six adults, in fact, the younger ones are the best candidates for the positions of the center seat. Yet in 2012 Odyssey is saddled with a fairly normal in the second-row seats that flip forward more cargo room, but they are heavy and awkward to remove if you need maximum volume of cargo. Do not fold neatly on the floor of the caves is Stow 'n Go system, the Chrysler Town & Country and Dodge Grand Caravan. They also do a kick-back in La-Z-Boy couch in the second row of seats available in the Toyota Sienna.

2012 Honda Odyssey
Each Odyssey 2012 is a waste row 60/40 folding / third, falling into a rear floor and create a flat loading surface. Honda does not offer a third row power folding mechanism, a means available for Chrysler, Dodge and Toyota minivans. Odyssey owners who want to flood the third-row seats must use a pull of a strap that folds fast sections, but with a thud away shaking motorized alternatives.

2012 Honda Odyssey returns with a range of seven models. It opens with the 2012 Odyssey LX seven-seater model. Then comes the best equipped Honda Odyssey EX 2012 with cloth upholstery. This is followed by the 2012 Odyssey EX-L with leather upholstery. 2012 Odyssey EX-L with DVD Rear Entertainment added a ceiling screen of 9 inches. 2012 Odyssey EX-L with the replacement of the navigation voice command navigation system.

The 2012 model Odyssey Touring has leather upholstery and comes with DVD and navigation systems. Altered only appearance in the Odyssey 2012, the Touring model gets an exclusive range of new exterior colors, Diamond White Pearl instead of white taffeta.

Once again the top of the line is the Odyssey Touring Elite 2012. Odyssey combines all the comforts and a bonus DVD entertainment system with widescreen Honda track cap of 16.2 inches in diameter with a split screen showing the entries in two separate video sources.

2012 Honda Odyssey
Mechanical: 2012-Honda Odyssey is mechanically unchanged. It is still a minivan based on a sophisticated all-independent suspension and impressive powertrain technology capable of producing, handling confident.

All Odyssey models re-use 3.5-liter V-6 power of 248 horsepower and 250 pound-feet of torque. (Think of torque as the secret ingredient of the acceleration power of the energy that keeps the rhythm.) This is the engine to maximize fuel efficiency while driving with low job application system variable cylinder management Honda inactive for two or three cylinders. Immediately returns all cylinders when power is again required.

As part of an unusual strategy to control costs, the Honda Odyssey equipped with a transmission speed automatic or six to five, depending on the model. LX, EX and EX-L versions get five-speed automatic. Consistent with their role in the composition, Touring and Touring Elite models get a six-speed automatic. The accessories are designed to provide a smoother ride, even if our tests show only the most subtle difference between the real world performance.

Each Odyssey 2012 offers sufficient acceleration to deal with most situations without stress. Odyssey has been very stable at high speeds on curves and balanced. The Elite 2012 Odyssey Touring and Touring are the only 18-inch wheels and tires. This helps to maintain its advantage in the precise handling of light, but pleasant in other Odyssey models, which use 17-inch wheels and tires and offer a minor is defined as change of address.

The Odyssey 2012 is front-wheel drive, which means that the Toyota Sienna remains the only minivan that offers front-wheel and four wheels. FWD parts of the mass of the transmission of the tires, which also power the vehicle. This has advantages in packaging and traction in bad weather. All-wheel drive improves adhesion to the surface neglected, but adds weight compromising fuel economy. And the components that provide power to the rear wheels, occupy a space dedicated to the front room at the foot of the third row. Honda conducts its buyers want three rows of seats and AWD Honda Pilot SUV crossover.

Features: 2012 Honda Odyssey continues with a tempting selection of convenience and infotainment, but true to the custom of Honda, you go up the line model for some of them.

That's because Honda does not offer an alternative independent, but to be defined for each model of a static set of features. This contributes to the quality of assembly and reduces the complexity of the order. And Honda's credit, each suite features defined in the model appears to be based on the needs of most buyers in every price range.

But Honda, from time to time to show some flexibility on this practice. For the 2012 model year, extending it to the Odyssey EX model to select the functions previously exclusive to more expensive models in the range. These include Bluetooth and USB iPod interface, two gigabytes of storage music CDs, and Honda "intelligent multi-information display," or MID. This last point is installed in the table top center of a 8-inch screen that displays audio, telephone and climate information.

All 2012 Honda Odysseys to return to the standard equipment that includes a shaded glass privacy rear, cruise control, keyless remote entry, air conditioning, power driver seat, manual tilt / telescope steering wheel and electrically adjustable mirrors, central locking and windows.

Dashboard includes a sofa Odyssey "media tray" for iPods, cell phones and outlets such as power, nearby. The shifter is located just to the right of the steering wheel, mostly paste from the lower panel. The main commands are organized into three distinct layers stacked in the middle of the dashboard. Driver-information/navigation screens occupy the foreground, the center of climate control, sound systems the lowest. It is a logical solution to manage a modern minivan is a myriad of features and is cleverly integrated into an interior that is airy, very modern and well-assembled from quality materials.

Standard on Odyssey EX 2012 and the above features, such as power sliding doors, alloy wheels, heated outside mirrors, tri-zone automatic climate control, outside temperature indicator, and the second row of umbrellas. Models EX, 2012 Honda Odysseys also come clean and to collect "junk ring", a plastic wheel that turns off the back of the front center console as standard shopping bag plastic core.

Odysseys still have eight seats cup holders 15 and seven-seater LX has 12 years, but everyone understands that some owners to adapt to accommodate cups thin cans of Red Bull Big Gulp and plump.

For such features as leather upholstery, heated front seats, a power liftgate, power moonroof and navigation and rear DVD entertainment system, you still have to go to the EX-L and Touring.

All audio systems include an auxiliary audio Odyssey 2012 for digital music players, and a single disc in-dash CD player. EX and EX-L models updated with seven rather than five speakers, and two gigs of music storage. The Odyssey from 2012 EX-L and add the satellite radio. The 2012 EX-L with navigation model and the Touring and Touring Elite also includes a 15 gig hard drive and Honda song voice system used to access voice messages artist, song, reading, or type the hard drive or iPod connected.

2012 Honda Odyssey price range is $ 29.035 - $ 44.485. It will increase slightly over $ 28,885 - $ 44,335 price range that ended Odyssey 2011 model year. All base prices in this review are free mandatory destination of the manufacturer, a fee of 2012 Honda Odyssey is $ 810.)

Honda says EX-L family of models accounting for about half of all sales Odyssey, with the most popular model, the EX-L with Rear Entertainment System, about 23 percent by volume. The Elite Touring / Touring represents about 22 percent of sales Odyssey, about 20 percent EX and LX about 9 percent.

The Odyssey LX 2012 is priced at $ 29 035, and includes the basic equipment listed in the previous standard features section.

Odyssey EX-2012 is priced at $ 32,285, and adds to the LX additional equipment as described in the Features section.

In 2012 Honda Odyssey EX-L is priced at $ 35,685 and gets leather upholstery instead of cloth (the third row is vinyl instead of fabric), heated front seats, a power liftgate, power sunroof, and a camera back whose image appears in the i-MID. Models start at this level will also come with an "icehouse" that folds from the bottom of the dashboard, and is driven by the electrical system of Odyssey and contain four 20-ounce beverages.

Honda is separated from the availability of rear DVD entertainment system and voice-activated navigation system to create exclusive models. These are called, appropriately enough 2012 Odyssey EX-L with Rear Entertainment System and is priced at $ 37 285, and 2012 Odyssey EX-L with navigation system at a price of $ 37 685.

To acquire these two functions in the Odyssey even have to move by 2012 Touring model. It is priced at $ 41 990 and also gets the six-speed automatic transmission, alloy wheels 18-inch front and rear parking sensors and a memory driver's seat of power.

2012 Honda Odyssey
The flagship Elite 2012 Honda Odyssey includes all the regular, more than 16.2-inch ultra-widescreen DVD, xenon headlamps, blind spot detection and visual alerting vehicles in adjacent lanes. The 2012 Odyssey Touring Elite is priced at $ 44 485.