Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Aveo Review

There is no shortage of new World Chevrolet for the next Paris Salon 2010 and joined the show Cruze and Orlando MPV hatchback will be the highly anticipated Chevrolet Aveo 5-door as Orlando gets its world production debut.

Chevrolet Aveo RS looks like the car was shown at the Detroit Motor Show in Geneva in 2010 and the first and the final model ready for production, the Chevrolet is a car that looks just as good as the previous concept.

Entering the highly competitive global small car segment, including the deletion of design elements of the new Chevrolet Aveo to look forward aggressively with its headlights and grille exposed twin dual-port, compact body panels with a tight shoulder line rising and short rear overhang, the "hidden" rear door handles, now in the C-pillar and a body "in the way of" profile, which is now really part of the new Chevrolet idiom.

Recalling the recent Spark, the new Aveo is a car that will definitely appeal to younger customers with its compact sport sports. A four-door sedan variant, will start next to the hatch next summer. Both hatch and sedan are practical small cars with good interior space and expects the new Chevrolet Aveo also appeal to families, for whom the current model has been a popular purchase.

The new Chevrolet Aveo has received a comprehensive development program, which resulted in a small car that would meet European drivers tastes both in terms of design and dynamics. The final specifications of the new Aveo will be carefully tailored to each European market.

Wayne Brannon, president and CEO of Chevrolet Europe, said: "It's an exciting time to be Chevrolet, we not only have new entries in the compact MPV class, Chevrolet Aveo, a car that is ready to compete against the best in the small car segment, which is also the largest segment of Europe. "

The new Chevrolet Aveo is longer and wider than the current model, which gives a spacious interior and cargo space is among the best in its class. The interiors are even more surprises than the outside, especially in the passenger instrument inspired by the motorcycles, which includes an analog tachometer associated with a digital speedometer and warning lights.

high-end features blue backlighting on a console, while the forward cabin is all wrapped in a wrap fascia throughout the year. It can be color coded and flows of the dashboard on both driver and front passenger doors. Chevrolet Aveo customers appreciate the quality of materials used inside as well as more storage space in the center console and a modern sound with USB and AUX-in Bluetooth functionality.

Reflects the sporty character of the small Chevrolet is the Chevrolet Aveo is designed to provide involves the manipulation of property that comes partly from his body tight body integral (BFI) structure where a high torsional rigidity is achieved - between the more rigid in the small car segment.

Aveo The new chassis has been refined to meet European tastes, with a rate of ride and handling that combines comfort and responsiveness. Electronic Power Steering (EPS), electronic stability control (ESC) and ABS brakes as standard.

A full range of four cylinder petrol and diesel will be available in the new Chevrolet Aveo, which incorporates the latest technologies such as variable valve timing, dual overhead cams and continuously variable progressive diesel common rail injection.

The engine range includes two petrol versions of 1.2 liters (70 hp and 86 hp), 1.4-liter (100 hp) and 1.6 liter (115hp). For the first time, the Chevrolet Aveo is available in two versions of the 1.3 liter diesel engine (75 hp and 95 hp), with Start / Stop technology.

June 1 Chevrolet-speed automatic transmission is a characteristic of a small car Chevrolet Aveo 1.4 and 1.6 as an alternative in most markets, manual transmissions are a 5 or 6 speed depending on engine choice.