Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 Ferrari 599 GTO Review

The new Ferrari 599 GTO Berlinetta V12 is very developed for a specific performance based on memory. The Ferrari 599 GTO is indeed the fastest road car the company ever. This is a special limited edition and exclusive to the royal tradition of Ferrari, is a completely new concept, but inspired by a production car. In fact, the Ferrari 599 GTO is based on advanced experimental 599XX car, and can be considered almost like a version of the road.

Ferrari 599 GTO is reserved for only 599 customers, who seek the most efficient expression of directions. Ferrari 599 GTO benefits directly to the transfer of technology to compete and set a record time of Fiorano is 1'24 ".

Fiorano lap time simply provides an indication of the potential of this car. Equally important are the specs - 670 horsepower in a car is a 1,495 kg weight / power ratio of just 2.23 kg / hp and delivers a 0-100 km / h acceleration of just 3.35 "and a speed maximum of over 335 km / h.

Fundamental to the performance of the GTO is the innovative approach of developing the chassis, for the first time in a production car, the integration of treatment were established to hear a response rate that is close to the limit and sophisticated electronic control. The result is the almost total absence of oversteer and chassis talkative.

As it is the policy of Ferrari brand new Ferrari is equipped with new solutions for a road car. Ferrari 599 GTO is well equipped with the latest, the second generation of carbon-ceramic brakes are lighter and offer better performance, aerodynamic innovations, such as donuts wheel which improves aerodynamic efficiency, and improve brake cooling and Michelin tires Supersport developed include a wider front tires for better traction. Master drive interface is also new, with the adoption of the Virtual Race engineer (VRE), which gives the driver instant feedback on achievements.

more aggressive nature of the Ferrari 599 GTO is also evident in a number of items that recall the 599XX style and powerful sound of the V12.

The GTO (Gran Turismo Omologata) moniker immediately calls to mind two Ferrari entered the collective imagination as symbols of performance. After the 1962 250 GTO, which swept the boards in the categories of GT racing in the 1960s and is now a prized collector car, came the iconic GTO 1984, making it invented the whole genre supercar .

The web containing specific images, videos and interviews on the new car, while an exclusive tour of a small number of Ferrari customers will be held April 14 at the Military Academy of Modena. The public debut of the Ferrari 599 GTO is rather the International Auto Show in Beijing in late April.

Motor and gearbox

The engine of the Ferrari 599 GTO is derived directly from the execution unit 599XX, however, the changes needed for the road slope. It is compatible with Euro 5 and LEV 2 standards. The 5,999 cc V12 engine at 65 degrees to 670 hp shot at 8250 rpm with maximum torque of 620 Nm at 6500 rpm and is not a smooth race and constant power all the way to the red line, without losing flexibility even at low speed and medium enterprises. This was achieved by working in fluid dynamics and components to reduce internal friction and the adoption, among other things, the crankshaft 599XX is redrawn. The car also has an intake system running style with a new intake manifold tubes geometry diffuser type induction and short-term to improve the delivery of power at high speed and reduce losses. To maximize the volumetric efficiency of the cylinder, a connection between the two front full compensates for variations in the volume.

Thus engineers have managed to get maximum performance at high speeds. The engine noise inside the car is carefully controlled to balance the contribution of its exhaust, which has a 6-599XX derivatives in-1 manifold.

Ferrari 599 GTO was the same, less than 60 ms switching time and the ability to do multiple downshifts as the 599XX.

Vehicle Dynamics

One of the most important reforms is the Ferrari 599 GTO is a strong correlation between the beginning of the set-up, which is close to the limits of management, and contribution to the electronic controls that have been developed to increase the overall performance.

Since the early states of development for two cars, the engineers at Maranello have worked to ensure that these two areas would be perfect for the car, pushing the time limit for responding. The result is, of course, superlative driving participation, and faster lap times. In addition, new stiffer springs and rear sway bars, the car also has the second generation of the control system of magnetorheological suspension (SCM2). Suspension works with VDC (Vehicle Dynamic Control) and the latest generation of F1-Trac traction control. This makes the car extremely responsive to our driver - in part thanks to a very direct steering ratio - but also very stable under braking, cornering, sharper, faster and more precise cornering angles.

Weight Loss

The Ferrari 599 GTO largely inherited development work - using the same principles used in F1 - has been the 599XX car and extreme performance. Weight reduction is a key objective and the result has been the widespread use of composite materials and fabricated components technologies nearest specification limit. Areas covered include the body and the greenhouse effect (with aluminum glass thinner and thinner), brakes, transmission and exhaust system. The result is a dry weight of 1495 kg and a weight / power ratio of just 2.23 kg / hp, a very important figure that highlights the performance potential of the GTO.


Ferrari 599 GTO has benefited significantly from the experience of the aerodynamics of the Ferrari engineers' in F1 and 599XX which led to substantially increase the downforce, without affecting the resistance. Thanks for your solutions are transferred to the track the road car version of the GTO produces 144 kg of downforce at 200 km / h. The car was smooth throughout, including the front and sides, flat bottom and the cooling power. In the latter case, the GTO can be trusted to improve the pipes and brake discs and pads, and the adoption of the wheel of monks - the disc is placed outside the rotor to ensure that the hot air out wheel remains closer the car body, such as to reduce drag.

Auto nose job in order to reduce the size of the wake generated in the front and thus reduces drag. Spoiler includes a separate wing low, which increases the downforce on the front of the car and improves the flow of cooling air to oil cooler. On the sides is a new threshold for a stronger cutting edge design that enhance the center of the platform. The same frame incorporates a new, lower front apron with front wheels of the first optimize downforce, and a new double curve of the rear diffuser.

Wheels and tires

Here the difference in size between the front and rear tires were changed. GTO front tire is now 285/30 on a 9.5 "channel with the 315/35 on a 11.5" channel on the back. Ferrari 599 GTO has 20 "rims. Roll stiffness is greater at the rear to minimize understeer. These solutions allow for better lateral grip and quick tour


The new braking system is lighter and more consistent CCM2 in high yield. Appreciation constant coefficient of friction means that the ABS can be calibrated to a particularly high level of performance, reducing lap times, slower and shorter braking distances. In fact, the Ferrari 599 GTO has been a great distance 100-0 km / brake only 32.5 meters. And his role in the improved aerodynamics, Formula 1-derived donuts wheels also improve braking efficiency by optimizing the cooling of the brakes.

CAR-driver interface

The interface for the car-driver was designed to maximize driver performance car with a provision of key controls to ensure absolute efficiency and minimal distraction. The manettino Racing also places special emphasis on the control parameters of conduct sport-specific by offering the option of driving complete electronic control parameters. ICE's position on the Ferrari 599 GTB Fiorano has been replaced by CT-Off (traction control off). The GTO is also equipped to measure, more carbon fiber F1 paddles to facilitate the use of high speed riding. In addition, the GTO also has the virtual race engineer, a system that monitors the condition of the car and gives you immediate visibility of the driver of vehicle performance.