Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Nissan Juke Review

Juke Nissan is changing the urban landscape ... a third time. After WheelTracker Murano crossover and the great success of the Qashqai - the car three years ago introduced the concept of a cross as an alternative to traditional tourism segment C - comes from his younger brother, Nissan Juke.

Designed to bring a breath of fresh air to the B segment, Nissan Juke is a distinctive blend of toughness and sporty SUV. Designed to inject a bit of masculinity and dynamism in the small car market, Nissan Juke combines a series of apparent contradictions in his very personal lines.

"It takes the best elements of a sports car and SUV and combines them," says Pierre Loing, Vice President of Product Planning, Nissan Europe. "It is spacious fun and compact, robust and dynamic, practical y. These are qualities that seem to contradict each other, but participating in Juke Nissan to create something that is truly unique."

Nissan Juke was created at Nissan Design Europe (NDE) in the heart of London, and refined at Nissan Design Center (NDC) in Japan. Principle engineer was held in Japan with significant European participation and Juke will be built at Nissan in Sunderland, England, in the north.

"The design shows real optimism. By combining design elements of two genres to create a small, but hits a crossover that looks like a real confidence and style. And these are qualities also expect to find Nissan reviews Juke," said Shiro Nakamura, Senior Vice President of Design and Chief Creative Officer

From design point of view, the lower part of Nissan SUV Juke own wheels with chunky, wide tires, wider margins and a firm stance. But the top is pure sports car with a tall, thin barrier like graphics of the side windows and roof line style cut tomb. The effect coupe is further emphasized by the rear door handles hidden in their part of the door.

Inside, the sporty theme continues with a taxi driven by a dominate center console design inspired by a fuel tank of the motorcycle. Finished in a distinctive color, high gloss, the 'bike' from console adds a sense of humor to the car. Comfort is guaranteed by the rear luggage area open and versatile with the possibility of hidden storage.

Based on the platform B of Renault-Nissan, Nissan Juke has a wheelbase of 2530mm. In versions with front, MacPherson strut front suspension with torsion bar while the rear-wheel models have a multi-link rear suspension system is based on the Qashqai.

ALL-MODE 4x4-i is a new development of respect for Nissan with the system of electronic four-wheel drive and the system now includes a torque vectoring technology to improve agility and reduce understeer during cornering.

In Europe, three different engines available when sales begin later this year (turnover in the UK beginning in October): one diesel and two petrol engines 1.6 liter, fully Euro 5. The high end is a new turbo petrol engine (MR16DDT) direct injection. The engine is one of the most powerful in its class, developing 140kW (190p) and 240 Nm The combination of direct injection with a turbocharger is power and the response expected from an engine 2, 5 liters with the economy of a smaller engine.

The second petrol engine is a new evolved version of Nissan's human resources trust family. Designated HR16DE, lightweight unit, low friction valve 16 now has a single injection of double counting for finer spray for better fuel combustion and develops 86kW (117p). The 81kW K9K (110P) 1.5-liter common rail diesel dCi offers excellent driveability - all thanks to his heady 240 Nm of torque - with good economy and emissions.

As for transmissions, two-wheel drive turbocharged 1.6-liter comes with a six-speed manual, while a CVT with six-speed manual will be available on the range top-selling version all wheel drive turbocharged gasoline engine.

Aspirated 1.6-liter petrol is available with a 5-speed manual or CVT Xtronic an update and the 1.5-liter diesel engine is available with 6-speed manual transmission.

trim and equipment options instead, Visia, Acenta and Tekna lines, while a full range of accessories has been developed for owners who want to customize your Nissan Juke yet.

"Nissan Juke is not a traditional B-segment car, and it is quite deliberate. He was born in an urban setting, and there he will spend most of his life. Rightly, his combination of flexibility and robustness make it one of the hottest cars around Streetwise.

"Juke linked to Murano and the Nissan Qashqai to strengthen its position as the leading brand in the crossover market," says Simon Thomas, Nissan Europe Senior Vice President of Sales and Marketing.

Exterior design

First of all, revealed Qazana Car Show - was inaugurated in 2009, the Geneva Motor Show - Juke established Nissan Design Europe in London and the Nissan Advanced Design Center (NDC) in Japan. Qashqai, the NDE is created, sold in Europe, Asia and Australia, where Nissan Juke marketed in Europe, Japan and the United States.

"The result of this collaboration is a car coming from the East and West, with key contributions to ECM and password to create a remarkable design as NDC," said Shiro Nakamura.

Its a very personal line have been transferred virtually intact Qazana. Courage design reflects the importance of the B-segment market in Europe: Europe is planned for the lion's share of sales before other major markets such as North America and Japan.

The design team drew inspiration for Nissan Juke designing a series of unusual sources. They looked back at a range of vehicles synonymous with an active lifestyle and sports - and this list included the rally cars and motorbikes. It is obvious to see where these ideas have influenced the design.

The result combines a number of different topics, but with Nissan slid into the DNA. Has a strong and robust body to reflect the item SUV, a car is still very sensual, too, with complex curves and a coupe profile accentuated by the narrow side window and rear door handles hidden that can give the impression of two rather four-door.

But there are clearly DNA Family Nissan Design - boomerang rear lights, for example 370Z - but none of the elements are copied slavishly so while preserving the DNA Juke is the only Nissan as a unique almost non-conformist design.

This is a central theme that runs through the Nissan. Albaisa Alfonso, Vice President, Nissan Design Europe, said: "Nissan Juke is inspired by elements from other cars in our range, as the 370Z and even the Cube, but we can never make clear connections to our car, but those Natural Cube is a stylish machine, for example, and the cold can. Juke also be found in the Nissan. "

generous ground clearance, larger wheels and tires, a high beltline and the principle, 'half' the bottom of the car seems to be a pure SUV. The effect is pronounced like a typical SUV opposing door sill finishers and black wheel arches, while the front and rear, lower body from under the car, which resembles the lid of the chassis.

The "guard sink" all forms front air intake, but instead of using a simple mesh grille, the design team has developed the molding of a series of slots ... circulars that are indicative of the biotic components.

Prior to the waistline, however, Nissan Juke shows its sporting credentials. Steeply raked windshield, full Nissan Crossover signature upswept rear side window of the flick - and the sloping ceiling that provides online profile to commemorate the aircraft canopy.

rear roof spoiler is included as an essential element to help reduce the severity of lift at high speeds. Neat duck tail ridge crowned with computational fluid dynamics (CFD) and wind tunnel tests.

The lights are also reflected in the sporty agility of the car. Faced with these is divided into two distinct elements. Framing the top of the bonnet, a thin slit includes headlights and indicators on duty, while the low beam and installed under the nose of a car inspired by the auxiliary mounted a rally car in the sixties and seventies. rear lights to put their own spin boomerang-shaped lamps can be found in the 370Z.

In total, nine color palette of exterior colors planned, including two whites, a solid and a pearl, and three unique colors for Nissan Juke - Force Red, Blue and Brown Machine haptics, even if the total supply depends on the region.

Seiji Watanabe, the deputy head of product design: "We want our cars, our filters, especially, have a spirit of flexibility, be regarded as soft, manageable, sensible Nissan Juke displays all these qualities and offers a real sense of optimism .. "

Interior Design

Juke Nissan active, sporty exterior is consistent with its internal ... where the dominant feature also displays a sense of pleasure: the center console, finished in gloss paint, looks like a motorcycle fuel tank.

"It's unexpected," said Alfonso Albaisa. "And that gives the cabin some sensuality."

Reflecting the mix of external and SUV attributes of sports cars, the interior offers the driving position, but with all the features expected of a sports car. The shifter is on the top of the "motorbiketank" to ensure that changes spot, while the shell itself is not a simple style statement, but also provides a reinforcement point of the driver's knees in the corners mind .

Similarly, central chimney - which includes the new Nissan Dynamic Control System - is designed ergonomically to ensure that the driver has immediate access to information and control training mode.

Attention to detail is evident everywhere. Chrome fittings and quality of materials used throughout, while the interior colors - red or gun metal gray on the center console are available, depending on the quality accents, black, silver or red leather or honeycomb drug "sports" - focus on the attitude of the sports car. Even the door armrests in the shape of fins used by scuba divers, reflects an active prospects.

Despite all its compact size, roomy interior offers competitive levels of interior space, headroom front and rear knee room is adequate for most occupants. Unlike the Nissan show car Qazana Juke is a total of five seats.

The practical luggage area is large enough for a golf bag of nine inches or a suitcase full size and also includes a storage area on the ground (except the 4WD versions), which has a potential capacity of 251 liters (VDA). In addition, the rear seats split 60/40, and fold in one motion to provide a completely flat load floor.

To hide the luggage from prying eyes, the trunk has an integrated tonneau cover that differs from the classic being attached to the back door and increases with the door when the trunk is open.

"The interior displays a number of features that really sum up the whole car. There is here a lot of emotion, a real sense of fun and a good quality," explains Albaisa.


Nissan Juke is based on the Renault Nissan Alliance B platform and step is 2530 mm 4135 mm long, 1765 mm wide and 1570 mm long. In order to use the top of the 17-inch wheels and 215/55 R17 tires, a front and rear track is 1525 mm, a large but to see the Alliance's B platform.

Since the new models are evolving as the forum is undergoing some changes, and Nissan Juke foundations are no exception. Nissan Juke its application has been extended, expanded and strengthened significantly improve safety and reduce the production and development and fuel efficiency.

Although the basic suspension of the mirrors found in other B segment cars with MacPherson strut front and torsion beam rear, a new front subframe cradle-type increased the lateral stiffness and assembly. Together with a modified geometry of the front suspension, this has helped to promote the treatment and comfort with more fine-tuning.

4-wheel versions of Nissan Juke added benefit of a new multi-link rear suspension. When combined with a pair of newly developed guidance technology Nissan four-wheel drive to reduce understeer, handling Juke Nissan is top class although its ground clearance, while comfort was preserved .

In a city environment, with higher ground clearance and larger tires means that the bumps and poor road surface does not disturb so much - or damage - as traditional sports hatchback.

Despite its appearance SUV, and the point of view relatively high, Nissan Juke front and rear roll center heights are as low as possible - more like a sedan than a conventional SUV characteristic - to reduce body roll when cornering.

Agile driving characteristics are also helped by steering speed-sensitive, standard on all models and an increased upper body strength and rigidity. Nissan Juke contains a newly developed ring structure that connects the upper body rear suspension, and increase torsional rigidity.

Engines and transmissions

In Europe, there will be three engines and manual or optional CVT Nissan Juke when the sale begins in the second half of 2010. The high end is a new 1.6-liter gasoline direct-injection turbocharged engine that develops 140kW (190p) and 240 Nm

A low coefficient of friction and a lightweight, 16-valve engine uses direct injection to improve combustion for optimum horsepower and torque, economy and emissions. Adding a turbocharger and intercooler helps boost power - this engine is one of the most powerful in its class - while the control variable timing for both intake and exhaust cycles (double VTC) improves the low end throttle response. A degree of overlap allows gas recirculation.

low friction techniques including the adoption of diamond-like carbon (DLC) coating on the valve lifters and camshafts mirror finish. The result is an engine delivers performance on a 2.5-liter naturally aspirated engine, but with fuel economy a smaller engine.

The gasoline engine with direct injection two-wheel drive versions of Nissan Juke be mated to a six-speed manual transmission. In the version with four-wheel drive, is coupled to Nissan Xtronic CVT with six-speed manual transmission.

The second petrol engine, which also moves from 1.6 liters and four valves per cylinder, is a member of the family well-worked HR. Designated HR16DE, has undergone several significant changes to a larger exhaust manifold, intake manifold is to be, two better access VTC drying process and the flow of new catalyst for the formation of hexagonal cells.

New pistons with rings and revised integrated cooling oil jet was adopted in conjunction with techniques such as low friction diamond-like carbon coating on the valve lifters.

But the most significant change was the development of the two-injector - the first in the world - which has two nozzles for each cylinder, which is smaller jets to provide a better, more targeted spraying fuel into the cylinders for more efficient and complete atomization combustion.

Together, these changes resulted in major improvements in power, torque and fuel consumption. Motor generates 86kW (117PS), representing six percent better than previous versions of the engine. Torque has increased by three per cent of the 157Nm of economic data showing a 5.6 percent improvement. Aspirated petrol engine versions power two wheel drive only, and is available in both five-speed manual transmission or an option to upgrade Xtronic CVT, CVT is a different engine to use DIG.

The final choice of engine is well known Alliance K9K developed 1.5-liter turbo diesel common rail dCi. The engine of 1461 cc eight-valve delivers good fuel economy, low emissions and operating costs with excellent driveability.

With a power rating of 81kW (110p) at 4,000 rpm and torque to an impressive 240 Nm at 1,750 rpm, this unit is equipped with a fuel return rail and control unit for better energy efficiency. The injection pressure is 1600 bar. Improved performance glow plugs accelerates performance of cold start. emission control systems include a diesel particulate filter (DPF) with a fifth injector for regeneration and cooled exhaust gas turbocharger layout but changed so that the distance between the CFO and as short as possible.

The diesel models will be available in two wheel drive with six-speed manual transmission. For Europe, all engines are fully compliant with Euro 5.

Although the manual transmission has been delayed largely unchanged since XTRONIC Qashqai CVT two systems have a number of key technologies that promise to significantly improve weight, packaging, performance and energy efficiency.

Updating Xtronic CVT unit is used with the conventional 1.6-liter engine is 10 percent shorter than before, and 13 percent lighter, while the internal friction is reduced by a remarkable 30 percent. This device is the first CVT in a planetary gear, which gives a rate much higher speed - 7.3:1 - CVTS Nissan earlier. Smaller, lighter pulleys, lock the door to flexible and more efficient oil pump all promote fuel efficiency.

Xtronic CVT with 6-speed manual turbo petrol Nissan Juke is optimized for sports performance more reviewed the manual modes for sharper acceleration and management system has been programmed to improve fuel efficiency. Both CVT is an adaptive change in control can be selected Nissan Dynamic Control System.

Unusually in this class, Nissan Juke is available in the possibility of four-wheel drive in addition to the traditional front-wheel drive. A disc of newly developed four-wheel system is based on Nissan's ALL-MODE 4x4-i technology electronics, but which is now in side-vectoring torque capacity of the armory.

Like many before splitting the pair in the back - until 50:50, you can now spread across the rear axle, too. By monitoring vehicle speed, wheel speed, gear position, steering angle, lateral G forces and now the vehicle yaw rate, the torque distribution can increase the outside rear wheel during cornering to reduce understeer when cornering and enhance the capacity of the car. In total, 50% of the total available torque can be sent to the rear wheel.

The rear axle has new electrical connections at each end, and a new final drive of the inclusion of this innovation is a first in the small car segment - a technology that has so far been found only in high-level premium cars.

The new system is much lighter and more compact than similar systems used by some other manufacturers.

Apparatus and model lines

About the only thing Nissan Classic Juke is the model line-up following established guidelines Nissan Visia, Acenta and Tekna. Lists of standard and optional equipment will be released closer to the date of sale, but is expected topics such as air conditioning, leather seats, backup camera and intelligent key will be available to all customers as well as some Juke Nissan most unusual features.

This is the Nissan Dynamic Control System, a central command and display module, which allows the driver to change the parameters of dynamic drive and make changes to the most obvious features like climate control.

Cleverly, the module has different views, colors and functions depending on how it is used. climate mode, the display shows the set temperature, while the 'buttons' display preferences airflow.

However, in D-mode, the buttons change to Normal, Sport and Eco modes of behavior, changes in gas cards, excellent torque availability, hours of effort in working towards vocational training, and even the performance of air conditioning depending on conditions. The screen, meanwhile, displays information on the engine and transmission and brand.

auto settings, such as the sensitivity of automatic headlights, can also be made through the system, while the screen changes color to indicate what kind of information is displayed. Driving the information contained in the panels give the average speed, fuel consumption, travel times, and so on. Overall, the display is designed to enhance the feeling of fresh, engaging in technological design.


Even Nissan Juke has a long list of standard equipment, Nissan has developed a complete range of accessories allows owners to customize their car further. Among the items offered are different versions of the front rim and rear under body protectors to highlight the item in SUV design.

Other features include exterior finish exhaust roof spoiler and air deflectors on doors, while inside an owner can add lighting doorways and accent lighting inside. practical touches include advanced security systems, as well as opportunities for additional storage in the front armrest and the luggage compartment.

European customers

"The incredible success of the Qashqai compact crossover - we recently passed half a million sales in Europe alone. - Has shown that customers are tired of conventional cars Nissan Juke is even more daring, the excitement even more than the Qashqai, and is set to strengthen the position of Nissan as a crossover pioneer in Europe, and also all over the world, "says Simon Thomas.

Nissan Juke is designed for a specific purpose is to fill the lack of customer expectations' by adding a lot of dynamism and masculinity is a simple, safe small car market. Who makes the Nissan imagine Juke buy in Europe?

It 'clear Urbanite, customers should be predominantly male, but a significant proportion of buyers are expected of women - one third of the estimates for Nissan. Nissan Juke attracts a younger audience than the average for Nissan customers (less than half is less than 40), estimates suggest that Nissan Juke has a broad appeal, which supports the search for Nissan, which is widespread disappointment that the ' excitement of a small car in Europe.

Nissan's sales is largely Juke segment B and also hopes to attract customers in segment C, with people trading to take something more radical and inspiration. Since the success of the Nissan Qashqai, the vast majority of customers will be the new Nissan Juke for Nissan.