Tuesday, May 10, 2011

2011 Chevrolet Cruze Review

Chevrolet introduced the production version of the United States 2011 Chevrolet Cruze compact sedan for the 2009 Los Angeles Auto Show. It is a sophisticated global car in America, producing a series of segment-leading features and details that challenge the preconceptions that may be compact car in North America.

Chevrolet Cruze has confirmed its commitment to building sophisticated, fuel-efficient vehicles, new small-displacement four-cylinder engine. It is expected to deliver the main segment of the fuel economy, a new turbocharged 1.4L Ecotec I-4 with variable valve timing - including up to 40 mpg on the highway as an effective model.

"Chevrolet Cruze is already a success throughout Europe and Asia, and now they came to America to challenge the status quo," said Brent Dewar, vice president of GM, Chevrolet a global brand. "With Chevrolet Volt electric Cruze are recent example of how Chevrolet is working on products ranging from gas exciting environment to a gaseous state."

Take advantage of the Chevrolet design and talent in Asia, Europe and North America, the Chevrolet Cruze will launch a progressive international design complements the exceptionally high levels of silence, quality and attention to detail - the precise tolerances between body using high quality materials throughout the interior.

"The equipment, space and tranquility that is expected of big cars are the Chevrolet Cruze to offer," said Margaret Brooks, director of product marketing for Chevrolet. "It's a car that will change the compact segment, with an interior cargo space and wider than the Honda Civic and Toyota Corolla."

Chevrolet Cruze goes on sale in the United States in the third quarter of 2010, but has already registered more than 4 million miles of testing the quality and sustainability throughout the world, making it one of the most real income of genetically modified, up to the launch United States. American and Canadian versions of the Chevrolet Cruze, built in Lordstown, Ohio, where it invested $ 350000000 in their production.

2011 Chevrolet Cruze is offered LS, LT and LTZ trim. The standard equipment available and includes:

* A new family of high efficiency motors with four cylinders, including 1.4L and 1.8L turbo

* Automatic transmission and six-speed manual

* Ten standard airbags, including the frontal impact side, roof rail curtain airbags, rear side airbags and knee airbags, new

* Electronic stability control with rollover sensing system

* Bluetooth, USB connectivity and navigation system

* XM Satellite Radio and OnStar

* Front suspension MacPherson strut Watts Z-axis and rear, where the family of 16 -, 17 - and 18-inch wheels

* Stability of electronic stability control, traction control and antilock brakes

* Fuel Efficiency, rack-mounted electric power steering

* Levels of unexpected quiet, smooth and elegant for the segment

All models accounted for interior featuring high quality materials and a long list of unexpected devices, including infotainment. Stereo, which includes an MP3 player, six speakers and an auxiliary jack for personal audio system is standard. Pioneer premium audio system is available as a USB port for iPod use. Other technologies include Bluetooth and navigation system.

"There are a lot of content on all models Chevrolet Cruze, it was designed to offer customers the features they want, regardless of vehicle size or segment," said Brooks. "In a very price competitive, you will be able to get a Chevrolet Cruze leather and heated front seats, alloy wheels 16 inches, XM Satellite Radio, OnStar, Bluetooth, a USB port on your iPod, cruise control, electric locks and mirrors outside. "

Overall roof

Chevy Cruze design is to distinguish between bold - including a two-level grid smokkirusetti iconic logo - the signature Chevrolet looks around the world. Under the roof line combined with steeply raked windshield and fast falling behind the pillars give the car a sporty coupe part.

Aesthetic sport is also reflected in the headlights that wrap around the main corner and brush up on the wings and sculpted hood and short rear deck of a general who are in sports coupes. The wheels are in the corners, too, with minimal overhangs front and rear. All work items consistent Chevrolet Cruze to give an aggressive look that complements a wide range, the position of trust.

Indeed, the Chevrolet Cruze is wider and longer than most of its competitors. Although well-established intermediary body strength, while the restricted use of exterior decoration enhances the quality feel of the car. The overall appearance is that of precision targeted.

The accuracy is also given the quality of the construction of the Chevrolet Cruze. The Lord City Assembly Plant Body Shop has been revamped with the latest in body shaping and welding equipment to optimize production of very solid construction. This structure promotes the high variance of the minimum production tolerances and several holes of 3 mm or less between most of the exterior panels. For customers, this means a more beautiful car when new and one that feels solid in the years to come.

interior refinement

Chevrolet Cruze indices bold design and attention to detail carried over to the interior, where a Chevrolet Corvette-inspired design dual cockpit goes together with high quality materials and assembly tolerances unique. Grained components, soft to the touch and low gloss trim panels exude a quality that is rare in the segment.

The instrumentation is a great example of how the Chevrolet Cruze eschews expectations for compact cars. It contains a lot of detailed regulations that are backlit light-emitting diode (LED). LED lights provide a crisp, ice blue lighting analog instruments and other internal lighting. Segment rare standard driver information center offers a wealth of information on the owner of the car.

In harmony with the dashboard is an integrated center stack that houses the infotainment display controls, climate control and radio. components embedded in the center console has a hole tolerance of less than 1 mm, while the dash for the door panel holes are smaller than 5 mm. These tolerances are among the best in class and contribute significantly to the Chevrolet Cruze will of sophistication and precision.

Chevrolet Cruze headlining and pillar trim exudes craftsmanship, too. Coverage flag consists of a knit material, which also serves as one of the five layers of a horn designed to help make the cabin quieter. The column of Interior and other lists are color and grain match the headliner, while the seat inserts are color matched to the color of the accent panel finish, giving the appearance of Cab detail of the largest, upscale sedans.

New, efficient engines

Improved exhaust turbo engine, 1.4L turbo Ecotec Chevrolet Cruze functions as a more powerful engine when needed, but retains the efficiency of a small displacement four-cylinder in most driving conditions. Is standard on LT and LTZ models, with a rated capacity is estimated at 138 horsepower (103 kW) and 148 lb.-ft. of torque (200 Nm).

Standard on LS models is a 1.8L Ecotec four-cylinder has the same basic architecture as the 1.4L turbo. Both engines are part of the family of GM engines of small displacement to the overall energy of the mind, including technology like variable valve timing that optimizes the economy at full capacity and fuel in the range of rpm.

Saves the new Chevrolet Cruze, four-cylinder engines is a six-speed manual and automatic transmissions. Each contributes to excellent fuel economy and Chevrolet Cruze, carefully matched with their equipment, improves the ratio of driving pleasure.

With Ecotec 1.4L turbo makes the Chevrolet Cruze, fuel economy, a range of more than 500 miles (800 km), which means it can go longer between fill-ups.

Chevrolet Cruze is the warranty support of GM Powertrain five-year/100 ,000-mile - the best coverage in America.

Sensible, quiet driving experience

Chevrolet Cruze to complete the new record is a strong body structure and chassis is designed to provide responsive and enjoyable driving experience. structure of the body is tight and stiff, and its stability allowed the designers to more accurately optimize the platform for driving comfort and control.

A MacPherson strut suspension at the front is used, while an advanced technique Watts Z-link design used in conjunction with the rear suspension. It helps the center of the rear axle in the corners and get the answer handling of the Chevrolet Cruze is symmetrical in both left and right. Lifting capacity at the center of the tree in turn, provides a more balanced suspension of driving experience back to better follow the example of the front suspension.

StabiliTrak electronic stability control with rollover mitigation and traction control and ABS brakes are standard. Electric power steering is standard on all models. It saves fuel by eliminating the traditional power steering pump drive engine accessories. sixteen-inch wheels are standard on LS and LT models, 17-inch alloy wheels standard on LTZ. Eighteen-inch alloy wheels are available on 2LT and LTZ models.

With a smooth driving experience, the Chevrolet Cruze offers calm and refinement on the road. hydraulic bushings and an isolated engine mounts reduce or eliminate the process of vibration that could be transmitted to the cockpit. Similarly, a series of noise reduction and noise reduction technologies are used in the body structure, including 18 distinctive sound therapies. Examples include:

* The steel front panel of the instrument panel is located between two plates of depreciation

* Nylon diaphragms used in different parts of the structure of the empty body, full of sound-absorbing foam expands when the body moves in the paint oven

* Headliner is composed of five layers of fiber thermal acoustic materials, including premium tissue visible outer layer of fabric

* Sheets of sound damping material used strategically in the structure of the body and back up when the body passes into the paint baking, so that patches to follow the contours of the sheet below

* Acoustic insulation material between the rear body structural components that are made of recycled materials blue jeans

* The doors have seals triple and fiberglass "blankets" that uses water, air and noise barriers. The doors are also beta-tonic, which means they close with a solid, detailed sound and no resonance