Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Ford S-Max Review

Ford Europe has announced a new version of best-selling Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy, 2010 Brussels Show. New models and new developments elements of Ford's kinetic design new materials have an internal and a variety of energy sources more efficiently, and focus on the host driver on technology in safety and comfort.

The 2010 Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy models run a busy year for new products, Ford of Europe, but more importantly, to announce the arrival of a number of new and innovative features as they are introduced through year, will test the perception of what created the Ford wanted to sit and drive.

"We gave both models an attractive new look and high quality, but is under the skin that have made significant changes," said John Fleming, executive vice president and president and CEO of Ford Europe. S-MAX and Galaxy are the first models from Ford Europe for the benefit of our global family EcoBoost direct injection, turbocharged, gasoline engines deliver more power and performance of a smaller displacement engine, but with impressive fuel economy and low CO2 emissions. And this is just the beginning of the 2010 S-MAX and Galaxy history. "

These are the first Ford cars are available in all new, powerful 2.0-liter EcoBoost petrol. Producing 203 hp (149 kW), is intrinsically linked to an improvement in the 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi diesel with 140 hp (103 kW) and the new 163 hp (120 kW) version. In addition, smooth and effortless Ford Powershift dual-clutch wet transmission is available for the first time a large range of cars, Ford is standard with the EcoBoost petrol engine and the Duratorq diesel and voluntary.

A range of innovative safety features and comfort of the first film in the Ford lineup in the versions of the new Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy, including a Blind Spot Information System (BLIS ®) and new rear door locks, electrical installations security.

More typical exterior

With the new S-MAX and Galaxy, Ford's design team has made significant changes to strengthen each vehicle and expressive style kinetic design.

Since its inception in 2006, the Ford S-MAX has quickly established itself as a car without equal - a quality athletic, tall and well-equipped crossover that offers all the advantages of transporting persons, but without sacrificing style or pleasure driving.

The new model retains this tradition has been completely updated with changes in important details out, including a very sculpted hood and all-new front fascia, highlighted by bold graphics on the front grille glossy black trapezoidal lower.

The new Ford S-MAX a distinctive presence on the road again and a new lower front bumper, which is a high series models feature distinctive LED daytime running lights (optional trend series) to further strengthen the proactive position of the car.

First, the Ford S-MAX is instantly recognizable, and now stands even more to strengthen its profile in the window chrome strip that surrounds the glass surface to enhance the lines of the stylish and sporty car.

Rear of the Ford S-MAX has been redesigned and more dynamic profile tailgate, the lower end, and new LED tail lights that extend deep into the back of the sides, creating a much stronger sport. The increase in the premium to complain, although still separated from the new car is horizontal, with satin chrome bar that passes through the LED rear lights and engraved with the distinctive logo S-MAX.

The new Ford Galaxy has also been redesigned front section, which highlights the appeal of the "first-class travel ', and, like many other significant details of the amendments to strengthen its role as Ford's full-size luxury seven seat people mover.

A new hood, combined with more sculpted front fascia Ford Galaxy, the new design - which incorporates a bold lower trapezoidal grille inserts with chrome bar with subtle - and fog lamps new look to emphasize the role of "kinetic design" of Ford. Ghia and Titanium models are more differentiated with chrome bars on the grill and more.

Roof with bolder new integrated cross-bar, silver, and behind the new range of LED lights and lower body color fascia are standard features. Titanium and Ghia models also get new chrome side moldings and door handles detail.

More luxury inside

As revised by the heart, a real attention to detail and high quality of execution are critical for new furnishings and design. Balanced, the new color and material choices to provide a luxurious feel and dynamics, which helps to differentiate the personality of each model to meet the customer's tastes and requirements.

Both vehicles Ford FoldFlatSystem comes standard with a second and possibly third row of seats installed.

Ford S-MAX models of the high to get a new multi-functional console above the spacious glove, sunglasses holder and a child watch mirror and a new view of a piece of the roof is equipped with power sunshades. For the first time a series of high-new Ford S-MAX models, and all models are equipped with a panoramic roof, buy a new lighting system, LED interior.

Music lovers will enjoy the all new Ford Galaxy and S-MAX, Premium Sound System option that is built around an eight-channel amplifier with a total power of 265 watts, with a speaker system enhanced, including the center speaker Further in the center of the dashboard and a large subwoofer is mounted behind the left chair.

Loading tailgate is also facilitated through a new vanity lighting mounted inside the tailgate panel that illuminates when opened.

New interior colors, graphics and materials are available in all series, and all have chosen to create the full premium feel, while maintaining the individuality of each model.

Power and economy: EcoBoost SCTI and Duratorq TDCi Powershift

Ford S-MAX and Galaxy offer a wide range of new powertrain technology developed by Ford provide a strong combination of fuel economy and lower emissions without compromising driving pleasure, the famous Ford.

These are the first cars to offer a new 2.0-liter Ford EcoBoost engine SCTi that heralds a new era in the development of Ford's gasoline engine. With all the lightweight aluminum construction, the latest generation of high pressure direct injection system, low inertia turbo and twin cam timing independent variable, a 2.0-liter EcoBoost SCTi has an advanced combustion system that brings new levels of performance and fuel economy for petrol engines in this power range.

The 2.0-liter EcoBoost SCTI has a maximum power of 203 hp (149 kW) at 5,500 rpm, combined with a maximum torque of 300 Nm, delivered through a range of 1.750 to 4.500 rpm. With this new engine, the Ford S-MAX reaches 0-100km / h (0-62 mph) acceleration in 8.5 seconds (8.8 seconds for the Ford Galaxy) and a top speed of 221 kmh (137 mph ) - 217 km / h (135 mph) for the Ford Galaxy.

But even if it is responsive, fuel economy and CO2 emissions of the new engine is significantly improved. Compared to the previous 161 PS 2.3 liter automatic transmission, CO2 emissions fell by 19 per cent of 189 g / km, while the new 2.0-liter engine is SCTi more than 25 percent more power. This is reflected in fuel consumption of just 8.1 l/100 km (34.8 mpg) and the agglomeration of Chapter 6.4 l/100 km (44.1 mpg).

At the same time offer a new diesel Ford S-MAX and Galaxy, has been significantly improved. Updated 2.0-liter Ford Duratorq TDCi engine family meets the Euro V emissions standards, and is also available in three power levels - 115, 140 and 163 hp (85, 103 and 120 kW) - for the first time .

Designed to provide a refined performance and low, these new Duratorq TDCi engine offers impressive fuel economy and CO2 emissions. When consumption of 5.7 l/100 km (49.5 mpg) and average CO2 emissions of 152 g / km, the new S-MAX and Galaxy, manual six speed, it shows that it is possible to combine the driving pleasure and convincing performance of a high efficiency.

The smooth and efficient Ford Powershift dual clutch transmissions are wet a perfect match for gasoline direct injection engines and new diesel common rail. It is standard with the new EcoBoost SCTi and also available with optional versions (103 and 120 kW) 140 hp and 163's 2.0-liter Duratorq TDCi.

New features further enhance the safety and comfort

From the beginning of the new Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy was designed and developed to offer customers a premium travel experience, and to achieve that was already impressive range of features in previous models updated and expanded for even more security and comfort.

Joerg Beyer, of Ford vehicles in Europe's Vehicle Line Director-sized retailers said, "just a stage we have delivered the new Ford S-MAX and Galaxy, as well as vehicle engineering, technology and transmission capabilities, is large enough to do you think they are all new vehicles. Ford's European flagship deserve this treatment - and we are confident that our customers really appreciate it. "

The new S-MAX and Galaxy are the first vehicles with Ford's new Europe have Blind Spot Information System (BLIS ®). This radar-based installation encourages drivers to be more awareness in the control on the shoulder to warn the vehicles in your blind spot. In addition, the new device adjustable speed limiter (ASLD) is designed to help drivers, then do not exceed the speed limit without a specific intent - another first for Ford Europe.

Enjoy the Ford S-MAX and Galaxy Controller Area Network (CAN) Bus electrical system capacity, Ford introduced the option of rear door locking, electric security system with new models. With this, also switch off power rear window in the door panel driver combines with the activation of the electric strike the rear doors.

large series of versions using new functionality Ford S-MAX range of technology Light Emitting Diode with LED daytime running lights as standard (optional on Trend) and LED lighting inside. All versions are equipped with a sunroof also benefit.

versions of high-class S-MAX and Galaxy are also equipped with a powerful compliment to the lights located on the lower inside corners of the rear door to illuminate the loading area, and all versions of S-MAX and Galaxy are the tail lights LED series.

Another new feature to help ease of travel "first class" is the Premium Sound System, which can be ordered for Ford S-MAX and Ford Galaxy with the High-Nav and audio system from Sony. DAB radio is also an option.

Comfort of passengers in both vehicles is also essential to improve the performance of air conditioner, which now has a new ventilation, temperature and humidity sensor is mounted on the steering wheel cap for a more sensitive control of the car.

complementary proprietary technologies already available on other Ford models are now available in the S-MAX and Galaxy for the first time. These include back-up camera, keyless entry system and Ford's award-winning Ford EasyFuel capless refueling system.

Sophisticated, Flexible Manufacturing

As with previous models, the new S-MAX and Galaxy share the same assembly line with the European Ford Mondeo, the Genk plant in Belgium.

Sophisticated manufacturing process, lean and flexible to allow Ford to change the order and the production of a variety of vehicles and large luxury car division, which is able to respond quickly to changes in customer demand.

More than 12 million cars were built at the Genk plant since it opened in 1964. The Belgian plant is one of the most modern factories of assembling cars in Europe, a cornerstone of Ford of Europe's strategy of lean manufacturing. It currently employs about 5,000 employees.

Pioneering new technologies

"S-MAX and Galaxy were the first Ford vehicles included a kinetic form of the language style of the theme," said John Fleming, "Most importantly, have begun to change in such a way that many thought the Ford brand.

"As they sit together Mondeo at the top of the Ford range in Europe, it is essential that we use these models again as pioneers in introducing new and innovative technologies that characterize Ford's ambitious schedule of product launches for 2010, "said Fleming.