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2011 Lexus CT 200h Review

Lexus 200h CT marks the introduction of the hybrid first and only complete at the base of the premium compact segment.

Lexus first five-door compact car, the Lexus 200h hybrid sedan TC is a large door for new Lexus. A synthesis unique society in quality, sophistication and high technology for the premium compact segment for the first time, and bring in a younger group of customers to the brand.

Specially designed and developed European markets, the new Lexus 200h emission CT in size, packaging, full-hybrid technology and ultra-low to fully satisfy a young, very demanding clientele environmentallyconscientious. Yet, it offers a compromise on refinement and driving pleasure that is characteristic of a progressive luxury inherent in every Lexus.

A quiet revolution, the new CT 200h represents the synthesis of the five key attributes of the Lexus offers customers unparalleled expertise in the premium compact car: Lexus Hybrid Drive system and energy management measure, a single driving inherent dynamic and elegant style to the latest embodiment of the Lexus design philosophy of L-finesse, Lexus build quality and attention to detail and unparalleled customer service that is known in the heart of the owner of Lexus experience.

CT 200h Lexus Hybrid Drive is designed to conform with a strict set of development standards. These standards cover more than 500 unique items that set strict guidelines to improve all aspects of performance and dynamic environment of the new full hybrid to an unprecedented level.

Known as the Lexus IS has also set standards to achieve the NVH levels of quietness and durability you expect from Lexus, and even applies to static factors such as appearance, tactile quality, sound quality, and results and sensitivity checks.

With a new platform includes many bodies exclusively developed the powertrain and chassis applications Lexus Hybrid Drive system control engineering, the Lexus 200h CT is designed to give drivers a choice of single segment of driving dynamics and relaxing mood. By combining the lowest possible center of gravity with a high body rigidity, a single lateral absorber system performance and new rear double wishbone suspension, is the new driving experience full hybrid characterized by stability at high speed, smooth and precise handling, agility and decision-ride comfort expected of any Lexus.

The dynamic driving experience is further enhanced by the environment of a pilot very concentrated. Although the design particularly effective, stylish and spacious interior, including CT 200h Lexus has an ergonomically perfect riding position low.

Married panache to the sporting dynamics, the Lexus 200h CT is a new incarnation of philosophy Lexus L-finesse design. With a powerful new Lexus design front, scan lines mimic the natural movement of wind above and around a body and a target, the position of the broad gauge, the new full hybrid is the perfect expression of precision compact and power.

The Lexus 200h is based CT Toyota Motor Kyushu, where in 2008 the plant began operating as Kokura factory for the first time in the world dedicated to the production of hybrid drives. The plant meets the highest possible standards of quality manufacturing with the fusion of high technology and innovation capacity of production of the master craftsmen of Lexus.

Quality, customer service and legendary network of industry best distributors have always represented the cornerstone of the Lexus brand. These standards of customer service makes the most remarkable account of his unprecedented achievements in the price of Lexus thenumerous received worldwide since the brand was launched in 1990.

The compact segment has become the largest European market for high quality in 2009, following the increasing demand for smaller, more fuel efficient cars and CO2, which, however, offer a high degree refinement and driving pleasure. The compact segment is the strategic point of entry into the luxury market, with younger customers who represent the majority of buyers of premium compacts.

Commercially available, so in November 2010, CT Lexus 200h is priced to compete with the core segment. Pricing is expected to be less than € 30,000 in France. Overall, the rates vary according to the will of the differences and local market factors.

Lexus Hybrid Powertrain

Many rival producers continue to produce the first generation of hybrid Lexus is already more than ten years of experience in the full hybrid propulsion systems. Marking the introduction of the second generation of the Lexus Hybrid technology in the compact premium customers for the first time, the new Lexus 200h CT confirmation of the clear leadership in the development of the whole hybrid system.

The new Lexus 200h hybrid TC is a fully capable of running on gasoline and electricity and means of only a combination of both. Its hybrid propulsion system Lexus offers the performance advantages of a parallel hybrid combined with energy-saving advantages of a series hybrid.

CT 200h Lexus Hybrid Drive is a unique system of energy management team that the new hybrid complete with remarkably low noise, impressive, smooth acceleration and performance customers expect from a vehicle segment premium compact.

However, it offers exceptional fuel efficiency and provide significant cost benefits of ownership in many European countries, not only classleading CO2 emissions, but also generates much less NOx and particulate equivalent diesel engine vehicles.

The expansion of the Lexus Hybrid Drive, the rest of the environmental, CT Lexus 200h design includes a series of new measures of energy saving and eco-consciousness. These include energy-saving air-conditioning system includes electric air compressor inlet humidity sensor, automatic heaters and pro-active, the widespread use of power saving mode LED lighting, energy saving lighting and sound system with amplifier speakers and bamboo charcoal, and the widespread use of bio-material source.

Lexus Hybrid Drive Unique Energy Management System

Through the use of the brand specific technical solutions and a unique system of energy management software includes custom setting, Lexus engineers focused on improving environmental performance and conduct of the Lexus Hybrid Drive and its unique NVH levels low.

motor control and throttle response are tuned to provide engaging, dynamic driving experience to be the first premium compact Lexus, and low noise, vibration and harshness levels generated CT Lexus 200h hybrid entire broadcast to establish significant silence of nature, the DNA of every Lexus model.

Lexus Hybrid Drive System Architecture

Lexus 200h CT second-generation hybrid system is complete with a 1.8 liter engine, a powerful engine, a generator of 42 kW, a high performance, 202V, 27kW battery, a power control unit and a device Split supply that uses a planetary gear set to combine and redistribute power from the engine, electric motor and generator operational needs.

The electric motor, generator and power distribution device are all housed in a lightweight, transmission cables clothes directly comparable in size to a standard gearbox very compact. Run to the front wheels of the sentence full hybrid system, Shift-by-wire, electric continuously variable transmission.

The lightweight and compact, 16-valve, DOHC, 1798 cc VVT-i has an Atkinson cycle recirculating cooled exhaust gases (EGR) and third generation of exhaust heat recovery. That generates 99 hp / 73 kW at 5,200 rpm and 142Nm of torque at 4000 rpm. High performance, permanent magnet synchronous electric motor generates 207Nm hp/60kW DIN 82 torque from 0 rpm.

The electric motor works in tandem with the gasoline engine to increase acceleration and power to the driving wheels when CT Lexus 200h driving in EV mode.

During deceleration and braking, the electric motor functions as a high output alternator for regenerative braking.

Once connected to the EV mode, a new hybrid Lexus to produce the entire emission-free driving up to two kilometers at a speed of up to 45 km / h.


Together, the Lexus Hybrid Drive system for gasoline engine and electric motor to produce the total system power of 136 HP. Via variable transmission, the Lexus 200h accelerates uniformly CT 0-100 km / h in 10.3 seconds and reaches a top speed of 180 km / h. By contrast, the Lexus 200h CT provides incredibly low fuel consumption - 3.8l/100km figure kombi, and objectives classleading CO2 emissions of just 89g/km.

Energy savings and environmental

That allows independent control of left and right sides of the cabin, the new CT 200h is equipped with air conditioning compact and lightweight. It integrates a cell hybrid electric compressor with variable capacity, which reduces the load on the engine to improve fuel economy.

Because of the need to heat the cabin and fogging of the windshield, vehicles undergo a decrease in fuel consumption in the winter months. To counter this, Lexus engineers have combined a third generation of recirculating exhaust heat with new air intakes, technical management integrated fashion a humidity sensor.

Via windshield mounted humidity sensor that monitors moisture, a cottage and the temperature of the glass, air conditioning mode automatically adjusts the air intake to increase the volume of air circulation inside the cabin. This, combined with a satisfactory performance in defogging minimum the escape of hot air, to reduce the operating time of the engine warms up the interior.

Lexus 200h heater TC front seat were designed to work proactively with the heater air conditioning. In cold climates, which are activated automatically at startup, reducing the workload of heating and other energy efficiency improvements.

CT Lexus 200h is equipped with no less than 89 external LED already installed on most Lexus models. Consume 45% less power than conventional halogen units, offer better fuel economy.

Lexus and the industry first, the Premium Sound system has a unique, environmentally friendly, bamboo speakers films charcoal-resin, the answer faster and clearer sound. A new, energy efficient, integrated Digital Signal Processing (DSP) amplifier is 26% lighter and consumes 50% less than traditional, analog-powered amplifier.

Continue to improve their environmental performance, many of the higher proportion is the Lexus 200h CT of the pages of the luggage compartment lid, cover the government and the government to cut the deck is made of bioplastic material containing 30% polyethylene terephthalate plant-based .


The new Lexus 200h CT is specially designed to combine superior handling and a rewarding driving experience with a comfortable ride expected from Lexus.

CT 200h Lexus has a new platform includes many, exclusively developed body, chassis and powertrain applications Lexus Hybrid Drive system control engineering to offer customers a choice between two driving modes - Dynamic, or relaxation - together with the full hybrid EV, the ECO, Normal and Sport, "on demand" drive modes.

Focusing on all aspects of shell construction TC Lexus 200h, Lexus engineers have developed both in the mood driving dynamics and break through achieving the lowest possible center of gravity, optimizing the stiffness of the body, and reduced levels of NVH.

Lexus introduced the first time, a unique performance of the system of lateral shock absorber is designed to absorb and minimize the vibration of the body, providing a more linear steering response and ride comfort further.

Setting a new benchmark in the segment of compact premium ride comfort and handling, Lexus 200h CT has a suspension design that combines a custom L-arm type MacPherson strut system with a new front double wishbone fully independent and the final design of the arm backward.

High body rigidity

Particular attention was paid to the promotion of superior management through the structural rigidity of the body. Lexus 200h CT torsional rigidity has been improved and the size of a small vibration is optimized for high welding spots, large beams, a reinforcement of guidelines for the suspension and steering assemblies, and a stabilization of the single side front engine mount.

torsional strength has also improved in the upper body through the use of a total closure of the surface along the circumference of the rear door opening, and strengthening the back of the rear spar rear wheel passages.

Lateral damper system performance

Due to the high body rigidity tends to transmit the vibrations, CT Lexus 200h also features a unique premium compact segment, front and rear output buffer designed to absorb vibration and reduce unwanted body supply an address contribute more linear and more comfortable ride.

Instead of conventional, fixed propeller, the first Lexus-system performance before a damper connects the towers left and right front suspension and a rear shock connects the left and right rear structural frame.

With a design similar to a typical monotube damper suspension, front and rear damper performance and reduce vibration of the vehicle floor over a wide frequency range, the deformation of the body reduced to move left and right tower front suspension and even lowered the level of white noise.

Although it is difficult to analyze even the computer-aided design, vibrations micronsized, small manifest as mild discomfort when you turn the wheel and time differences in the behavior of the vehicle when accelerating in a straight line. Its removal provides a new dimension of management response, agility and driving comfort in the premium compact segment.

lightweight body design with low center of gravity with a capacity greater dynamics, many taken to ensure that the Lexus 200h CT has the lowest center of gravity and inertia. The body has a long wheelbase 2600 mm with short front and rear overhangs, where the occupants are seated so close to downtown as possible to minimize inertia.

To minimize the yaw moment of inertia and improve the Lexus 200h CT agility, body parts farthest from the center of gravity of the vehicle has been designed as light as possible. As a result, the bonnet and tailgate are made of aluminum bumper reinforcements, to create the lightest Lexus yet.

Overall, the height of the vehicle ride height and hip point of driving is as low as possible. And the hybrid battery is inserted in the boot still in the distance, optimizing weight distribution and balance. Further lowering the center of gravity while maximizing fuel efficiency by minimizing weight, the body itself contains not only aluminum, but also much of the light weight, high steel.

Shallow, very strong Control Mode

The key to the new premium compact fully hybrid sporty driving experience is the environment of highly concentrated its driver. It has an optimal sitting position, which combines low hip point height with improved lateral support and lumbar support.

child support have been built on the flanks of the city to improve the performance of lateral and lumbar support can be resolved through a power range of 30 mm. The front edge of the base pad has been formed to provide a large contact surface, which reduces fatigue on long trips, and the lid has a double support to better coordinate the movements of the body of the driver with the vehicle.

The driver also benefits from sport, diameter 370 mm, wide wheel low grip, 21 degrees of rotation, the gas and brake pedal angles optimized to adapt to a low point of the hip, and the driver drove the instrument binnacle housing three large , high visibility of the call.

Maximize forward visibility, the hood has also declined in relation to the point of the hip. To maintain adequate space between the bonnet and the components of optimal performance impact of pedestrians, in turn, requires the design of an air intake system-new, unique TC Lexus 200h.

Mode selection switch unit

Completing normal transfer image of the new Lexus, the three "OnDemand" drive modes can be selected drive mode dial to adjust the CT Lexus 200h, both driving dynamics or relaxing mood, while improving, are still running and dynamic capability, or driving performance, fuel consumption and emissions.

EV, ECO and the normal modes of the unit emphasize an atmosphere of relaxation behavior, with special comfort, smooth acceleration and minimize NVH in the body, chassis and powertrain.

Start-up and at speeds under 45 km / h CT 200h can operate automatically in EV mode driving the electric motor power alone. The driver can also manually select the EV mode. This unique service is not available for drivers of light vehicles hybrids, which require a full hybrid, Lexus Hybrid Drive.

When the vehicle range is dictated by the battery, EV drive mode allows for relaxed city driving less noise and zero emissions of CO2, NOx and particulate matter, up to two kilometers. Since the gasoline engine turns off all the operations, the EV drive mode contributes significantly to reducing the overall consumption of fuel, the new Lexus'.

Eco-mode, the gas pedal to decrease the aggressive revenue and control of air conditioning optimized to improve fuel economy. driving conditions, the ECO will help customers to adopt a relaxed driving style, and can reach high to reduce fuel consumption.

In particular, tuned to produce more electric power, sport mode, it concentrates on the dynamics of the atmosphere, which maximizes the new CT 200h and agility.

NEW hybrid system adds a voltage of 150V to 650V, which adds to the overall output of the transmission. speed of the engine are higher, and gas and electric power steering (EPS) settings have been changed so that a quicker response to driver input.

In addition, the operation mode SPORT least restrictive of the fight against vehicle stability (VSC) and Traction Control (TRC) systems, allowing drivers to fully exploit the new Lexus hybrid full dynamic range capability.

Well characterized, and the Lexus 200h Driving Dynamic CT and relaxing atmosphere is further enhanced by the change in the driver's equipment synchronized mode selection guide. Backlit blue hybrid EV, ECO and normal drive modes, the instrument panel lighting, switch shooting mode and choose the spotlight in the center of the cluster will automatically change to red when the Sport mode is selected. At the same time, the power will change as the hybrid revolution.


CT Lexus 200h features a suspension design that combines a custom L-arm type MacPherson support system with a new front fork and rear double wishbone architecture fullyindependent the rear, a new benchmark in the premium segment round comfort management compact and stable.

Many elements of the system with MacPherson front struts is designed exclusively for Lexus 200h CT, including coil springs, shock absorbers, stops, upper support and lower and upper insulators, light a rocket, the hub and bearings, and new role as a stabilizer bar stiffness increased.

A unique, fully independent double-wishbone rear suspension includes a light after the arm, and the positions of coil springs and shock absorber system to reduce the intrusion of individual trunk floor. It also includes a number of components and developed, including coil springs, shock absorbers, the upper support, a bump stop, the hub and bearings, and anti-roll bar.

The combination of front and rear suspensions to congratulate the new CT 200h two different moods of conduct, the combination of comfortable driving class first, essential for a relaxed atmosphere with agile handling and driving stability on the atmosphere driving dynamics.

Electric Power Steering (EPS)

CT 200h Lexus is equipped with electric power steering (EPS), its energy saving design and light weight makes it ideal for use with Lexus hybrid powertrain. Driven by the hybrid battery, EPS improves fuel economy by only consuming power when steering force assistance is needed. It is very durable and requires no hydraulic oil.

With a ratio of 14.6:1 and only 2.7 turns lock to lock, the Lexus 200h EPS CT speed sensitive as the more direct control of the Lexus models. Accuracy control further improved by mounting the gearbox directly to the cradle suspension for greater rigidity installation, promoting improved driver feedback and a more linear steering feel.

When the recording method is selected SPORT, EPS modified to provide the sports driving. The system automatically regulates the amount of steering assistance to provide more direct steering feedback and a more involving driving experience.


When the advantages of Computer Aided Design and extensive testing in wind tunnel, CT Lexus 200h is designed for maximum aerodynamic efficiency. As a result, global drag coefficient of just Cd 0.28 In addition to improving fuel efficiency, but also significantly improves the high-speed stability, handling and ride comfort.

Every aspect of the upper body CT Lexus 200h has been carefully detailed to manage the flow of upper air. Minimize vehicle battery lift coefficient essential for stable fuel efficiency and handling, equal attention was paid to the management of air under the car. Many of the articles include aerodynamic diffuser fins, and generally Undercovers wheel spats. Even the installation of the main exhaust gas and the shape of the rear bumper cover has been optimized to create the air flow as smooth as possible basis.


CT 200h designers have created a unique combination of elegance and excitement. The new Lexus hybrid wife full glamor glamorous and dynamic agility that creates a premium car driver that will attract a new younger generation of customers to the brand.

CT in front of the Lexus 200h is the epitome of a new L-finesse expressing a perfect balance of precision and power.

The grid is pushed to the front projectors for visual integration under the bumper upper midsection. Incorporates a deeper, more sculpted interpretation of the arrowhead pattern of signature L-finesse. The upper and lower grilles combine to form a single "pin", which includes both bold and elegant simplicity dynamism to the top of the vehicle.

The grille is flanked by headlamp groups positioned in a higher plane of the grid itself. It is a unique feature of Lexus models, the eye's focusing on the upper side of the vehicle for a look at the design and strengthen the impression decidedly speed and agility.

To apply this expression resolved, attention is focused on drilling, halogen single or optional dual beam LED lights. Redevelopment, said, arrowhead-shaped feature segment DRL sessions, advanced LED light technology, making the Lexus 200h TC instantly recognizable at first sight.

deep front bumper and strongly sculpted front air dam, flowing clean, muscular front fenders, which enhance the proactive, wide-track position suggests an excellent maneuverability and stability at high speed.

Lexus 200h CT wavy lines mimics the natural wind flow over and around the basket and create a dynamic and elegant design, it combines the beauty of aerodynamic efficiency. The resulting resistance coefficient of only 0.28 Cd, and maximize fuel efficiency and reduce wind noise to further improve the exceptional silence of Lexus hybrid car.

In the profile, long steeply inclined windscreen, flowing roofline and unique, the graphics window sling Lexus combine to create an elegant silhouette and very distinctive. New, compact and aerodynamic mirrors with integrated side lamps LED lamp has a two-tone finish for a smoother appearance. The long roof and clean lines and sleek door forming a cab design that curves naturally tapered at the rear to follow the movement of air flowing in the wake of the car.

At the rear, an important step in the flow section of the tailgate muscular shoulder wheel, stress wraparound rear window design. Anchored by the rear lights Lexus built single scan pattern L-shaped first time in LS, this step is combined with a rear bumper off to build the new hybrid full wide, firmly planted position.

The flow of air away from the rear of CT 200h is carefully controlled by the sharp edge of the roof spoiler in-depth aerodynamic fins in the corners of rear windows and clean, almost vertical junction of the wing rear bumper. Details of the attention aerodynamic front bumper and rear air infiltration smooth fins under the car to further improve vehicle stability and fuel consumption.

The Lexus 200h is equipped with CT 15 ", 16" alloy wheels or 17 "and blue emblem hybridspecific is available in a range of ten colors, including two yellow sun and Sienna Brown -. new development.

Interior design, ergonomics and packaging

The visual impact of the L-finesse is done inside. Again, a simple powerful form results of the quality craftsmanship to feel every detail to create a unique cabin design efficient, elegant and spacious.

The board is divided into two distinct zones: an upper area of ​​the screen, with an "8 multi-screen LCD display to ideal viewing distance tie-view, and the lowest level of cooperation, which provides access to control lever, unique design and system change as CI winning touch remote.

This creates a clear zoning CT 200h Lexus, with a unique combination of airy, spacious cabin and cockpit sports that emphasize a narrow, well-focused guide. All functional parts are combined around the driver's seat in combining excellent ergonomics has advanced human machine interface technologies.

Described in detail in Chapter dynamic packet, the driver enjoys a short, very focused riding position with a sports steering wheel width output, pedal optimal investment instruments and high brand visibility.

The intensive use of metallic finishes and dark, soft-touch materials enhances the quality of the environment. The form and shape of each internal component is carefully designed to express the true shape of materials such as brushed finish of the door handle bezel gear and very tactile, apparently carved from a single ticket and generously bound in leather.

Inside the Lexus 200h CT long, 2600 mm wheelbase, front and rear seat positioned near the centerline of the vehicle to reduce the moment of inertia and enhances maneuverability. Although the front seats for every 710 mm distance, the distance between the back seat is reduced to 620 mm, and the point of hip to 25mm, ensuring that the rear passengers to be felt and seen.

Chairing residents enjoy first-class clearance, head and shoulders. Seats are available with manual gearbox or 6-way power adjustable 8-way, it includes a memory function, power lumbar adjustment and seat heating as standard.

The flattening of the center rear seat, the thinning of the seat and the floor plan of the platform 200h CT result in a cabin that offers a comparable range to the rear passengers in a vehicle in this segment, with ample space and free leg .

compact hybrid batteries located at the lowest possible under the cargo floor and the adoption of an arm triangle setup double swing with the minimum element of the suspension intrusion into the luggage compartment, the Lexus 200h CT offers the possibility of a competitive economy, 375 liters of luggage. With the 60/40 split rear seats folded, this increases to a maximum of 985 liters.

Lexus 200h prizes CT customers unparalleled opportunities for customization through a variety of color combinations, but has the Lexus model. The interior is available in the range of black or ivory leather seats and gray upholstery, fabrics, and five black, red, blue, light brown. These areas are complementary to the selection of Storm Black, Brown Ash Burl wood or bamboo tropical dashboard adds.

Remote Touch

Part of the Lexus Navigation System, Remote Touch is an innovative multi-function offering a simple and intuitive control over the audio TC Lexus 200h, navigation, air conditioning, telephone and vehicle systems in place.

Through a central transmission tunnel-mounted touch pad remote that incorporates feedback from the reaction force for improved tactile sensitivity, which operates on the same principles as a computer mouse to allow the user to move a cursor quickly and easily in a selection of icons on the screen.

To facilitate the selection of icons easier, the system automatically pulls the cursor over an icon near past. This feature makes the same tactile system very fast and easy to use, minimizing the time of driver distraction.

Lexus Navigation System

CT 200h accessible via the Remote Touch system, benefits of Lexus navigation system from a powerful capacity of 40 GB hard drive, making it one of the fastest systems and accurate information on the market. It covers all of Europe, which includes the information infrastructure of traffic in each country. The voice recognition system has four other languages ​​including Russian, and a menu that can be used in 14 languages, including Cyrillic letters.

Lexus stereo speakers with bamboo charcoal

Lexus 200h CT based on standards already established by legendary Lexus in the field of high fidelity car with a choice of three powerful sound systems.

Fitted as standard, entry-level Lexus Premium Sound System features a CD player, steering wheel audio control switches and 6 speakers. DAB ready, the system also offers both USB and audio jack for using fully controlled portable music players like the iPod and Bluetooth connection with a mobile phone audio / video streaming functionality.

Includes all the features mentioned above, a 10-speaker Lexus Premium Sound System is also available with integrated 6-CD changer in the dash and the navigation system Lexus. The system features a high-performance power integrated digital signal processing (DSP), low, 8-channel, full-range Class D amplifier, so it's first appearance on the Lexus model. New DSP units consume 50% less than traditional, analog-powered amplifier, and is 26% lighter.

Lexus first, the two sets of high-end audio are equipped with unique bamboo charcoal made from resin membrane speakers. Built using a complex combination of bamboo charcoal, bamboo fiber and resin, the diaphragms are injection molded with a thickness of only 0.2-0.3 mm. They are about 10-15% lighter than a conventional speaker diaphragm, but 20% more rigid and sound speed by 10%. Consequently, the sound is clearer and more natural than a conventional resin membrane.

The new high-end Mark Levinson ® Premium Surround Sound audio system with 13 speakers and an 8-channel amplifier ML. Enjoy the hard drive navigation system is difficult, the Mark Levinson ® audio also has a feature "Sound Library" using the technology of compact disc data base for transferring and storing music files a capacity of 10 GB.

Rear View Monitor

A rear screen is also available, automatically projecting a color image fed camera view behind the vehicle in the navigation screen Lexus 200h CT or 3.3 "screen on the inside mirror when reverse gear is engaged. Integral monitor lines additional guidance to assist in the precise location of the vehicle to slow deforestation and parallel parking.


As with all Lexus 200h is very advanced security CT is structured around a "concept of integrated safety management, which is designed to provide optimum safety performance in all possible execution scenarios. Lexus 200h CT also offers the highest degree of safety in the segment.

In a very rigid body, absorbing the shock, the new hybrid premium compact fully equipped with the most complete range of impacts on active safety, passive and pedestrians in the compact segment. Offering motorists ruling class of preventive security using the latest technology, the Lexus 200h CT is designed to achieve 5-star Euro NCAP and NCAP (USA), and 6-J-star NCAP (Japan) Notes crash test program.

A world premiere at a segment of high-quality compact cars, the Lexus 200h TC can be equipped with the order of priority, the system pre-collision safety features adaptive cruise control. Eight airbags and front seat whiplash Decrease (WIL) are standard, and an updated electronic control braking regeneration system (ACS-R) includes anti-lock brakes (ABS), brake assist, traction control (TRC) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

Active safety

The new Lexus 200h CT can be equipped with a sophisticated Pre-Crash Safety (PCS), which can help reduce collision damage and injury. It uses a millimeter-wave radar sensor to detect objects ahead, the recognition of potentially dangerous objects forward and help the driver to reduce the chances of a collision.

If there is a great opportunity for a collision, the PCS warn the driver activates the seatbelt tensioners pre-collision and when it starts to slow, the Pre-Crash Brake Assist to supplement its own braking. If the driver does not brake and a collision is unavoidable, the Pre-Crash Brake automatically brakes to reduce velocity.

Adaptive Cruise Control (ACC) works in tandem with PCS, at speeds between 50 and 170 km / h. The system automatically maintains a selected distance from the front. When the road has been paved, CT 200h automatically returns to its original speed March.

Updated by Lexus engineers to provide better sensitivity and braking performance, the Lexus 200h TC is equipped with a second generation of electronic brake control system feedback (AC-I), which coordinates the control of both hydraulic and brakes. The cooperative control system achieved excellent fuel economy proactively with the braking force of the electric motor hybrid drive system of electric energy recovery where possible.

ECB-R includes a full range of active safety systems, such as the latest generation of anti-lock system (ABS) with Brake Assist, traction control (TRC) and Vehicle Stability Control (VSC).

Passive safety

With a body that comprises a significant percentage of sheet steel with high resistance to combine lightness and maximum rigidity, the Lexus 200h CT manipulated to achieve the highest levels of security in the form of full frontal collision, offset, side and rear .

Beyond ensuring the safety of residents of a new premium compact hybrid is designed to provide the best possible impact protection for pedestrians.

The new Lexus 200h CT has eight additional restriction (SRS) airbags, airbags for driver and passenger knee airbags and side curtain airbags. All front and rear three-point ELR (Emergency Locking Retractor) seatbelts. The driver and front passenger and rear outer seatbelts also feature a pre-tensioner and force limiter function.

The new Lexus hybrid also features second-generation Whiplash Injury seat concept Decrease (WIL). The revised system has a structure and a redesigned rear seat head restraint. The new head restraints are designed to sit as close as possible to the passenger's head during normal use, closing the gap between the head and the headrest of the occupants in a rear impact, significantly reduce the risk of whiplash injury from excessive movement head.