Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Lexus LF Gh Review

The Lexus LF-Gh Concept made its world debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show. "For this concept, Lexus designers have studied the characteristics that are often seen as contradictory and difficult to perform together," said Kengo Matsumoto, Director General, Division of Design Lexus, Toyota Motor Corporation. "The attractive design conceptual Lexus LF-Gh balance considering the qualities usually opposite, as the style and functionality."

Working with a clean sheet of paper designers Lexus Division Design designed to fit perfectly the style, performance, efficiency and environmental friendliness of a large premium touring sedan while trying to take advantage of advanced, new technologies .

The team explored the way a touring sedan would look great future still standing, and on the road, and design approaches can work to provide an extraordinary combination of attributes. They came up with a design that combines elements of hard and soft, soothing and energetic.

Through this exercise, the definition of L-Finesse design philosophy Marque since 2001, has also developed into a sophisticated and bolder, clearer projected what could become a premium vehicle in the modern world. The result is the concept Lexus LF-Gh expressing thoughts and ideas that go in the future Lexus vehicles around the world.

"Customers have been waiting for a bold concept like this Lexus," said Mark Templin, Lexus Division group vice president and general manager. "We await your return and integration of some of these design features in the Lexus exciting future."

In the tradition of Grand Touring

With Lexus LF-Gh takes the idea of ​​the big touring sedan a little further. LF-Gh was designed to be a powerful concept that could provide a driving experience emotional and comfortable carrying more passengers at higher speeds on long journeys. It combines a strong sense of intimacy and emotion with functional properties that offer improved comfort and the practical ability to transport personnel and supplies necessary luggage for extended travel. Although passenger comfort peaceful, it's a car designed to inspire and seduce the driver as driving hours accumulate.

The bold, comprehensive approach is consistent with the goal of inspiring dynamic expertise on the road. Basically, these proportions an agile, flexible sedan built on a platform RWD sophisticated. The distinctive design of the greenhouse allows long-term benefits such as special functional generous interior space for four passengers, cargo area large, excellent and forward vision.

LED light indicates the range and scope of the new materials, electronics, and dynamic systems, this concept provides state-of-the-art performance, the driving control and safety features. Overall, the Lexus LF-expression of Gh-looking definition of a genuine Gran Turismo Lexus sedan could be.

Dramatic and bold, but light and agile

This latest Lexus concept combines unique, dynamic proportions, which gives a forward position and aggressive. Lexus LF-Gh concept is based architecture, which allows self vibrant, energetic and elegant presence extraordinarily convincing.

Front view, the design elements that contribute to the effect of self-consciousness include a bold grille design shaped zone that expresses the resolute face of Lexus, contributes to the radiator and the brake function and is a conduit essential in achieving excellent aerodynamics. Each line of the Lexus LF-Gh combines form and function.

By way of example. The air circulates through the front entrance next to the single vertical LED fog lights, and through similar rear output resulting thin curved taillight rear quarter of the concept also explores the minimization of traditional features such as mirrors and doorknobs sleekness to strengthen and improve aerodynamics.

grille-shaped brooch, a powerful design element that contributes to the imposing presence of the concept Lexus LF-Gh, also plays a role in controlling air flow and greater stability. It is a key element that integrates technology with distinctive style without sacrificing functionality or discipline, and will be inherited by future Lexus models.

Athletic and strong attitude you get the contrast of the streamlined body and long cockpit, increase the width of the front and rear wheel arches. Shape of the lower body starts with a short front overhang, and cut a cross in the center of the rocker panel, left rear overhang, looking light and agile.

front fenders to create a dynamic sense of movement of work, down to the ground to transmit low priority squatting. Raise the hood is a complete and effective performance possible. Rear deck has a solid, raised the lid of the center platform, which allows the air flow smoothly glide back smoothly into the rear fenders. Deeply sculpted surfaces due to the dynamic spirit of the center of 20-inch wheels add an instinctive feeling of driving appeal.

Lexus designers have taken advantage of greater width that provides a canvas for the expansion of different tail lights, LED surround. The use of distinctive tail lamps and reflectors designed complex behind red lenses all contribute to a strong visual presence. The judicious use of packaging elements in thin chrome bumpers and an integrated diffuser exhaust gives a subtle hint of the premium.

Single LED headlamps and independent L-shaped LED headlights so that the face is Lexus like no other car on the road.

Within Merciful

Behind a black glass, hints of a future all-new Lexus interior can be seen. The cabin of the Lexus LF-Gh concept is the product of a thorough review of every detail to make an interior that is oriented to the driver.

The pilot area includes a panel meters with excellent visibility and a console with intuitive usability. An analog clock with a brand new face in three dimensions, a modern upscale clock suitable for a luxury brand premium, is a hub for domestic and represents a change in the Lexus design philosophy.

Original, high quality materials and rich, finely honed details help to create the driver and passenger space with the idea of ​​a genuine Gran Turismo sedan. And 'the interior designed to meet the needs of customers who know the true quality, and in particular the details.

Hybrid engines

Lexus Hybrid Drive Blue LED buttons at the top of the grill and the trunk signal the intention to offer the same degree of energy efficiency and performance on demand. Mixtures carved transom exhaust for a very clean, finished look, minimizing the presence of the exhaust system suggests that the flow of exhaust gases is significantly reduced. Overall, treatment emphasizes that this hybrid concept is designed to meet the exceptionally low emissions future.

Design Lexus LF-Gh supports technology that will change the current concepts of power, efficiency, safety and environmental considerations in the premium luxury car.

"Although only a concept, we hope LF Gh will resonate with our customers around the world and to communicate our intention to promote new ideas Lexus luxury face in the coming years," Matsumoto said.

Specifications Concept Lexus LF-Gh

* Propulsion: Lexus hybrid drive

* Length: 192.5 cm

* Width: 73.6 inches

Height: 57.1 inches

* Wheelbase: 112.2 cm

* Tire Size (front): P245/35R20

* Tire size (rear): P285/30R20