Sunday, May 15, 2011

2012 Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca Review

How a car amplifier performance package as comprehensive as the 302 new 2012 Ford Mustang Boss - is already a racing car street-legal of its own? Shoot anything that does not go faster and add more of that. The result is the limited production Ford Mustang Boss 302 package Laguna Seca - the ultimate Boss 2012, named to commemorate the first place on the Boss 302 in 1970 opened the Trans-Am series.

"Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca will be the race-ready version of the new Ford Mustang Boss 302, directly into the hands of amateurs," said Mark Fields, Ford's President of the Americas. "Laguna Seca is not intended for buyers who just want a Boss exciting daily driver. Think of it as the factory built race cars, we hope to avid cyclists and track-day enthusiasts will love."

Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca is based on improvements in bumper to bumper can be found in the standard Boss and further stiffening the frame and install the aero package moved almost entirely out of Ford Racing Boss 302R.

"The drivers, who know how to get the race car is tuned over a closed circuit will be amazed at what Laguna Seca is capable of," said Derrick Kuzak, group vice president, Global Product Development. "The balance, agility and the development of each vehicle, the system gives the driver at the center of everything connected to everything your car does."

chassis improvements

Ford Mustang Boss 302 V8-powered car Laguna Seca the same stable, highly-charged 440 horsepower 5.0-liter Boss as standard, because the engine was already tuned to the particular road race. Instead, engineers have turned their attention toward the most effective way to produce more power, and take the car around the track as quickly as possible.

"When we built our Boss, we had to take a step back and ask:" How can we improve? "Said David Pericak, Ford, Mustang chief engineer." This car is so strong that we have seen Laguna Seca package was to be only a fraction of a step backwards on top of Ford Racing 302R. We went ahead and threw a practical daily driver out of the window to cut some things can not cut the number of the model, such as the rear seat, and built, as you can set up a production of the Boss of pure competition. "

Ford Mustang Boss 302 cars Laguna Seca remove the rear seats, instead of adding a cross-dressing, because X-pair structure between the rear wheels. The track offers improvements in chassis rigidity, as much as 10 percent and gives the ride control - precisely calibrated by the team members Mustang - do a better job.

Standard Recaro front seats are designed for cooperation with Ford SVT Mustang Recaro high-performance models, and distributed to the Boss and the GT500. Alcantara-covered steering wheel race offers a firm grip when cornering hard.

power lines of the engine, six-speed close ratio manual gearbox is standard differential ratio of 3.73 Torsen limited slip, revised rear suspension helps to provide maximum torque and traction in the punishing conditions of the track.

The higher spring rates and rear stabilizer bar - all updated on the specifications Boss - help generate relentless grip. And drivers can get exactly the level of unloading stiffness of a particular track requires the use of the standard four independently adjustable damper with valve-specific Laguna Seca.

The finish to a race car has been good to add wheels and tires properly: Ford Mustang Boss 302 models Laguna Seca, the use of 19-inch light alloy racing wheels of staggered width: 9 inches front, 10 inches rear. R-compound tires for ultra high-performance 255/40ZR-19 front, 285/35ZR-19 rear, keeping in touch with the road - the work has become more complicated than expected.

"R-compound tires Laguna Seca is so sticky we had to work hard on the development of the rear suspension to ensure drivers are able to get the most out of them," said Pericak "rear stabilizer bar is the largest we have ever installed Mustang production. - With SVT product. Back in the spring was also expanded to work a massive rear tire, and the balance of the lap times down car. "

While the standard Ford Mustang Boss 302 cars are ventilated brake dust shields to help cool the rotors, Ford Racing Laguna Seca receives brake ducts before the outdoor air force directly on the 14-inch vented rotors in forward , helping to eliminate brake fade and provide hard end, reproducible braking on the track. In general, changes in braking help refine the way for drivers to be directly connected to pads - a crucial advantage in the combat car to car on a road circuit.

Added, further improvements to the Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca lead to better management Mustang ever, with more than 1.03 g of lateral acceleration, braking distance reduced to three meters from 60 km / h over the Boss, 0-60 acceleration of improvements to one-tenth of a second, and in general should improve the lap time of one or two seconds, the standard course Boss typical street.

Style evokes the race, improved aerodynamics

As the race car would be the Ford Mustang Boss 302 models Laguna Seca pack show anything else on the road. A bright red stripe replacing the C is in black paint or silver bullion, and complete the red roof panel. Red leaves even the grille, mirror caps and rear spoiler of the pedestal, the Laguna Seca rear badging and a unique two-tone red and silver change the wheels.

Adding both appearance and aerodynamics, an aggressive front splitter for use on track adds support to the front of the car, while helping the channel of air under and around the car. Meanwhile, the air affects the front end routed through conduits radiator and brakes, support cool even under race conditions.

"The Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna front splitter really a piece of Ford Racing, with slight modifications for our purposes," said Pericak. "It has been tested and perfected over the last six months in the race exactly 302R Boss needed on the track, you just make some changes so it can be adapted to the production Boss - even if the owners always want to avoid rate shock and parking blocks. "

The rear, large rear spoiler is designed to truly integrate the effect of a front splitter and aero applications, the start of treatment with a combination to add up to 90 kg of downforce at 140 mph.

"Balance is the key to the Boss, and more at Laguna Seca," said Pericak. "A car racing winners have to do everything well, and we were able to test all the techniques, which came into Boss Laguna Seca on Ford Racing 302R This is not for everyone:. It is more rigid, n 'there is no back seat, and the aero package is designed to support, not speed bumps in the parking lot of the mall. But for hard-core Mustang riders who want something, they can sometimes run into the street, exhibitions or what Ford Mustang Boss 302 Laguna Seca is the car, it has waited, and they will not be disappointed. "