Wednesday, May 11, 2011

2011 Nissan LEAF Nismo RC Review

The name on the rear panel just below the adjustable rear wing mass, Nissan said Leaf. The powertrain is a 100% pollution-free design of the advanced lithium-ion battery, which is located on the first cars in the world of affordable mass market electric. And despite the lack of rear doors, rear seat, trunk, sound system, navigation, blankets and other facilities, there is a substantial similarity family. But that's where the similarities between the production and Nissan Nismo Nissan Leaf Leaf RC end. As indicted by "RC" - the competition - this new electric vehicle that makes its world debut at the 2011 New York International Auto Show April 20 has been purpose built to bring a new meaning to "Racing Green".

Already one of the main zero-emission vehicles into production in late 2010 launched Leaf Nissan in the U.S., Europe and Japan, Nissan is now looking for a way to compete in the world to draw attention to the seemingly untapped potential for vehicles electric shock.

"By combining the talents of Nismo, Nissan motorsport world famous band, and the engineers behind some of the computers on society and the Super GT race of the FIA ​​GT1, Nissan Nismo RC sheet will serve as a laboratory on wheels for the rapid development of VE systems and aerodynamics, and a platform for the development of the new series of green motoring, "said Carlos Tavares, president of Nissan Americas.

The new electric vehicle race will probably make a series of special appearances in various demonstration sites of the race in 2011, with the company to explore pioneering series of programs to competition spec in the years to come.

Severe Racing Machine

Nissan Nismo RC Leaf is designed and built a real racing car, leaving a full carbon fiber monocoque body. basket of three parts, includes a front and rear, removable, fixed windows, headlights and LED rear lights and an adjustable rear spoiler. On the basis of a single elegant production, Nissan Leaf, the 2-door version of the breed was established Global Nissan Design Center in Japan. Special paint pearl white 4-shirts with blue Nismo / Zero Emission graphics complete the exterior.

three-dimensional space, race cars features 3.9-inch shorter wheelbase is 0.8 inches and 6.7 inches wider. The most dramatic difference in height, with Nismo RC sits on more than one foot (13.8 inches) lower than the production of Nissan Leaf. Ground clearance is limited to 2.4 inches, 6.3 inches compared to road going cars. And at £ 2,068, the race car weighs 40 percent less than the production car.

Leaf Appearance Nissan Nismo RC was clearly different from sedan production, which offers mid-ship position battery, electric motor and drive - the rear wheels compared to the production of front-wheel drive Nissan Leaf. RC Nismo also take advantage of the double wishbone suspension design, front and rear, and driver adjustable brake balance. It rides on 18-inch wheels with 6 races and racing tires P225/40R18 Bridgestone.

Leaf production, such as Nissan, Nismo RC is powered by a lithium-ion battery consists of 48 modules in a compact and high engine response 80kW AC synchronous, which produces 107 hp and 207 Nm of torque. It can be recharged up to 80 percent of the total capacity in 30-minute quick charge for a port located behind the hood. And unlike other competitive vehicles, the Nissan Nismo RC Leaf, does not exhaust, no emissions of greenhouse gases CO2 and other areas where you drive, and the sound of the exhaust.

Preliminary tests Leaf Nissan Nismo RC provides 0-62 mph acceleration of 6.85 seconds and a top speed of 93 mph. It has been estimated in about 20 minutes of driving, the conditions of competition.

"The perception of some people crash cars electric car enthusiasm dull side of the scale - which is certainly not the case in the production of Nissan Leaf or his electrifying Nissan Nismo RC Leaf," said Tavares. "Leaf Nissan owners are fully embraces this new world of technology with zero emissions. We believe that the same potential in motor sport in the world very proud of the first grid Nissan."