Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Ford B-Max Review

Ford unveils dramatic new Ford B-Max in 2011, the Geneva Motor Show, which gives a quick overview of the exciting innovations from Ford on the market for small cars in Europe.

Ford B-MAX has a new and unique body design that eliminates the traditional B-pillar and features two rear doors. This innovative format - which has already been developed for production - promises better access to the cabin in its class, with superior comfort and flexibility.

Develop the themes of 2009 iosis MAX study design, dynamics and style B-MAX shows how Ford's kinetic design language can be translated into a new format unique vehicle.

Innovation continues in the cabin, where the interior offers exceptional space and versatility of a compact car. Using high quality materials reflects the view that the practices of small cars can also be comfortable and well equipped.

"With its popular S-MAX and Galaxy, and more recently the new C-Max and Grand C-MAX, Ford has proven to bring innovation and style in the market for multi-activity vehicle," said Stephen Odell, President and CEO Ford Europe.

"The new Ford B-MAX signals that Ford is ready to take the same bold ideas for the small car market. With his unique style and design is the dynamic that sends the B-MAX a strong message that customers looking for a compact vehicle, stylish and versatile will soon have a new choice. "he added.

A new vision for compact vehicles

Ford B-Max preview of some of the interesting innovations developed by Ford of Europe's small car market. Based on Ford's global B-platform cars - to share a very successful new Fiesta - B-MAX show in Geneva presents its vision for a compact vehicle, which combines an excellent space and versatility and stylish design.

Just over 4 meters in length, the Ford B-Max is only 11 inches longer than the five-door Fiesta, and a 32 cm shorter than the new C-MAX.

This extremely compact footprint, the Ford B-Max is the ideal meets the rapidly growing demand is faltering as the cars that are more congested urban conditions, but without sacrificing interior space and comfort.

"When the Ford B-Max, we decided to create a vehicle that captures the spirit of a small S-MAX," said Martin Smith, Ford of Europe Director of Planning. "We wanted to show that a small car could be a practical and spacious interior, but is still elegant, dynamic appearance that made the S-MAX so popular."

Single integrated B-pillar door

The main innovation of Ford B-MAX is the adoption of a unique concept of integrated door B-pillar, which promises new levels of comfort and flexibility for small cars.

This new design eliminates the traditional B-pillar agency in the trailing edge of the door connecting the roof to the ground. In contrast, the side of the body includes a B-pillar, and access to the interior is through a conventional door or a sliding door in the rear, each of which can be opened independently.

This innovative format - which has already been designed for production - offers the best in its class to enter the cockpit through a yawning gap in the continuity, along with the unparalleled convenience and flexibility.

"Our design studio MAX iosis has demonstrated the benefits that a B-pillar of the door can provide a vehicle integrated MAV-style," said Martin Smith. "The B-MAX takes this idea to the next level, with a ready for production that is well integrated into the overall design of the vehicle."

Versatility unmatched internal

Ford B-MAX combines integrated B-pillar door with a flexible and easy to use seat system, resulting in an interior that offers comfort and versatility.

With both front and back doors open, there is unprecedented access to the interior, with a giant, useful for measuring more than 1.5 meters wide. That's about twice the width offered by competitors with alternative concepts door, making it much easier to get in or out of the backseat, taking care of children in child seats or shopping support .

After folding 60/40 split rear seats and front passenger seat is to create a large flat load floor, side access, convenient to download bulky items such as furniture kits, or even a bicycle.

With the front passenger seat folded down, the interior is able to swallow abnormally long loads measuring up to 2.35 meters in length.

Seat 11cm higher than the Fiesta B-MAX also offers extremely generous accommodation for its occupants. Drivers receive a seat "control" rates, while the rear seat leg and headroom is significantly improved.

Designed for traffic safety

During development of the Ford B-MAX design single integrated body B-pillar of production, Ford engineers have ensured that it offers excellent protection against accidents as Ford products with a more conventional structure.

To deliver the required performance in side impacts, the structure of both front and rear doors have been strengthened considerably - with the strength boron steel in ultra high key growth areas - such as door frames work together to absorb energy as B pillar "virtual."

special security locks and locking mechanisms strengthened to ensure that the doors remain firmly fixed on the ceiling and the floor structure during an impact, and allow the front doors and go back to acting together to protect the occupants.

When these measures are combined with other structural improvements in the town and the latest technologies of restraint, the result is a body design that meets the highest security.

"Many concept cars have also incorporated the design of the body B-pillar forward, but this time it's for real!" said Martin Smith. Ford B-MAX shows how this new format can offer unprecedented functionality, but still achieve excellent security. "

Compact, sporty and elegant

Appearance and the B-MAX shows how the language of Ford's kinetic design can be applied to the unique shape of the new vehicle, to create a compact, sporty and elegant bearing the distinctive character of its popular Ford MAV line-up.

'Development of B-Max, our designers took inspiration from the past iosis Max Design Research, which found an exciting new vision for a compact Mavs, "said Martin Smith." Although we agree with kinetic design themes for other recent models Ford, a unique concept of door-to-compact and B-MAX is its own identity. "

Vehicle strikes the front has a bold new interpretation of Ford's trapezoidal grille, which has five strong horizontal elements chosen grid and polished chrome.

Taking this grid with a thin glossy black bottom, adds stability to the visual front end, and highlights the broad approach of the car.

Other special features include kinetic design graphics projector strong, muscular shoulder line with its lower power, a line of specific window with his kicks behind the doors, and wheel lips prominent.

The surfaces of fat in three dimensions of the sides of the body avoids large, look at the blocks that are common in this class of vehicle, and includes a single treatment with a rocking new style "zig-zag" form of backdoors .

With its distinctive graphics window, wraparound rear taillights and thin split tailgate, the rear of the Ford B-almost similar to the S-MAX MAX. Horizontal lines of operation help to emphasize the general attitude and confident of the car.

B-MAX is finished in polished shine, warm hospitality and modern metallic brown color. The lacquer is complemented by striking 18 "wheels 5-spoke alloy, which have a Y-shaped pattern derived spoke design wheel of a signature S-MAX.

Spacious upscale interior

The interior of the Ford B-MAX offers an exceptional space and versatility of a compact car. The cabin is impeccably tailored in modern materials and high quality, with emphasis on practices that small cars can also be comfortable and well equipped.

Its eye-catching graphics and contoured surfaces, the interior of the themes developed by Ford kinetic design cars for the latest small and medium enterprises. Distinctive features are the thin wing-like part of the upper instrument panel (IP), which extends from the door panels and center console display, which runs between the front seats from the IP.

The cabin retains the dynamic and sporty feel of the interior of Ford small cars, but creates more character bonuses and decorative items over the C-MAX.

driver controls are based on the latest Ford HMI (Human Machine Interface) approach with a touch screen 6 inch large mounted in the middle of the top intellectual property on the style of acclaimed mobile phone, integrated control panel.

To reflect the increasingly sophisticated tastes of shoppers who are cutting to compact vehicles, the B-MAX interior is finished in quality materials, with a theme comprehensive, modern and elegant.

The top of IP and doors are wrapped in ebony black leather full grain top quality, with brown contrast stitching bronze. The leather front seats have bolsters, combined with signs adorned with a technical center black / brown high-performance fabric.

For more information, which add an elegant touch and sports, belongs to a deep brown metallic finish center console and a textured black frames and the floor is made of bronze, brown woven leather highlighted.

emotional state of the interior is to improve the full-size panorama glass roof that covers the entire roof area.

Ultra-low transmission CO2

Ford B-Max is powered by a drivetrain ultra-low CO2, with a state of the art three-cylinder engines of 1.0 liter Ford EcoBoost with Ford Auto Start-Stop.

This three-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine has been shown in the concept vehicle shown at the show start in Beijing in 2010 and represents the side of the global family of Ford EcoBoost engines.

While the 1.6 and 2.0 liter four-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engines, which were recently launched Ford's European Centre for medium and large cars, it combines 1.0-liter direct-injection, turbocharger and two independent variable cam timing to achieve significant reductions in fuel consumption and CO2 emissions.

Designed to replace the more conventional four-cylinder petrol engines, three-cylinder Ford EcoBoost engine passes the finalization before starting production.

"B-MAX demonstrates Ford's commitment to provide customers with innovative and exciting vehicles," said Stephen Odell. "We believe that new concepts and technologies in the windows will have a major impact on the market for small cars."