Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Ford Fiesta Review

Ford's hot-selling new Ford Fiesta will deliver more than just good looks and high fuel vehicles in its segment when it goes on sale in North America in 2010. Fiesta for 2011 - available in four and five-door body styles - will also be a reference new small car safety, connectivity and transmission technology.

In fact, the Ford Fiesta in North America, offers buyers a stylish new selection of 15 exclusive in-class technologies and estimated consumption of 40 mpg highway, overtaking Honda, Nissan Versa and Toyota Yaris and Corolla.

"Our customers are experts. They want to drive expression, which not only offer great fuel economy, but also high quality, new technology and a fun driving experience," said Mark Fields, Ford president of the Americas. "We're going to answer a call, Ford Fiesta, a completely new machine in North America, we hope to set a new standard for small cars."

Ford Fiesta is the next step in less than a Ford planning to design and develop vehicles that meet the different needs, desires and expectations of customers worldwide. More than 500,000 holidays were sold to customers in Europe and Asia.

Developing the new Ford Fiesta made an extensive study of global customers. The results showed a clear style, atop the wish list of clients worldwide. Europe, North America and Asia-Pacific, customers are looking for individually designed small car that offers a first-class quality, comfort, convenience and connectivity.

"Ford Fiesta was developed with customers, not only for them," said Derrick Kuzak, vice president of global product development. "The fuel economy and spirited performance and efficient use of space are universal desires global markets - and offers new Ford Fiesta."

The new Ford Fiesta is expected to arrive in North America with a strong consumer awareness through the program Fiesta Movement. Social Media with 100 chronic gastric their experience in the management of the European market Fester on American roads, the Fiesta has generated more than 675,000 views Flickr and more than 5.5 million videos viewed on YouTube.

Kinetics and aesthetic

kinetic design gives an impression of movement - even while standing still - the harmonization of the characteristics reflect the global identity of Ford, Ford Fiesta to project its own air of confidence, style and individuality. Fiesta is aimed at a young "cutting edge" state of mind, a group of consumers who value style and diversity as a valuable asset.

"These powerful, the next Ford Fiesta customers on the design philosophy of 'energy in motion', because it reflects their personal views and lifestyle," said Kevin George, the Ford Fiesta design manager.

Up front, the Ford Sport Ford Fiesta world's face, focusing the blue oval badge on the grille of the signature inverted trapezoidal lower opening of the door. These subtle clues familiarity breeds through the portfolio, creating links between aesthetics distinctive new Ford Taurus, the fusion fuel-efficient mid-size and fat Fiesta.

Adding eyes for Ford Fiesta face is loose, elongated headlamps that frame and connect the hood to muscle mass, carved wings. Available in five-door sports sedan or four-door sedan body styles, the Ford Fiesta offers ample space for passengers and their luggage.

In the rear of the car, many elements of fusion, including beveled glass tailgate, sweeping a roof spoiler and rear lamps with honeycomb retail spectacular show high in the corners of the five-door . quarter panel, muscle, tight, draw the eye to the wheels and the position of trust of Ford Fiesta.

Ford Fiesta design is further enhanced with a selection of nine new vibrant colors. Magenta by Blue Flame Squeeze lime, extended the color palette Party - more colors than any other segment competitors - inspires individuality alive.

The interior of the Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta is as dramatic inside and out. sculpted surfaces of the colors and comfortable, sturdy materials to make the interiors as individual as the driver.

The center of the dashboard - the focal point within the new Fiesta - is designed to feel useful and familiar as the keyboard on a mobile phone.

The North American Ford Fiesta in the first row of seats with bucket seats second row 60/40 split. Fabric or leather seating surfaces vary from one trim level that offers comfort, style and individuality. Great series also offer Ford Fiesta in leather with contrasting piping sport contrasting color.

Smooth, sculpted surfaces and deliver design centerstack Ford Fiesta with a sense of harmony. intuitive placement team, the area has comfortable seating and ambient lighting, allowing the driver to optimize mood with seven complementary colors - switchable between three levels of intensity - for interior lighting.

And with the green Ford Fiesta, 25 percent of fabric inserts SE series volume consisting of recycled paper.

Fun with fuel efficiency

Ford Fiesta flowing sculpted hood covering a 1.6-liter DOHC 4-cylinder with an estimated 119 hp and 109 lb-ft. of torque. Lively economic performance and low fuel consumption is the signature attributes with the Ford Fiesta is expected to deliver fuel economy best-in-class of 40 mpg.

Ford Fiesta engine features advanced 1.6-liter twin independent variable camshaft (Ti-VCT), which allows the engine to reduce fuel economy, while improved variable valve timing throttle response and performance flexibility.

Great results from a small package are available with several new technologies in this new world of motoring, including a peak drive new front end accessories (FEAD) belt with a dynamic stretch to improve the dynamics of the motor. The elasticity of this new belt eliminates the need for a belt tensioner and contributes to overall fuel economy.

Ford Fiesta Series features five-speed manual gearbox on the motor shaft with the gear ratio selected to provide lively off-the-line performance and exceptional fuel economy for drivers who need three pedals and stick shift in order to maximize the experience driving.

Specially tuned front struts, bushings, shock absorbers, stabilizer bars and torsion axle Ford Fiesta keep your feet firmly planted and secure. Sports, European driving dynamics prevail.

Automatically change the game

Available for all new North American industry exclusive six-speed automatic powershift combines responsive and fuel economy of a manual or automatic traditional conveniently with advanced dry clutch pack.

"The fuel economy leaders have always been manual transmission models," Aversa said Pierro, head of the broadcast team. "Ford Fiesta change the game by offering advanced Powershift six-speed automatic that provides maximum fuel economy."

Twin internal switches PowerShift constantly keep an eye out always possible to react or to optimize the fuel efficiency of revenue was the driver's foot on the accelerator.

This "dry" works internally lubricated transmission seal, reduces friction and add to the fuel economy of Ford Fiesta. The lack of pumps and pipes to reduce the complexity of the weight gain of the bell, and also contributes to fuel efficiency.

Powershift is Ford's European market, and again the North American segment of small cars, the expectations of the corresponding transfer and fuel efficiency.

Steering saves fuel

For the dynamics in the way that inspires confidence, Ford Fiesta with power steering (EPAS), which reduces complexity while saving weight and fuel. This advanced system is speed sensitive - optimizes the delivery of support based on speed, cornering forces and the acceleration or deceleration.

Ford is aggressively moving through EPAS its product line. The system already exists in many Ford, Lincoln and Mercury plates, and in 2013 nearly 90 percent of the range Ford will offer fuel-saving technology.

EPAS also Pull-Drift compensation to help monitor the Ford Fiesta is true regardless of the crown road or semi-wind conditions. In addition to the active control of crunching to help identify and compensate for the balance of tire abuse. Both properties - use the EPA - are a class basis exclusively.

Strength, safety, quality and peace of mind

More than 50 percent of the body structure Ford Fiesta is welded steel and boron steel with high strength ultra-strong which are used in several critical areas. This contributes to confidence in handling rigid shell Fiesta, the safety of the occupants of the best in its class serenity and tranquility.

Ford Fiesta security is enhanced by a set of features including dual airbags in the front row, the stock exchanges of a unique class driver's knee air, side airbags and side curtain airbags. AdvanceTrac ® with ESC (Electronic Stability Control) is standard on Ford Fiesta, with pretensioners, seat belts, rear doors Security and Safety Canopy ®.

Tried and tested on nearly every continent where you can drive a car, Ford Fiesta comes with proven quality and preparation to clients.

"For North America, the Ford Fiesta has twisted world, re-designed or redeveloped." Said Steve Painting, chief engineer. "We build on the success of the Ford Fiesta in Europe and we are very proud of how little has changed."

Party control of NVH (noise, vibration and harshness) is taken to a new level of calm to this segment, helped in part by an exclusive laminated windshield especially in the category that was chosen to help absorb and contain noise . Engine noise is subdued by a cover of the hood, armored door seals holding minimize wind noise.

Special padding behind the speakers on the dashboard and foam pillars mounted inside the Ford Fiesta remains silent. Even the star's material has been specified for its acoustic qualities.

Much of the Ford Fiesta is deadening material composed of recycled materials and helps conserve resources, since it preserves the peace and tranquility. Ford Fiesta also contribute to the aerodynamic control of NVH and energy efficiency.

Features and functionality

Class-exclusive automatic climate control is standard on the AUX, Ford Fiesta offers a variety of standard features that enhance comfort and add contacts. These include the Ford SYNC ® phone combines the driver to the Board of Fiesta, a voice communication system and entertainment system.

Ford Fiesta also features keyless entry and press the start button, a feature unique in the segment. Drivers of all sizes can adjust the tilt and telescoping steering according to your preferences. Given the versatility and adaptability Ford Fiesta, cupholders and seating Red Bull Big mouthfuls boxes all sizes of containers between the two.

Ford Fiesta Ford also offers EasyFuel capless fuel tank system ®, North America unique in the industry, as standard equipment.

Ford Fiesta Sales Success

Ford Fiesta will continue to increase sales in Europe, as the No. 2-selling car, and Ford's best-selling car in Europe, which will help increase the share of Ford of Europe's main 19 markets. Fiesta More than 500,000 have been sold since the car was launched last autumn. Europe, the Fiesta name has always stood for excellent ride quality, design and value. He won rave reviews of the media in Asia. Now a brand new Ford Fiesta in North America offers consumers a stylish alternative fuel.