Sunday, May 15, 2011

2012 Ford Ranger Wildtrak Review

The new Ford Ranger Wildtrak makes its world premiere at the Geneva Motor Show 2011, a sporty compact pickup trucks, offering great performance and safety, good fuel economy and an important feature. It exudes a strong presence strengthened the latest car comfort and technology.

The new Ford Ranger has a wide range of first class world, "smart" features that make it easier, safer and more pleasant to use than ever. It also has a unique camera system around - the camera image is displayed on the rearview mirror - which greatly improves visibility and simplifies the hook of a trailer.

With the objective to provide first class, the new Ranger uses a range of technologies, including Electronic Stability Program (ESP) to keep the wheels firmly planted on the road in all conditions. Despite being a very capable vehicle, the Ford Ranger is also equipped with technologies such as satellite navigation and Bluetooth ® voice control, most often found on luxury cars or premium.

Building on the legacy of a lifetime capacity Rangers, the new model extends the credibility of Ford also some European versions achieve a towing capacity of the best in its class of 3350 kg. Ranger models with the 2.2 liter Ford Duratorq TDCi diesel also have exceptional load capacity up to 1333 kg.

New from the base - with all that has changed, except his name - new Ranger is the first commercial vehicle to be built under the One Ford plan as part of a package that meets the full technical expertise Ford's worldwide.

Designed and developed in Australia, the Ranger is available in a perfect family compact pick-up three different body styles cab, 4x2 and 4x4 trains, the two ride heights and up to five series of choices to suit all budgets and markets. It is produced in Thailand, South Africa, Argentina and has more than 180 markets worldwide.

"The brand activation Ranger in Europe in 1997, the Ford Ranger has been a major factor in the pickup segment," said Jesus Alonso, director of Ford of Europe commercial vehicle marketing, sales and service. "This is a new model of global brand provides a high level of technology and the impressive efficacy and safety.'ll Start a new chapter in the success story of the Ranger."

21. Century-style challenging

Toned, taut and muscular, all-new Ranger is designed to look powerful and confident, whether at home or on the yard outside the high-class restaurant. The front has a small overhang, where the three-bar grille, Ford design cue of the global commercial vehicle. The windshield is tilted back into the sporty, dynamic silhouette, creating a stylish and aerodynamic.

The bridge, as well as the cargo compartment of rails was increased significantly - from the tangible presence of Ranger on the road while increasing the functionality deeper in the box. larger headlights bigger mirrors, wheel lips and a stamp to provide an integrated view of all the series and to promote an aggressive and sporty.

Wildtrak version of the Ranger's sporty appearance and a unique color to further divide the front. Designers masked off from the property line of the band and compared it to highlight the lowest intake. The colors used in the same accent mirrors, door handles and semi-openings to allow the vehicle a sporty look dark.

"Look Wild Trak aggressive and bold new graphics perfect for those who appreciate a sporty image and more expressive. It will look fantastic transport the bike later quad or jet ski for their weekends," says Craig Metros, designer Chief for all new Ranger.

It sits high on a 18-inch alloy wheels, Wildtrak also includes a roof rack and sports circle will improve his / her profile. Wildtrak exclusive badging and graphics to help tell the lifestyle of other vehicles.

car-like comfort, and features such as

Determined Wildtrak internal echoes and sporty look dark outside. The special hydrographic center console finish around the sound is reminiscent of a strong but lightweight materials like carbon fiber.

The upholstery of the seats - a combination of leather and woven clothing inspired with sections broken down - provides lateral support and confidence, even in difficult terrain. contrast stitching and a discrete band in the upper seat and strengthen all the hallmarks of Orange Wildtrak emphasize the quality feel inside.

The cab Ranger has been lengthened to give the leader segment of spaciousness and comfort. Three passengers can fit easily on the second line Wildtrak, for example. It offers plenty of knee and leg space best intermediate B-pillar and the seat. This means that to enter and leave the Ranger has never been easier for rear passengers.

With 23 storage compartments in the cabin, Ranger offers more practical storage capacity than any other competitor. A deep center console bin is kept up to six soda cans, while the glove box is large enough to accommodate a 16-inch laptop. large storage space for mobile phones and other small objects can be found in the console.

Also ready to be a leader in innovation, Ford Ranger Wild Trak comes with Bluetooth ® streaming audio, USB and iPod connectivity. It is the control of the radio, CD, iPod, USB, air conditioning and phone and the software recognizes English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Turkish. It also offers a five-inch color screen with satellite navigation.

More power, more torque, more economy

European customers have a choice between two state of the art common rail Duratorq TDCi engine diesel Ford and new gearboxes efficient six-speed, serving up more power and torque.

The new 2.2-liter four-cylinder diesel engine offers maximum torque of 375 Nm and an output of 110 kW (150 PS), while a highly flexible and efficient new 3.2-liter 5-cylinder diesel power Wild Trak and produces a powerful 470 Nm of torque is the rated power of 147 kW (200PS). The two new engines were developed and refined to deliver excellent fuel economy, which is among the best in class. Equipped with a fuel tank of 80 liters, Ranger is also planned to have one of the longest beaches in its segment.

Transmissions and final transmission ratios have been carefully selected to offer outstanding acceleration, excellent fuel efficiency and quiet operation.

The new six-speed automatic transmission has been tuned to deliver smooth, rapid changes are almost imperceptible to the driver, the building of new car refinement and care. In Normal mode, the calibration is focused on comfort and fuel economy. For a sportier drive, a movement of the shifter to the transmission of changes in performance mode, which offers the latest, shift points and give the driver can select gears manually through Advanced (shift below) or backward (upward shift) movement.

Ranger also features Ford's new smart technologies like automatic adaptation mode that adapts according to changes in driving style and speed Grade Logic Control, which automatically downshifts when driving downhill and the brake pedal is pressed. This feature prevents the transmission shift into a higher gear.

For those who prefer greater participation, six-speed manual transmission with short-type engine shifter offers an excellent and accurate change corresponds perfectly to the generous torque output of new diesel engines. An upshift indicator in the dashboard allows the driver of the car in the best gear for optimum fuel economy.

Considerable work has been done for the new Ford Ranger world fuel more efficiently than ever. Using advanced simulation technology and Formula One teams, carried out simulations of aerodynamics over 1,000 complete vehicles to improve the aerodynamic shape of the vehicle for fuel economy. the intelligent use of regenerative load, the Ranger is the first to be equipped with a battery management, which controls the alternator to shut down during acceleration and turns on when decelerating. This improves fuel economy as the alternator is not charging the battery all the time like a normal vehicle.

Advanced Security Protection

Although the Euro NCAP test takes place before the end of the year, Ford expects that the Ranger is the leader in security, in its segment.

Like all contemporary Ford products, Ranger is designed to provide comprehensive security protection, from the body structure of high protection with high-strength steel to protect all occupants in a collision and frame any news that manages most of the impact energy. Engineers use sophisticated computer models to go through more than 9,000 simulations of complete vehicle crashes before the first prototype vehicle was tested in the physics of collision.

Standard on all cab styles in Europe for the first time, side curtain airbags deploy from the roof to provide a protective cushion for the head of occupants in a side impact. The curtain is designed to protect the occupants of two rows of the structure covering the upper surface and the glass pillar to C-pillar. New side air bags available in the front side also implemented to strengthen security forces to protect the chest side-impact, working with the front airbags for driver and front passenger. Knee airbags are also standard on all models.

Other passive safety technologies including three-point safety belts in all seating positions with pretensioners and load limiters, and the front seats, Ford BeltMinder technology can be used to remind front passengers to wear seat belts.

Ranger also utilizes active safety technologies to help drivers avoid accidents. A key element is that the ESP comes with a full set of features that make driving safer Ranger. The trailer stabilization system monitors the behavior of the matrix of the vehicle and trailer under the advent of the domination of the trailer and cons of applying braking action to reduce its effects. Load Adaptive Control an additional guarantee of the stability of drivers to cope with heavy loads. Downhill, Hill Descent Control ensures that the brakes are applied to control vehicle speed. Or when stopped on a steep hill, Hill Launch Assist helps the driver to take her full round of burden away without trust.

Number of braking technologies work together to ensure maximum stopping distance in all circumstances, such as the Anti-Lock Braking System, Brake Assist and Electronic Brake-force Distribution, which is used to maximize the braking force on rear wheels, such as changes in the payload, while maintaining stability. The emergency brake, hazard lights to warn other motorists.

In addition to security technologies, the new Ranger has been designed with features to protect pedestrians. Technologies that emerged from a research project worldwide Ford vehicle models for pedestrians, have been applied to a pick-up for the first time. This includes a "hexageneous" structure under the hood to reduce the risk of head injuries to pedestrians, pedestrians and the bumper to absorb energy edge material. Other new technologies include Ranger rear parking and reversing camera system.

A strong partner in this adventure

When the all-new chassis, front and rear suspension and steering system, the Ranger promises car-like comfort, reduced steering effort, stability on the road more precise and better handling. Although the narrow streets of the city, pick-up a tight turning radius makes it easy to control pitch while sitting increased.

For those who need a reliable vehicle for off-road adventures, the Wildtrak corresponds perfectly with a stiffer chassis, the ground clearance of 230 mm and transmission components mounted strategically over the beam out of danger. Wildtrak can also go further than any other compact pickup, with the ability to travel up to 800 mm of water - an element of first class.

Automatic and manual four-wheel drive models are equipped with a transfer case with electronic control that allows experienced motorists traveling on Route 4x2 4x4 anytime via a switch on the console. If extra torque to the wheels or downhill braking is required, low range can also be enabled. To meet the needs of different customers, Ranger ordered with a wide range of final drive ratios.

Ranger ESP system includes logic that recognizes off-road when a pickup truck driven on rough roads and change the system to ensure the best balance between stability and timeliness of actions. On 4x4 models, the ESP system can be partially switched off and too much understeer control and engine torque is reduced, while maintaining the skid braking. This option is ideal when driving on sand or mud, as deep as the ultimate step of the car can remain at the same time to maximize available traction. ESP can be switched to another set of ESP continues to change the brakes that the aid is to begin to pull away the snow and ice.

When the terrain becomes very difficult and Ranger is a leverage to four wheel drive low, it gives the driver more control through the accelerator, which is amortized and less sensitive. This prevents unintended acceleration caused by the bouncing motion of the driver's foot while moving over rough terrain.

"The new Ranger is a very capable vehicle and consists of both on-and off-road," said Jesus Alonso. "It 's designed for the global vehicle and to combine the best of all worlds - an outstanding safety, excellent fuel economy, contemporary style, interior comfort, technology, and class-leading towing and payload capacity - and one tonne per package, fits perfectly with the athletic lifestyle. "