Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Ford Super Duty Review

Ford Super Duty customers expect and require the ability to come from the best-selling heavy trucks in America. Most owners of Super Duty is more important business assets. Day after day, year after year, is expected to produce results in demanding situations. No nonsense. And they never apologize.

"Our Super Duty customers, making some of the hardest work in America," said Mark Fields, Ford president of America. "Every day, they are here working without fanfare, and all they ask is the ideal tool for the job. The new 2011 Ford Super Duty gives them a tow truck with the best in its class and payload capacity, new engines and even greater ability than ever to help them do their job. "

Ford F-Series was the best-selling line of trucks in the U.S. for 32 consecutive years. The new Super Duty Ford also emphasizes the legacy of the hard drive Ford.

"2011 Ford Super Duty offers a wide range of solutions for a wide range of heavy workload for customers," said Chris Brewer, chief engineer. "Super Duty collection offers a variety of body styles and power supplies, diesel and petrol engines, each of the new six-speed gearbox, a chassis cab pickup trucks, each with a towing capacity and payload, which determine Super Duty ".

New diesel and gasoline engines for better torque, power, fuel economy

For 2011, Super Duty offers both a new diesel engine and gasoline engine mated to a new transmission. The new diesel engine, 6.7 liter Power Stroke V-8 turbo diesel load was designed, developed and built by a Ford team is dedicated exclusively to provide this first class engine, diesel for the next generation of Super Duty for enable the continued best in class towing and payload.

The advantages of the new electric motor of 6.7 liters diesel race:

* First use of compacted graphite iron block engine (CGI) in a Super Duty vehicle class in North America, CGI is stronger than cast iron, and Ford have used successfully in the engine block material in products worldwide. The block structure has been optimized to reduce weight and maximum strength to meet the requirements for higher torque and more power and deliver fuel economy in their class.

* The unique interior and exterior architecture exhaust inlet for the first time in the automotive industry for a modern diesel production, reduce the overall volume of the exhaust system, which leads to better throttle response, a reducing area of ​​the exhaust system minimizes the heat transfer surface in the engine compartment and improved NVH (noise, vibration and harshness).

* The turbocharger has a compressor wheel industry first duplex that works in one box. The unit is clearly center-mounted on a low base in the bottom of the valley improved NVH. The design allows a single device to provide the benefits of a system with two turbochargers in a small package that combines the most effective benefits from a small turbocharger (rapid response) and a large turbocharger (ability to compress and force more air into the engine for more power) into a single unit.

* The high pressure fuel in the fuel system sprays more than 29,000 pounds per square inch. The system delivers up to five injection events per cylinder per cycle through eight piezo injectors spray fuel hole in the piston bowl. Direct injection system is calibrated and progressive for optimal power, fuel economy and NVH.

* Aluminum cylinder heads to reduce weight, building a half bridge, with two water jacket provides maximum strength and optimum cooling, six bolts, not four as found on other engines, to improve the seal and to maintain the integrity of the firing cylinder pressure even higher.

* Supports up to B20 fuel, which allows environmental solutions for powering up to 20 percent biodiesel and 80 percent petroleum diesel.

"The development of new 6.7-liter Power Stroke V-8 turbo diesel engine was a fantastic effort," said Adam Gryglak, Senior Manager 6.7 liter diesel engineering. "After all the technical testing, and We are confident that this engine will ensure that the new Super Duty continues its leadership in capacity, reliability and productivity. "

The engine management system and post-treatment 6.7-liter Power Stroke turbo diesel V-8 powertrain cleverly loaded to meet the new standards more stringent 2010 federal emissions of nitrogen oxides (NOx) lowering of about 80 percent.

New petrol engine provides more torque output than the previous model

Ford has used part of its proud sporting heritage to create a new 6.2-liter gasoline engine V-8, which uses a high powered architecture for energy and fuel economy in its class. The V-8 large-caliber (102 mm) allows for greater input and exhaust valves for improved engine breathing and short stroke (95 mm) allows for greater engine speed to increase power.

Advantages of the new 6.2-liter engine gasoline V-8 include:

* Valves SOHC with roller shafts-rocker: a single overhead camshaft (SOHC) per cylinder head design results in a stiff valve train that allows optimized profiles lift camshaft and results in high torque at low speed. roller shafts, rocker valve angle allows to be dispersed, resulting in consumption and optimized layout of the exhaust port for better breathing.

* The variable timing DOHC same: the intake and exhaust valve opening and closing gradually in the fuel economy and performance while maximizing the full range of engine speed and throttle position.

* Two spark plugs per cylinder: Due to the size of large caliber, two spark plugs per cylinder are used more efficiently burn the fuel-air mixture in the combustion chamber, allowing greater fuel economy and torque increase. Both covers also help keep the engine of a smooth and steady at idle.

* Two knock sensors: knock sensor for each bank of cylinders in V-8 engine features ignition timing for each cylinder individually optimized in real time, across the range of engine speeds. The engine learns the optimal timing using the algorithm.

* Best Engine crankcase "breathing" and efficiency: the significant development and computer aided engineering optimized engine block air flow more efficiently into the crankcase as the piston moves up and down in the wells, resulting a better torque at high rpm. Piston-cooling jets spraying oil on the underside of the pistons to keep the piston heads cool in extreme operating conditions. The cooling jets also allow higher compression ratio for improved engine efficiency and fuel economy faster engine warm-up during cold starts, also improved.

New harnesses and power management TorqShift transmission, live PTO available drive

The all-new heavy 6R140 TorqShift six-speed automatic was designed to control the torque at low premium product with the new diesel engine. The same basic transmission is also coupled with the new gasoline engine that allows customers is driving the ability to get the most torque and power to the ground. Designed for greater efficiency and fuel savings are sophisticated architecture to provide relatively low switching speeds, resulting in loss of drag reduction, and optimized fluid levels and drain back to reduce the turbulence of the fluid while providing superior lubrication.

In addition, an improved hardware-based, new offer has been improved tow catch an integrated engine brake and SelectShift an automatic feature that includes a progressive mode range, and select Manual, allowing customers to choose the gear needs.

New TorqShift transmission also allows the first application for Live Drive PTO (PTO), and the Super Duty-class vehicles. The 2011 Ford Super diesel engine with a PTO prep option, the output device is connected to the PTO shaft torque converter. This allows the transmission of ancillary equipment such as snowplows, aerial platforms, lifts, trucks, cement mixers and dump trucks. Power is available whenever the engine is running.

A pioneer of Agriculture, Live Drive is particularly useful when mobile PTO is necessary for operations to start and stop, such as salting or snow removal. "A fully functional mobile Live Drive PTO Super Duty will allow customers to take full advantage of the equipment on their trucks," said Al Bruck, director of engineering 6R140 transmission.

Best-in-class towing and payload, towing the new options

Put all the power of labor is what sets the Super Duty. 2011 Ford Super Duty features increased load capacity and towing capacity, to extend the vote for best-in-class towing, and also offers more in the bed. What is new is the first ever factory installed, and justified the fifth wheel and gooseneck substructure attached directly to the frame.

"Our system is installed at the factory limited warranty and Ford. Feeder is mounted on the wall of the bed provides a clean install," said Peter Frantzeskakis, technical director of the vehicle.

Particularly noteworthy is the improvement of productivity in F-450 pickup benefit from heavy-duty trailer tow customers. unnecessary weight has been paid, helping to improve fuel economy and speed. Even with these changes, emphasizes first-class Super Duty F-450 pickups combined gross vehicle weight rating of £ 33,000.

Added improvements Sway Control Trailer Driver Safety

Ford praised for Trailer Sway Control (TSC) system with Super Duty lineup with these customers in the first segment of a feature. TSC is integrated with AdvanceTrac ® with Roll Stability Control ™, which is now standard on all single rear wheel (SRW) configurations.

AdvanceTrac control module uses software to monitor the movements of the truck when a trailer attached. Trailer Sway Control can be determined from the orientation of the truck if the trailer is balanced and take measures - such as applying precise braking torque or small - to help reduce trailer sway.

For more information about the peace of mind, the available integrated trailer brake controller, factory installed by Ford and the limited warranty provides an easier and safer to use because of its ability to manage multiple ship systems.

Normal braking is proportional to the pressure of braking by the driver brake stops with no problems at all speeds. If the vehicle anti-lock (ABS) is involved, especially for the trailer brake kicks in to minimize the possibility of blocking the wheels of the trailer. Super Duty trucks towing trailers, trailer brake control, electric brakes, the Ford system may bend during the event, also apply to the trailer brakes to help stabilize it.

Other enhanced towing and off-road control and property safety are the following improvements:

* Hill Start Assist, which applies the brakes in order to rollback

* Hill Descent Control ™, which use set accelerator and brake, and then maintain the speed

* Electronic differential lock for maximum traction by forcing the rear wheels to rotate at the same speed

* Standard tire pressure monitoring system to all SRW (single rear wheel) models

* Optional side airbags and air curtains

* New available 4.2-inch LCD screen provides information about specific features such as Trailer Brake Control and towing Haul

A better ride, handling and steering a pleasant experience

In addition to increased towing and payload capacity and improved fuel economy enabled by the new engines, including customers in the next Super Duty will benefit from improved ride, handling and steering. For 2011, the technical team optimized chassis and suspension of the current Super Duty, including leaf springs and spring rate, and adjusting internal valve function in all the shock absorbers, tow so a greater capacity payload and with sophistication turn.

The facility management is new. The 4x2 F-250 and F-350 Super Duty modified function steering geometry to better enjoy the double I-beam suspension, which combines the performance of an independent suspension in the sustainability of a beam axle. A better response, better accuracy and the central management and control comes to the steering gear symmetrical left to right.

The result is greater customer convenience, confidence and control in all situations.

"A lot of comfort in the Super Duty trucks through control," said Dan Gompper, supervisor of vehicle dynamics. "No matter if the truck is loaded or unloaded, an empty trailer or a trailer, customers can have confidence."

Bold exterior, new flows through the interior reveals console

The new home of the obligation Super 2011, with its high-power inverted dome, complete the new diesel and petrol engines lies beneath. "Super Duty" is affixed to the upper grille with a larger Ford oval proudly adorning the front.

Inside, customers will benefit from a new scalable flow-through console that will improve the operation of the truck. Storage capacity has grown by about 60 percent, and at least 70 different configurations are possible. 12-volt powerpoint is available at the rear of the console and the other is inside the container, which is locked. 110 volt inverter is standard on all console configurations.

Improve productivity with Ford Work Solutions

For many customers, including Super Duty cab serves as a mobile office. Industry-exclusive Ford Work Solutions is part of the technology available to help customers get involved in their activities from the site tools and monitoring.

A new provision in the productivity of the 4.2-inch LCD screen allows customers to maximize the capacity of 2011 Ford Super Duty, a message center was added off-road. Button on the steering wheel control allows customers to navigate through various menu options - Several problems related to fuel economy and comfort of the trailer - never in a Super Duty truck.

Continuing the tradition of quality

With all-new transmission for better traction and payload capacity, security enhancements such as Trailer Sway Control is added and greater functionality with vacant Ford Work Solutions is the new 2011 Ford Super Duty ready to continue his legacy truck as America's leading work.

Awards: The current Super Duty was based on the 2009 model year GQRS (Global Quality Research System) information, including:

TGW * Best in class (things gone wrong) for all segments of pickup trucks

* Customer Satisfaction Best in Class among Heavy Duty

"With all the new engines and increased capacity, improved 2011 Ford Super Duty on his proud legacy as the ultimate work truck," said Brewer.