Tuesday, May 31, 2011

2011 Citroen DS3 Review

Citroën has announced the new Citroën DS3 will be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show 2009. DS3 is the first Citroën model line Citroën DS new product line consists of three distinctive style, flashy models that highlight the best of the Citroën "creative technology."

With the sharp design and a visually exciting design, Citroën DS-3 is a radical with a compact vehicle of a modern city and fresh air in the classroom.

Designed to satisfy even the most demanding connoisseurs, DS3 Citroën offers a wide variety of styles, personalization and quality of materials for the measurement and refined driving experience, while, for the latest technology, including fuel Citroen, environmentally friendly engines account.


Citroën's creative flair to design innovative vehicles produced in all the characteristics of the Citroën DS3.

From all angles, the car is undeniable presence on the road and refreshing style clearly the stand-out features such as color contrast "floating roof", "shark fin" B-pillar and the simple design of the front LED - generally considered a desirable feature on high-end models.

Inside, the cabin environment is one of class and elegance to a modern eye for detail and the extensive use of luxurious materials such as leather and chrome. The upper stream of the dashboard echo floating roof. thermo components are used throughout - the organic, soft-grained material, which contrasts perfectly with the smooth, shiny strip runs the entire width of the line driver on the passenger side.


Offering the freedom of expression, DS3 innovative Citroën provides complete customization levels - both inside and outside.

Besides a number of body colors Citroen DS3 distinctive "floating" roof is available in four colors - black, white, blue and red - in contrast with the main body of the car. Mirrors and strips can also be customized by color or smart wheels and chrome finish wheels are available in a wide range of colors.

Inside, Citroën DS3 can offer more customization with the web dashboard - which includes air vents, dash multifunction display and up to smell fresh air - in a choice of six finishes.

The design of the modern seat upholstery is available in a variety of colorful fabrics and leather, and even the shifter can be adjusted in five different versions, satin chrome combination with a range of colors and leather. chrome smart key that adorn the cabin Citroën DS3 will be available in a satin texture. You can even do a little of his Citroen DS3 with you through every style Citroen DS3 clearly portable storage unit with a color according to your choice of body paint.


Shows that the courtesy car environment does not mean sacrificing style or performance, the Citroen DS-3 is available in a choice of five CO2 efficient central Euro V consist of two units and three HDi diesel engines, gasoline for BMW developed a sophisticated combination of performance has a strong fuel economy.


The two HDi diesel engines - a 90 hp and 110 hp - is fitted with Citroen famous DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) and three petrol engines - VTi 95, VTi 120 and THP 150 - a 5 or manual transmission 6-speed .

Fully in line with the commitment of Citroën for the production of environmentally cleaner vehicles, engines with two HDi DPF to provide ultra-low CO2 emissions of just 99g/km and 115 / km g, while the unit 136/km leave between gasoline and 160 g / km.

Lost in Space

At once funny and easygoing, Citroen DS3 combines high style with practical versatility, creating an exceptionally spacious interior of its compact exterior dimensions - a specialty Citroen.


One of the smallest cars in its class - 3.95 long, 1.71 m wide and 1.46m high - inside Citroen DS3 contradicts its own framework, to establish a new standard classroom space. The result of extensive work with the design of interior architecture, residents can enjoy the space levels normally associated with models in the segment above.

"Problems" panel design creates a greater amount of legroom front even if the front seats are more subtle and elegant design space behind the rear passengers, all passengers will enjoy the five-seat full-size bed and a lot of arms, leg and headroom.

Citroën DS-3 also boasts the largest launch of the 285-liter range, and increases, 60:40 payload seat backs can sometimes be mixed ahead of a movement without effort.

Fun at the wheel

An inspired cab driver put the position and hand with a group of spheres of sports-style instrument with three bevel gears, small and low height, bucket seats. Citroën DS3 provides a driving experience with nimble turning diameter of 10.3 m of making it a sure-footed companion full maneuvering around urban areas.

Based on the extensive experience of Citroen in the production of well-functioning machines, DS3 Citroën offers impressive ride comfort with responsive handling and dynamic balance. Drivers also benefit from excellent control of body roll in cornering and sensitive life insurance and a safe and successful reader.


Citroën DS3 is available with Citroën's latest technology in the car as the MyWay satellite navigation integrated unit that incorporates a sophisticated multimedia audio, widescreen color format, MP3 and WMA CDs and Bluetooth ® Hands Free. Provide exceptional audio clarity, the audio system benefits from a third speaker in the top center of the dashboard and a powered subwoofer mounted in the trunk of a wider frequency response and surround sound experience.


A useful range of driving aids are also available for the cruise control, cruise control, and smart pointer, which recommends the best time of transmission allows drivers can improve fuel economy and lower CO2 emissions.

Playing it safe

Citroen DS3 is designed with an emphasis on toughness, strength and optimum security for protection for all passengers. To reassure the control in any driving situation DS3 Citroen present as standard ESP, ABS with EBD (Electronic Brake force Distribution) and EBA (emergency brake assist) and six airbags and points Isofix in the back seat.