Sunday, May 15, 2011

2011 Hyundai Curb Review

Hyundai California Design Center and Hyundai Motor America presented the world premiere of the Hyundai empty concept during a press conference at the 2011 International Auto Show in Detroit. Braking is a compact urban Activity Vehicle (UAV) for the next generation of Hyundai buyers. Braking is also a test for the future of Hyundai Blue Link ™ and vehicle technology connectivity.

Potholes and Club

The inspiration for Hyundai Curb concept came from the need to develop language Hyundai 'Fluid Sculpture "design for young buyers. Hyundai's designers wanted to create a vehicle loaded with technology that has been comfortable in an urban environment with holes and nightclubs to take on the street. The vehicle is required to liaise Advanced Blue and connectivity to the impact and shock. From these ideas was the "robust technology management" to Curb formed.

"We wanted the sidewalk to be difficult in urban areas without looking like a Brink's truck," said Jason Brown, designer of Hyundai. "City driving would be strong, do not cross the Rubicon Trail, but we wanted an urban armor for everyday driving on the streets of the city. I had to empower its passengers in this context."

Exterior styling

Hyundai Concept design starts with the empty glass to spread into the hood and wraps around the fireplace, which covers a pillar. It looks like a face motorcycle helmet motorcycle sport. Under the glass is closed with glass panels, used as a shield.

"The mesh of the hull structure to climb the pillars to help increase visibility in dense urban environments," said John Krsteski, Curb Design Manager.

A striking profile is dominated by a boomerang trajectory of the trolley line. This is the dominant line, brings the whole picture together and reinforces the sense of strength and its positive and negative forms.

"The world has never seen such lines in a car before. It is as if the architect Santiago Calatrava was inspired," said Arash Badeanlou Hyundai designer.

The slim, sleek headlamps and taillights diving in the vehicle that creates the illusion that they are connected in the engine compartment or inside. To complete the "look robust technology, designers have added five 22-inch wheels and Michelin tires with a personalized saffron color to match the interior. These wheels have spokes inserted in the tires to make them a deeper profile. You can enter Curb Hyundai Concept, you simply pull their finger on a touchpad to open the doors.

Exhaust ducts have a double purpose. They pop open to display a grid so that the owner could park and set up a "Fixie" (fixed gear) bike for the rest of their destinations as an alternative source of transportation. The roof also features roof support towers pop-up, which shows the perfect combination to be robust, but high technology. Braking has a clamshell rear hatch illuminated, also opened with a touch panel to load gear and a third rear door for easy passage up and leave.

In the beginning, the Hyundai Concept LED brake light many lights in sequence, starting with the outside lines and emblems of the curing light through the paint. Shamz coatings developed custom paint finish one way to name the sidewalk to light through the paint.


Connections is the theme for the decoration, making a seamless flow of information from outside the concept Hyundai sidewalk.

"The goal was to ensure the passengers looked at each other and the urban environment around them," said Bradley Arnold, Curb decorator. "We wanted to give power to the passenger information and make them feel that the layout is combined with interior design."

A large acrylic screen with multiple areas to provide data that are transmitted between passengers, all via a touch screen that seems endless. It flows like a river in the instrument cluster in the center console control over the dashboard and all the way back. wheel itself is an opaque surface with a screen that shows through. There are also monitors behind the headrests. A Heads Up Display (HUD), where navigation Continental drivers keep their eyes on the road while looking for passengers for their favorite channel on Pandora. Pilots are able to navigate their music via a 3-D carousel album art and see the cover to accompany a track. Cameras replace side mirrors and also attached to HUD. The screen can also display vehicle diagnostics, application downloading, and act as a video phone all groups with a touch sensor control Method.

To make the outside look inside, designers Concept Hyundai Curb rocker panels were flow inside the vehicle to create a seamless design. Curb links its interior and exterior design as well as have the rocker can be seen from the stream to the outside to the inside. The three holes open lattice structural A-pillars enhance driver visibility curves, structural support for the roof and consists of one piece milled. This metal structure, it connects together.

Saffron accents match shoes inside tires. Saffron accents appear on the slope of the model, that is made of super-stretch, fast drying material short statement. rear seat also has forward and backward movement.

When it comes to storage capacity, Hyundai Concept rear head rest mounted curb robust body, instead of seats. These headers to move up on the roof, which allows the rear seats folded.


Generation Y wants to connect their mail at any time. Curb Inside, the driver can listen to their favorite station, Pandora, cruises the city and receive a call from a friend. Using the blue links, the caller's location is shown as Point-of-Interest (POI). A friend tells the driver that has just found a great band to play local club and ask them to come. Its position then becomes the destination displays turn-by-turn.

Powertrain 1.6-liter GAMMA

Stone Edge is powered by a turbocharged 1.6-liter gasoline direct injection (GDI) of four-cylinder engine coupled to direct passage (DSG). The powertrain develops 175 horsepower and 169 ft lbs of torque. By adding Idle Stop & Go (ISG), a technology that would deliver Curb Hyundai Concept 30 + miles per gallon city and 40 + miles per gallon on the highway.