Monday, May 9, 2011

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Review

Almost 18 years, has invented the unique Jeep SUV segment with the introduction of the Jeep Grand Cherokee. More than 4 million sales later, Jeep improve the formula and press the sweet spot of the real-world skills and on-road refinement with the new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee offers premium on-road, while retaining the legendary Jeep four-wheel drive, torque-on-demand two-speed transfer case and towing capacity. It also offers better fuel economy (+11 percent) and world-class inside cabin.

"We have listened carefully to our customers and markets," said Scott Kunselman Vice President - Jeep / Truck Product Team, Chrysler LLC. "We all need a new Jeep Grand Cherokee hit the weak point of premium performance road and class leading the legendary Jeep possibility."

Completely new Quadra-Lift air suspension offers the legendary Jeep off-road ability with a new intermediate terrain, which allows the driver to select the operating system that best suits the driving situation at any off-road. New front and rear independent suspensions are provided as a tax on road holding and comfort.

The new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is built on the proven rear-wheel-drive unibody operating systems, the same basis as the Mercedes-Benz ML.

"Jeep invented the SUV segment and the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is the next step in the evolution of the SUV," said Mike Accavitti, Director - Chrysler Jeep, Dodge and Trademark Office. "The Jeep innovations, including the Quadra-Lift suspension and traction control Selec-Terrain separate us from the crowd."

Legendary Capability

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee offers a new Quadra-Lift suspension air. Quadra-Lift offers five height adjustments to mount a performance:

* Normal Ride Height (NRh): 8.1 inches of clearance for better fuel economy and better aerodynamics while driving on road

* Off-Road 1: Raise the car additional 1.5 inches of height added in clearing obstructions (9.6 inches)

* Off-Road 2: Provide legendary Jeep off-road capabilities and provides an additional 3 inches high and 11.1 cm of ground clearance

* Park Mode: vehicle decreases by 1.5 inches for easy penetration NRh / output. NRh and park mode, the driver can be selected which gives the driver control the vehicle level

* Aero Mode: vehicle decreases by 0.6 inches NRh. Aero Mode is controlled by the vehicle speed and adjusts for optimal performance and fuel economy

Quadra-Lift offers up to 4.5 inch bay, backed by the air around springs, providing cushioning, ride bonus. Quadra-Lift operates automatically or can be manually controlled via console commands.

In addition to the Quadra-Lift air suspension allows the brand new field selected customers Traction ™ system to pick off the road for optimal experience on all fronts. This feature contact details up to 12 different powertrains, brakes and suspension, including gas transmission, transfer case shifter, traction control and electronic stability control (ESC).

The dial control Chosen field allows the driver to choose between five of conduct to get the best driving experience on all fronts:

* Sand / mud traction and Quadra-Lift with a sensitive response to rotation of the wheels and torque are tuned for optimum performance

* Sport: Provides one on the road "fun to drive" the ability

* Auto: automatically adjusts to any situation on-or off-road

* Snow Report towing and Quadra-Lift provide comprehensive information on snowy roads

* Rock: Quadra-Lift suspension raises the maximum height (11.1 inches) and the transfer case, differentials, and coordinate the throttle at low speed

Vali-Terrain, along with all new Quadra-Lift air suspension provides the driver with adjustable suspension span that will bring the legendary Trail Rated ® performance.

With the front air dam removed, and the available air suspension Quadra-Lift, traction of all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee an approach angle of 35.9 degrees (32.3 cons in the current model), an angle of starting at 29.2 degrees (compared to 27.5 on the current model) and 25.1 degrees on a break angle (compared to 20.4 on the current model).

The before any new independent rear suspension and isolated before the features and rear suspension brackets. variable rate rear springs provide better handling and comfort that complements the ability of off-road vehicles. The new rear suspension allows the spare tire to be stored inside the vehicle and not from below.

4x4 Go-Anywhere Systems

2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee 4x4 has three systems (Quadra-Trac I ®, Quadra-Trac II ® and Quadra-Drive II ®).

Quadra Trac I offers a guide to full-time four-wheel with no clutch or the means to pull. The system provides a function in different weather conditions. This case is lightweight single speed has not only proven to be very effective for improving fuel economy.

two-speed transfer case Quadra Trac II, to contribute to various sensors to determine tire slip as soon as possible, and take corrective action. System uses a throttle Anticipating the sense of rapid movement away from the throttle to maximize grip and stops before slipping. When tire slippage is detected, up to 100 percent of available torque is directed immediately to the well more traction.

Quadra Drive II, in which the electronic rear limited-slip differential (ELSD) offers industry-leading driving characteristics. The system instantly detects tire slip smoothly deploy the engine torque to the tires grip. In some cases, the vehicle to anticipate low traction and adjust in order to actively limit or eliminate slip.

Field selection is standard with Quadra Trac II and Quadra-Drive II.

Jeep Trail Rated ®

All 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with off-road or Quadra-Lift Group Trail Rated ®. Jeep Trail Rated badge shows 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee that the vehicle is designed to work with other challenging off-road conditions identified five categories of key consumer-oriented benefits: traction, ground clearance, maneuverability, articulation and end-users water.

Jeep Trail Rated is a unique methodology used by Jeep Engineering to measure and predict off-road performance for all Jeep vehicles. Through a combination of field trials and controlled natural, Jeep Trail Rated provides a consistent measure of off-road performance for all Jeep vehicles. Only Jeep vehicles are Trail Rated.

Power Train

The all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is available with two engine options for the major North American markets.

2011-series engine Jeep Grand Cherokee is a new flexible fuel 3.6-liter Penta Star V-6 engine. The 3.6-liter V-6 engine is a completely new design with dual overhead camshafts (DOHC) and high pressure die-cast aluminum cylinder block in a configuration of 60 degrees. It is equipped with variable valve timing (VVT) and delivers 280 hp (209 kW) and 260 lb.-ft. of torque (353 N • m) @ 4800 rpm. This brand new Star Penta V-6 engine improves fuel economy up to 11 percent over the previous Jeep Grand Cherokee is equipped with a V-6. It is combined with the familiar W5A580, a five-speed automatic transmission that provides smooth changes and optimum fuel economy. W5A580 the five-speed transmission, adaptive control electronic or Electronic Range Select (ERS) driver interactive manual control and electronically modulated torque converter.

The new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 is larger tank, a capacity of 24.6 liters, in combination with Pentastar V-6 engine fuel consumption, offers a range of about 500 miles on one tank of gas.

Available as a legendary 5.7-liter HEMI ® V-8 engine produces 360 hp (268 kW) and 390 Nm of torque (520 N • m) @ 4,250 rpm. VVT HEMI is also offering performance and towing capacity and fuel efficiency with fuel-saving multi-measurement system (MDS). 5.7-liter HEMI V-8 engine is paired with multi-speed automatic transmission 545RFE.

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee offers unparalleled trailer towing capacity of up to £ 7400. 4x2 models when equipped with the HEMI V-8 engine.

The international market, the new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is available in right and left, whether diesel or gasoline.

World Class interior refinement

The all-new interior is raised to its European competitors, and features rich materials and elegant appointments, and more space for passengers and cargo.

"In the footsteps of all our new 2009 Dodge Ram, we are all new Jeep Grand Cherokee is another proud graduate of Advanced Interior Design Studio," said Ralph Gilles, Vice President -. Design "We have reached a world-class design with quality materials and maintain a laser focus on the details."

A provision of any new solar roof panel CommandView ® Dual provides an area twice the glass of a standard sunroof and extends from the windshield to the rear of the vehicle. The front panel can be opened in the back, providing more light and fresh air to passengers in the front line. The rear panel is fixed, you can see the light and opened the second row passengers and comes with a power sunshade.

Law packers

for all vehicle 114.8 inches is 5.3 inches longer than the model it replaces, and promotes overall vehicle length is 1.8 inches longer than its predecessor. A longer wheelbase creates more interior space and give passengers more about 4 inches and the seat back of the knee and legroom. The vehicle is also 3 cm wider for improved handling and packaging.

Large front door openings (1.9 inches wide, 2 inches above) and rear doors open 78 degrees compared with current models (67 degrees) for better access to the interior.

Inside, the seats Premium includes space for five passengers. Available front passenger seat fold-flat storage allows more of the load (Laredo).

For added passenger comfort, the rear seats recline 12 degrees. There is also an angle of 12 degrees forward 24 degrees to allow for variation.

Cargo volume behind the second row has a 6.8 cubic feet (36.3 cubic feet total) compared with the previous model. Cargo space behind the aptly named includes a storage unit with a flashlight and new and improved grocery hooks on both sides. The spare compartment includes removable storage containers for storing art clay double insurance or other elements.

A power liftgate and rear all new effort is available for remote up / down convenience.

Classic style exterior

Every surface of the new Jeep Grand Cherokee is new, and processed to aerodynamics. This improves fuel economy and put more liquid in the design, while offering a 7 - percent improvement in drag compared to the current model. The new Grand Cherokee CD-2011 is approximately 0.37 compared to 2009-Cd 0.404.

"Our all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee is more refined, focused and sporty than the model it replaces," said Gilles. "He has classic Jeep Grand Cherokee style carved with refinements of outdoor sports for 2011."

The front grille includes traditional Jeep seven-slot, round headlamps and trapezoidal wheel arches. The removable lower front fascia provide fuel savings, on-road performance and off-road capabilities. The lower front fascia has a big demand for chromium (Limited and Overland models), which shows available tow hooks.

Side, the Jeep Grand Cherokee an athletic muscular profile. Black applied to the B-pillars provide outward (DLO) aerodynamics, modern appearance and a slim profile. Mirrors and chrome door handles add to the profile and add chrome surround complete DLO on all models.

Seventeen-inch wheels are standard and provide off-road capabilities, with optional 18-inch and a Jeep brand new 20-inch wheels for 2011.

Taillamps wrap around the rear quarter panel of the vehicle and create a solid form, which makes the look more sophisticated. Complete management front-end design and resonates with the rest from outside.

Jeep Grand Cherokee models equipped with a HEMI V-8 engine is a 3.5-inch chrome dual exhaust tips and Pentastar with V-6 engine with 3-inch single exhaust.

Performance bonus

Continuing to build on the brand legendary Jeep off-road capabilities, the new Grand Cherokee-2011 adds the premium on driving performance under all.

The new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee SUV on the road performance of a premium, and the legendary Jeep resistance has reached more than 5,400 welds living alone. torsional stiffness is 146 percent more than the current Grand Cherokee, and stiffer than the BMW X5 and the Toyota Highlander, to improve durability and reduce noise, vibration and harshness (NVH).

Over 3700 mm of arc welding, and 100 meters of welding to extend the adhesive, this represents an increase of 53 percent in spot welds, 42 per cent increase of the welding arc and 38 percent growth in adhesive.

More than 45 Safety and Security

The all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee 2011 includes more than 45 security features.

Suudet have electronic stability control (ESC), Electronic Roll Mitigation (ERM), four-wheel anti-lock braking system (ABS) with rough-road detection, four-wheel Brake Traction Control System (BTCS), Passive Entry / Keyless Go, Remote keyless, express up / drivers from Windows and front passenger safety belt pretensioners, Trailer Sway and remote start, which is standard on Limited and Overland, available.

Other standard safety features include full-length bags side air bag curtain that extend to the protection of front passengers and rear seat-mounted side-impact thorax side air bags to improve both driver and passenger Active front head and supports that are deployed in the event of a rear collision.

Body structure is new and designed to reach the expected level of safety in world markets (new standards for roof crush, side effects of standards and Euro to pedestrians).

Connectivity and Infotainment Features

The all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee uconnect will tutor as a standard feature on all models (the services provided by Hughes Telematics).

UConnect Guardian offers five functions of security requirements. UConnect guardian guests can use the following:

* Automatic Crash Notification - In the case of an accident, placed a call and a request for assistance is sent to the vehicle's location

* Emergency calls - When the emergency button on the button in contact with customers are trained in emergency response skills during an emergency

* Roadside Assistance Call - customer connects to a specialist customer care uconnect who can connect with Chrysler roadside departure for towing or jump

* Remote keyless entry - to remotely unlock doors with a simple phone call

* Assistance in locating the stolen vehicle - Works with local authorities continue through the letter that provides the current location of vehicle theft case

The 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee also offers SIRIUS Travel Link. Provide drivers to the minute information on gas prices, weather, sports scores and movie listings. In addition, the new Grand Cherokee, 2011 SIRIUS traffic characteristics, which monitors traffic in 78 markets across the United States and continuously displays the conditions through the vehicle's navigation system. Together, SIRIUS Travel Link traffic and connect Jeep Grand Cherokee drivers and passengers with the information they need, while on or off road.


The all-new 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee will be built to 2.7 million square foot assembly plant at Jefferson North (JNAP) in Detroit, which was the site of the Jeep Grand Cherokee production since its introduction in 1992.

In preparation for the production of an all-new Jeep Grand Cherokee, Jefferson North Assembly 285 is being expanded to 000 square feet to replace the existing Body Shop, which is part of Chrysler's investment of about $ 1.8 billion on a program new vehicle.

In addition, changes in the paint and assembly operations will install a new level of flexibility in production for up to several products.