Sunday, May 1, 2011

2011 Nissan ESFLOW Review

Meet the Geneva Motor Show Nissan shocking concept! This is ESFLOW, 100 percent electric rear-wheel-drive sports concept, which carries the battery technology of Nissan to the next level.

Unlike electric family car Nissan Leaf ESFLOW is designed as an electric model from scratch, so that company engineers to find the powertrain of the car for optimum weight distribution.

However, the use ESFLOW make the landing gear of the leaf, but optimized for performance. Each rear wheel has its own electric motor provides sufficient torque to allow the concept of acceleration from 0 to 62 mph in under five seconds. The motors allow the torque guide for precise handling.

It is powered by the same 24kw / h laminated lithium-ion batteries are used in Foglia. However ESFLOW they are in the front and rear axle for optimum weight distribution. A range of battery operated over 150 km - an improvement of 109 miles Leaf.

The use of an aluminum chassis to reduce weight, traction ESFLOW dramatic style is an evolution of the current 370Z. The head and taillights are especially striking because it seems cut from the vehicle body. The headlights also hide the charging stations for batteries.

Inside, the weight gain by sharing ESFLOW conventional seats for a pair of leather upholstered chairs gold still carved on the wall - the controller adjusts the steering wheel and pedals in place.