Thursday, May 5, 2011

2010 Cadillac Aera Review

The Cadillac Aera Concept won the 2010 Los Angeles Auto Show Design Challenge, tied with Smart and entries defeating seven other automakers, including Mercedes-Benz, Honda, Nissan, Toyota and Maybach. GM Advanced Design has now won the honor more times than any other design team, which is his third victory since 2005.

This is the seventh year for the contest, and this year designers were asked to consider the "£ 1,000 cars," and instructed to imagine an effective way for four people who have had the comfort, safety, performance and style not to exceed weight requirement.

"Aera Cadillac concept is intended to continue his vision Cadillac imagination in art and philosophy of science," says Jussi Timonen, the project. " E 'designed as a small town in the city car, but we dealt with this 2 +2 coupe on the road with a lot of luxury brand's perspective. Aera every detail has been designed to minimize the environmental impact of the vehicle, without sacrificing style, comfort and attention to detail that are characteristic of the Cadillac brand. "

Aera Cadillac Concept is powered by compressed air through a pneumatic drive high-efficiency system that has a storage of 10 000 psi air, compounds with a capacity for a range of 1000 miles. Flexible cells pressurized air into the outer skin material as developed for the NASA Mars Rover airbags, passive safety and improve indoor comfort. Flexible polymer skin optimizes aerodynamics and functions as an alternative to lightweight body panels and glass classic.

aera Cadillac body using a 3D grid, single-platform framework that was designed to correspond with the configurations are compatible in nature. The structure is formed by single aluminum-help, semi-solid freeform fabrication, creating a naturally strong, lightweight framework. All major body parts, including interior elements are essentially "grew up" in a lattice structure piece.

The interior is designed with an ultra-light, recyclable polymer, which allows HVAC ducts, adjustable seats, storage and comfort features all in one single form structure. generous storage space for luggage meets two people.

Additional technologies will include an all-in-one system that combines the propulsion wheel rotary actuator, steering and suspension characteristics. A drive system-by-wire system reduces the amount of electrical components, while car-vehicle communications improves active safety.

The concept was developed in GM Advanced Design Studio North Hollywood Frank Saucedo, director Phil Tanioka, vehicle designer, Brent Wickham, strategist concept Shawn Moghadam, designer and Timonen, supervisor. Earlier this week, GM has celebrated its 10 years of advanced design studio in the LA area.

"This year's design challenge was very difficult to assess because of the quality of all items, but I think that, the executions, which was an example of what we're trying to accomplish in this competition," said Stewart Reed, chairman, Transportation Design, Art Center College of Design. "The concepts were really spot the signs, which was one of the many reasons for the victory."

The design challenge is part of the conference on the design of the car designers in Los Angeles and has become an integral part of Los Angeles Auto Show. Design Los Angeles connects those working in the design industry with renowned leaders in the automotive design industry. Los Angeles has the highest concentration in the world of design studies of the automaker's North American representation, Europe and Asia. It is also home to the Art Center College of Design, a global leader in transportation design institutions where the majority of leading car designers of today started their careers.