Thursday, May 5, 2011

2012 Ford Focus ST Review

The exciting new generation Ford Focus ST made its world debut at the Paris Motor Show 2010, providing an overview at the beginning of the performance model will introduce new worldwide in 2012.
Ford's first global model of high performance and a Ford star in Paris, the powerful new Focus ST show car was unveiled today by Alan Mulally, Ford president and CEO, Stephen Odell, President and CEO of Ford Europe.

This top of the range of focus will be completely faithful to the heritage of Ford Model T, offering driving enthusiasts an intoxicating cocktail of exhilarating performance and handling, sound length and muscular, sporty design.


ST will be the flagship of the performance of our new Focus range and we are delighted to provide our customers with a passionate premiere in Paris, "said Gunnar Herrmann, Ford Motor Company's global C-car Vehicle Line Director." ST represents the ultimate expression of driving pleasure and performance discussion, and we are confident that the new model will improve the reputation of the Ford ST inheritance among driving enthusiasts and attract new fans as well. "

Model Total Return

An ordinary Ford Focus ST model is developed for all global markets with a targeted vehicle for launch in 2012. This is the first time that Ford has produced one of his models of luxury performance to a global audience.

The development program of the Ford Focus ST is carried out by the group Global Ford Performance Vehicles, which includes RS team (Europe) and SVT (USA), engineers, dedicated to developing and fine tuning as Focus RS formidable, Shelby GT500 and F-150 Raptor SVT.

For the development of new Ford Focus ST is carried out by specialists RS performance-based team in Europe, based on its extensive experience in engineering wanted late model cars like ST and RS legendary.

"Focus ST is the first real overall performance of the vehicle, and we are thrilled to have the opportunity to give many customers around the world their first taste of the Ford ST heritage," said Jost Capito, Director of Global Performance Vehicles. "As ST and RS models of the past, the Ford Focus ST is the result of careful tuning of the curves around the Nürburgring and German motorways at high speed and low in a typical British B-roads.

"For European drivers, the Ford Focus ST will have the same distinctive qualities of dynamics and pure performance that created the unique appeal of our heritage ST.

"Harrastajille in North America and Asia who have asked why the compact performance models were not available to them - the wait is over: the new Ford Focus ST offers an exciting driving experience with exactly the same where it is for sale , "Capito added.

More performance - and the economy - Ford's EcoBoost power

At the heart of the convening of the next generation of the Focus ST is a high performance 250 hp engine derived from the advanced and efficient 2.0-liter gasoline four-cylinder EcoBoost Ford.

Pass the turbo unit model 2.5-liter five-cylinder from the European mainstream, this unique 250-horsepower Ford EcoBoost engine is specially developed for the new Focus ST to ensure that the car's muscular performance - and inspiration - that deserve. It also marks the first application of Ford's EcoBoost four-cylinder in a high performance model.

Compared with the Ford EcoBoost 2.0-liter used in Ford vehicles, the 250 hp unit with redesigned intake and exhaust and an engine calibrated to provide the desired level of power and responsiveness. The engine keeps the high torque that is characteristic of Ford EcoBoost, with broad flat torque curve with a maximum power of 360 Nm

One of a new generation of downsizing, gasoline engines high performance with low CO2 Ford, the 2.0 liter Ford EcoBoost is a lightweight, aluminum, which combines three technologies - high pressure direct injection, turbo Low inertia and two time-independent variable cam - to create an advanced combustion system that brings new levels of performance and fuel efficiency of gasoline engines in this power range.

This ultra-powerful engine of 250 PS is thus not only generates more than 10 per cent more power and torque than the current 2.5-liter is also expected to reduce fuel consumption and CO2 emissions by over 20 per cent .

The standard transmission Ford Focus ST has a manual 6-speed, optimized for sport more closely coordinated relationship between the characteristics of engine performance.

Genuine Performance and handling

Ford Team RS performance vehicle specialists have a mission: to ensure that the new Ford Focus ST offers a pure performance and hopes that all the handling of a genuine Ford ST.

Compared to a normal pattern Feature Focus ST a full range of ancillary equipment, as the basis for the 10mm, which is significantly different from that of the variable ratio steering, powerful brakes, and suspension settings only, which allows the vehicle to provide ST hailed the handling agility and balance.

Naturally, the ST also benefit from improved performance delivered by the vehicle architecture for the next generation of discussion. Features such as the structure of the body stronger and more rigid, optimized front and rear suspension design, and a new electric power steering (EPAS) system all contribute to vehicle dynamics superior refinement and improvement.

unprecedented level of intelligent

Ford Focus ST, drivers can also take advantage of technology unprecedented Stylish new Ford from the new global C-car platform, also advanced to the new driver assistance, powertrain, chassis, and active safety features.

Many of these features, such as maximum torque of new vector control system - which acts as a guide differential pair to improve stability during cornering and agility - have a direct impact on improving the ride quality at an even higher.

"This is the third generation Ford Focus ST, and we decided that the new car will continue the strong legacy at affordable prices, high performance model T in the future," said Jost Capito. "The technology offers new Ford C-platform world car will also ensure that Ford Focus ST offers enthusiasts an exceptional driving experience."

Unique High Performance Exterior

The new Focus ST has a highly distinctive outdoor sport that allows a significant functional benefits and aerodynamic clearly differentiated from other ST models of the new Focus family.

Although the division is already a stylish and dynamic new five-door Focus, the ST front and rear designs unique to the muscle extended rocker panels and striking new alloy wheels according to the classic Y-spoke ST.

"The changes we made to provide better aerodynamics and performance of the vehicles were the Ford Focus ST sportier and more distinctive," says Martin Smith, Executive Design Director. "Exciting new design treatments for the front and the back gives the ST a much more dynamic and useful, making it very clear that this is really a sports goal."

The sportier design language is particularly evident in the front end where both upper and lower grilles of the standard car is replaced by a prominent new one piece design.

The definition is still the sport's signature trapezoidal grille Ford, bold design of a piece is placed over the nose of the vehicle, and includes a distinctive hexagonal mesh, black.

The front wing has an entirely new configuration with a deep center divider sheets surrounded by small spoiler inspired by motor sports on each side, the whole sweep and includes fog lights. Spoiler blades are connected to the rest of the lines of the body through the grid structure, which recalls the similar treatment in the current model Focus RS.

More assertive, sporty, and the front-end is over details like the glossy black finish beacon frames, and a distinctive bold red ST grid of a piece.

Page, muscular, extended rocker panels emphasize the calculation of the chassis, and bold wheel arches are filled with 19-inch alloy wheels, which are the latest evolution of the classic Y-spoke wheel ST.

Dynamic rear end treatment

The rear bumper and lower fascia is new, with baffles style leading from each side, reflecting the shape of the front spoiler wings. Taillights with a feeling of dark smoke rising tone sport.

The new Ford Focus ST is a high-performance exhaust system that exits the vehicle through a central double output. Outlet is a very particular form strong kinetic design mimics the theme of the other car.

car's aerodynamic package is complemented by an integrated roof spoiler highly efficient, which has been optimized to provide better high speed stability and reduce drag. With a larger, more exaggerated design spoiler in the current Ford Focus ST, joined the conduit to the screen again and has been carefully integrated into the tailgate of the vehicle and the roof.

New Body dramatic color

car is complete overview of Paris in a dramatic new body-colored "Tangerine Scream," which reflects the exciting and energetic new Ford Focus ST.

A spiritual successor to finish the signature Electric Orange for the current Ford Focus ST, Tangerine Scream saturation is very intense and bright, metallic high-tone yellow gold created using an experimental process of multiple layers of colored lacquer.
"This car new and exciting final deserves a new and exciting, and we believe this new vibrant color will prove just as memorable as the Electric Orange," said Martin Smith. "You can expect a very similar tone when ST reaches the showroom."

To complement the brightly colored exterior, alloy wheels 19 "are hot, gold anodized graphite finish. Their sophisticated design has five points in contrast to the brake calipers, which are beautifully painted body color.

High contrast bold Sport Cockpit

The issue of implementation of the exterior is reflected inside the car, a sport with high contrast cabin Recaro seats, instrumentation and unique, modern, highly technical finished very bold.

Dramatically strengthened and inspired rally leather Recaro seats and fabric offers a perfect balance between support and comfort sport of long distance, and is the cornerstone of the cabin.

The seats are high quality Charcoal Black leather trim, offset by bold orange-gold in a neoprene fabric and dynamic contrast stitching yellow-gold. The panels of carbon fabric seat has a rugged black in the execution-style tread. Recaro rear seats are finished in the same distinctive style.

Throughout the cabin, unique details in a way that the Ford Focus ST signals its clear intention of sport. Three additional indicators of turbo oil pressure and oil temperature are housed in a dedicated cabin on the top board, the instrument panel features unique sports graphic T with gauges red pointers and center console benefits from technical carbon finish and effect.

ST treat dark Signature interior of the internal environment in which the black headliner, steering wheel and gear knob with custom ST logo and a metal racing pedals.

The best sporting feel of the cabin is improved by a generous use of black leather with anthracite seams bright golden yellow on the inside surfaces of many including seats, door panels, center armrest, steering wheel, gear lever gaiter and up the cockpit instrument.

"The Ford Focus ST will be a serious driving machine, and have developed a white outer shell combined with a sport that combines comfort and impressive feature," said Stephen Odell. "The focus of form follows function is a key element in the DNA of the ST, and remained faithful to both inside and outside the vehicle."